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Google+ Still Exists For Some Reason (And It's Getting An Update)

A new version of Google+ is rolling out to users starting today, and just like every version before it, you probably won’t use it.

Wait, Google+ Still Exists?!

For the second (or maybe third?) time this year, Google is overhauling its fledgling social network. Or whatever you want to call Google+. Me, I call it a zombie. This thing just won’t die.

Google Is Finally Divorcing Google+

The oft-mocked Google+ is getting stripped of features that will be incorporated elsewhere into the Googleverse. Google has decided to “move some features that aren’t essential to an interest-based social experience out of Google+,” according to a post on its official blog today.

Teens Are Actually On Google+ For Some Reason

A new Pew research study on teenagers’ social media habits has a few surprising results. Teens are still on The Facebook en masse, with Instagram and Snapchat close behind. But 33 per cent reported using Google+. Tied with Twitter! Come again?

Gmail No Longer Forces New Users To Make A Google+ Account

Google’s free email service is great — tons of people use it. Google+ isn’t nearly as popular, even though new Gmail users have been forced to connect to a Google+ account for years. Now, Google’s making that social service integration optional. Finally.

Google's Photo Service Might Finally Escape Google+

After Google just announced that it would be dropping the Google+ requirement for business videoconferencing this week, the search giant is planning to set loose its (fantastic) photo service, according to Bloomberg. If and when it does, you’ll be able to take advantage of this pretty handy photo tool without any unwanted ties to Google+.

The Best Reason To Join Google+ (Or Else!)

Have you signed up for Google+ yet? Have you?! Or have you been cowering in the closet, whispering empty reassurances to yourself as it slowly but surely closes in. There’s only one place this can all be headed: Enter Google Blackmail.

Google+ Allows Custom Profile URLs Now

Ever felt like throwing your name into the URL for your Google+ profile? The Big G now lets you, so long as you meet the requirements.

The 9 Dumbest Theories About When Android KitKat's Coming Out

Android 4.4 Kit Kat and the new Nexus 5 are just around the corner. We’ve got all the leaks in the world to prove it. But we don’t know when, and so of course people have been speculating. Like lunatics.

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