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Google Tablet Reportedly Launching Nov 26 On Verizon

Today brings a glut of rumoured information on Google’s iPad rival: the Chrome OS tablet will be manufactured by HTC, launched on Verizon and go on sale on November 26, according to Download Squad. Black Friday.

Is This How The Google Tablet Will Look In Action?

Looks like we’re getting a first look at what Google’s Chrome OS based tablet may look like. Mocked up images and an in-action video created by Glen Murphy, Google Chrome’s designer, have made their way onto Google’s official Chromium site.

HTC Apparently Abandons Tablet PC Plans For Now

The rumoured HTC + Google Chrome OS tablet might have to wait, based on HTC’s sales and marketing director claiming that the company will kill that off and focus on Android smartphones instead.

Google and HTC Working On A Chrome OS Tablet

Everyone is clamouring about tablets these days – ourselves included – so it is not too surprising that Google and HTC are reportedly working together to join the fray with a Chrome OS Google Tablet.

Why Google Should Make A Tablet

The Joojoo web tablet (AKA crunchpad) is a pretty neat idea! I kind of just wish Google was making it. I mean, if there’s any company in the world suited to making one, it’s Google.

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