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Google Will Refund $US19 Million In Unauthorised In-App Purchases

Ever been bit by accidental in-app purchases that your children, those little tykes, made on the Google Play Store? You might just qualify for a refund. The US Federal Trade Commission has announced that Google will be refunding $US19 million to consumers who were charged for inadvertent in-app purchases made by their kids on the Play Store.

Google Will Apparently Replace Your Nexus 5 No Matter How You Broke It

Did you bust your Nexus 5 smartphone? Don’t sweat it — users are saying that the Play Store will send you a brand-new (refurbished) handset for free, no matter how you broke yours. Google hasn’t confirmed the offer just yet, but it seems legit.

Google Dropping The Word 'Free' From Games With In-App Purchases

The word “free” might as well be retired from app store pricing, given it almost never means what you think it means (to paraphrase Inigo Montoya). The European Union was also somewhat confused about the label and its use with mobile games that, if you plan to actually play them, money must be exchanged (*cough* Dungeon Keeper *cough*). The EU has now set out a number of guidelines the likes of Google and Apple must follow, though one has been more accommodating than the other.

What Google Play Looks Like When Material Design Leaks In

Google announced a brand new look for Android at I/O this year, one that revolves around stacks of floating cards, and that Google wants to take over everything. Android Police has some exclusive shots of what the Play Store will look like with Material Design lathered on. It’s pretty great.

Game Of Thrones Season Four Is Finally On Google Play

Last night’s Game Of Thrones finale was an epic watch. Now even non-Foxtel people can legally watch season four of the epic HBO drama thanks to Google Play.

Foxtel Go Now Works On The Google Nexus 5

If you’re a Foxtel subscriber, but don’t have an iPhone or Samsung gadget, there’s a light on the horizon. The first non-Samsung, non-Apple phone to receive access to Foxtel Go is the Google Nexus 5; hopefully this means more open Android access is imminent.

Hisense's Vision TVs Bring The Google Play Store To Your Big Screen

In years past, running Android on a Smart TV has been a tricky business. Unfriendly user interfaces, incompatible apps, deprecated versions of the operating system; there are plenty of impediments that make an Android TV a lot less attractive than an Android phone. Hisense’s new Vision TVs look they solve most of those problems.

Optus Now Supports Direct Billing For Google Play

Briefly: Not enough credit on your Google Play account? Don’t worry, if you’re an Optus customer, you now have another way to pay.

Android Now Offers Routine Malware Surveillance For Your Phone

It’s no secret that Android apps can get a little shifty, but having the freedom to explore that is part of what makes Android great. Now Google is helping you stay even safer by keeping a constant eye on whether or not any of your apps are doing anything they shouldn’t be.

Google Play Now Has An 'Australian Made' Category For Apps

While I don’t believe most Australian smartphone owners go out of their way to download locally-made apps, it’s always nice to find one that suits your needs and checks this box. Today, Google looks to have made getting both these birds with one download easier by introducing an “Australian Made” category to Google Play.

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