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Free Apps May Be Tracking Your Phone Without Your Consent

Free Android apps are getting a bit promiscuous. That, at least, is the conclusion of a group of security researchers, who find that poorly vetted apps on Google Play are connecting to a massive number of ad and tracking sites — without user being any the wiser.

Google Play Opens Up Textbook Rental In Australia

If you’re a student on a limited income — or in other words, a student — Google’s move to offer textbook rentals down under should be a welcome one.

The Nexus 5 Isn't Dead, It's Just On Hiatus

Despite rumours suggesting that Google’s wonderful Nexus 5 had met its untimely demise, we’ve confirmed with Google that the Nexus 5 isn’t gone for good. At least not yet.

Roku Now Has Google Play, Is Pretty Much Unstoppable

Roku was already the best little streaming device money could buy. But now, Google has gone and given Roku players access to all your Google Play movie and TV goodies. Which, more than just being an unprecedented move on Google’s part, makes Roku pretty much unstoppable.

Research: Most New Movies Aren't Available On Streaming Services

Think that Netflix is your saviour when it comes to getting movies online? Think again: new research from KPMG has found that very few new-release movies are coming to the video on-demand streaming services.

Why Android Phones Now Come With So Many More Google Apps Than Before

Google’s apps are front-and-centre on newer Android phones for a reason: Google wants you to use its services on Android, and it has contracts in place to that end.

Report: Android's Material Design Will Take A Rolling Pin To Play Store

When Google introduced its Material Design manifesto to the world at I/O, it was made clear that it was only a matter of time before flat design took over the entire Googleverse — starting, it would seem, with the Play Store.

Google Will Refund $US19 Million In Unauthorised In-App Purchases

Ever been bit by accidental in-app purchases that your children, those little tykes, made on the Google Play Store? You might just qualify for a refund. The US Federal Trade Commission has announced that Google will be refunding $US19 million to consumers who were charged for inadvertent in-app purchases made by their kids on the Play Store.

Google Will Apparently Replace Your Nexus 5 No Matter How You Broke It

Did you bust your Nexus 5 smartphone? Don’t sweat it — users are saying that the Play Store will send you a brand-new (refurbished) handset for free, no matter how you broke yours. Google hasn’t confirmed the offer just yet, but it seems legit.

Google Dropping The Word 'Free' From Games With In-App Purchases

The word “free” might as well be retired from app store pricing, given it almost never means what you think it means (to paraphrase Inigo Montoya). The European Union was also somewhat confused about the label and its use with mobile games that, if you plan to actually play them, money must be exchanged (*cough* Dungeon Keeper *cough*). The EU has now set out a number of guidelines the likes of Google and Apple must follow, though one has been more accommodating than the other.