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Google's Apps Have A New Aussie Voice

Not only will the accent be familiar, but the Google app’s new voice has place-name pronunciation for Google Maps and local colloquialisms for reminders down pat. It will even reveal the mysterious history of the drop bear.

Google Voice Gets Neural Network-Powered Transcription To Slash Errors

Google Voice has an incredibly useful function that provides you with a transcribed version of your voicemail — but if often gets things wrong. Now, Google is throwing neural networks at the problem to help improve its performance dramatically.

Google's New Hangouts Dialer Lets You Call Using Your Mobile Data

Mobile data is, for most people, cheap. It’s cheaper than most mobile plans’ included call credit, especially if you’re calling someone in another country, and especially if you’re on free Wi-Fi. If you have an Android phone, the international might of Google is making it easier for you to place telephone calls, both locally and internationally, without falling prey to your mobile carrier’s convoluted rates.

Hey Google, Here's How You Win Messaging

A few weeks ago, I saw a demo of the best messaging system yet. One where SMS and non-SMS messages, all calls, come to all your devices automatically. It only had one major flaw. It’s trapped on an iPhone.

Why Google Killing Google Voice Would Be Fantastic

Brace yourself Google Voice fanboys, your treasured service is probably not long for this world. But don’t you worry; the sooner it’s dead the better we’ll all be.

Google Voice Gets Circles Support

Google’s Circles feature is a great way to keep your various online social factions safely segregated. And, starting today, you can partition your Google Voice contact list the same way.

Google Voice Search Works Underwater And In The Desert

Sure, that other voice-operated phone utility’s been getting a lot of coverage lately, but that doesn’t mean that Google Voice Search doesn’t work at all. In fact, in tests in the middle of Australia and the bottom of the Great Barrier Reef, Google’s shown just how well it can work.

Voicemail, Fast Fives, And Other Stories We Didn't Post

So much news passes before our collective eyes every day that we couldn’t possibly cover it all. Mostly because much of it isn’t worth covering! But here are a some borderline tidbits we passed on, just in case.

Google Voice Gets Full Honeycomb Support

Engadget reports that Google just planted the latest version of Google Voice into the Android Market, fully optimised to work with Honeycomb. Took them bloody long enough, no? [Engadget]

Google Voice Is Only Around To Collect Our Data

When Google launched their Voice service a couple of years ago, people made a big deal about what their move into the telecom world meant. In a print-only interview with New Scientist Peter Norvig, Google’s head of research, he said the main reason they launched the service was so they could better learn how to transcribe human voice to text.

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