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Check Out Google's Awesomely Retro Android Game From I/O 2012

This video is a compilation of bits from a Google I/O 2012 session entitled “Making Good Apps Great: More Advanced Topics for Expert Android Developers”. Rather than relying on cue cards or slides adorned with dodgy 1990’s clip art, this presentation took an incredibly more awesome approach to delivering its message.

Week In Review: Input/Output

We’re trying a new format for this week’s Week In Review post. What do you think? While you decide, find out what was making news this week.

This Is The Nexus 7: Gizmodo Australia scores a world exclusive on the Nexus 7 launch after a leak.

Google I/O 2012 Keynote: An awesome keynote from Google saw Google Glass thrown out of a plane with some skydivers attached.

Supersonic Jets Are Making A Comeback: This supersonic jet will get you from Sydney to London before you have time to pee on the plane.

Telstra Snoops On Its Next G Customers: It’s not been a good PR week for Telstra, nor has it been a great few months for Telstra customer privacy. Here’s to it getting better.

Hands On With Google Chrome For iOS

At day two of I/O, Google repeated pretty much the same keynote, but it also finally announced Chrome for iOS. After a tortuous wait, it’s landed in the iTunes App Store this afternoon, and I spent some time using it. And it’s not quite what you’d hope.

Google Glass Has Not Yet Reached Australia

Bad news for all you gadget spotters out there. It’s time to stop looking long and hard at people’s faces around Google HQ in Sydney: there isn’t a single Google Glass test unit in the country.

Google Glass Not Buyable Until 2014. Does That Mean Never?

BMX bikes! Skydiving! High fives! For everyone who was floored by the movie stunt-style debut of Google Glass yesterday at day one of I/O, well, pump the brakes. They won’t even be consumer-ready until 2014, Sergey Brin told Bloomberg Television.

Google Wallet Can Now Buy Virtual Goods

Leading up to day one of I/O, there were rumours Google would launch a big update to Google Wallet that would rely less heavily on NFC. And it’s done that, sort of, with the company quietly announcing that it will begin to accept cash-free payments for items bought within video games.

Chrome And Google Drive Coming To iOS

Google announced at day two of I/O that Chrome is finally coming to the iPhone and iPad. If you’ve been waiting for the browser, you’ll be glad to know you can download it this afternoon.

The Nexus Q Will Probably Murder You

After some careful deconstruction around the design of the Nexus Q streaming media device outed by Google today, we here at Gizmodo have decided that it’s unsafe to own one given its origins.

Behind The Scenes On The Google Glasses Skydive

Months of planning went into the stunt that saw skydivers throw themselves out of an aircraft above San Francisco while streaming their plunge live via Google Glasses. You’ll have to wait a lot longer than that to get a pair of Google Glasses of your own, but you can watch the making-of video right now.

Battlemodo: Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Vs iOS 6 Vs Windows Phone 8

A few weeks ago, we compared the feature sets of iOS 6 and Android Ice Cream Sandwich to see how they stacked up. But then Google and Microsoft went and dropped all sorts of new features in their new Android Jelly Bean and Windows Phone 8 operating systems. That means it’s time to re-examine the relative merits of each once again. Let the battle begin!

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