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Android Now Offers Routine Malware Surveillance For Your Phone

It’s no secret that Android apps can get a little shifty, but having the freedom to explore that is part of what makes Android great. Now Google is helping you stay even safer by keeping a constant eye on whether or not any of your apps are doing anything they shouldn’t be.

Google Play Now Has An 'Australian Made' Category For Apps

While I don’t believe most Australian smartphone owners go out of their way to download locally-made apps, it’s always nice to find one that suits your needs and checks this box. Today, Google looks to have made getting both these birds with one download easier by introducing an “Australian Made” category to Google Play.

Google Play Made It Slightly Harder To Blow Money On In-App Purchases

Good news for habitual in-app spenders (or their parents): Android Police says Google’s newest Play store update lets you curb spending by opting to require a password for every in-app upgrade. It may not actually stop you, but hopefully it will make you stop and think. Maybe.

Google Play Now Has TV Shows For Australia

Google Play is fast becoming a one-stop shop for Android content in Australia, with the announcement today that TV shows will now be available locally.

Google Music All Access Users Can Get Glass Now

Google Music All Access users are reporting that they’ve received an email inviting them to join the ranks of Glass Explorers. As far we can tell it’s the first time Google has opened up the program to a subset of its users without demanding that they explain themselves.

Google Play Newsstand Is Your Personalised Feed Of Stuff To Read

Google is overhauling its approach to serving you articles and news. With “Newsstand”, Google’s taking another shot at building a one-stop app for all the different stuff you might want to read online. It’s a bit like Flipboard meets your magazine subscriptions in a single application for your phone.

Google Glass Is Officially Getting Google Play Music Integration

Google is expanding its Glass platform to include Google Play Music integration integration — and a snazzy set of $US85 earbuds to boot. So now you can bark at your augmented reality specs to play jams at you. “OK Glass: Play METAL!!”

Why Does BBM For Android Have So Many Horribly Fake Reviews?

So BBM for Android and iOS finally made it out after some delays. And how is it? “Really great user friendly and smooth” apparently. At least, according the legion of bots that’s leaving positive reviews on Google Play.

The Nexus 5 Accidentally Pops Up Early On Google Play For $350

Google’s worst kept secret and possibly best upcoming Android phone has just unofficially revealed itself in the most official way possible… inside the actual Google Play Store.

Music Streaming Services In Australia: What's New, What's Never Arriving

What do you mean you still buy music? Donchaknow all the kids are streaming it these days? Here are the best music streaming services currently available in Australia, as well as a look at what’s not going to come here. Over 20 services to check out…