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Australia's Fast Food Future: Will Wearable Tech Change Our Lives?

Smartphones have drastically altered the face of online takeaway ordering and delivery. With the rise of Google Glass, the revelation of the Android Wear smartwatch and rumours of the looming Apple iWatch, what changes will the adoption of wearable technology bring to the takeaway food industry?

Everything Google Didn't Announce At I/O

They keynote at Google’s big developer conference is over, and in its three hours(!) we found out about AndroidTV, Android Auto and the next big release of Android for your phone. But there was also a lot of rumoured stuff that Google didn’t announce. Here’s what was missing, and our best guesses at why.

Google Glass Hardware Gets A Spec Bump

Google has announced that Glass is getting a hardware update following its extended Explorer testing feedback — but current owners won’t get upgraded. Google has decided to double the RAM in Glass from 1GB to 2GB, as well as giving it a slightly bigger battery.

It's Freakishly Easy To Steal Phone PINs With Google Glass

Not feeling paranoid enough today? Here you go: Your phone lock screen might actually make it easier for nefarious cyber bandits to steal your passwords.

Zombies, Livestream And Shazam: Meet Google Glass' Newest Apps

With Google Glass still being in its Explorer phase, there hasn’t been a whole lot of diversity as far as its app (or “Glassware”) selection is concerned. But to kick off I/O, Google has just announced a whole slew of new apps you can slap onto your face computer.

Google I/O Event Wishlist: What We Want (And What We'll Get)

This Thursday (Australian time) is one of Google’s biggest days of the year: Google I/O! And along with fancy developer seminars with enticing names like “open-source technologies from the Hadoop ecosystem as part of your Cloud toolkit”, we’re also going to get some Fun Announcements. Here’s what we’re expecting, what we’re hoping for, and what’ll have to wait.

Meta 3D Smart Glasses: Hands On

Tucked away in the hills of Portola Vally, California, overlooking grass and trees and even some deer, you’ll find the headquarters of Meta, which has been working on augmented-reality glasses that it hopes will change the future, and the world.

Remember Glasstron? We Were Such Dorks Back Then

Google’s latest attempt to make Glass™™™ fashionable reminds me (at least aesthetically) of Sony’s Glasstron — a cyberpunk headset display from 1998. The company claimed that it “replicates the viewing experience of a 52-inch TV at 6.5 feet”.

Google Glass Could Let Soldiers Shoot Around Corners

Google Glass is finding a place on the mean city streets, but it could also prove useful in the battlefield too. Soon, Glass could allow soldiers to shoot round corners, using the HUD to take aim while behind cover.

Google's First Fashionable Glass Frames: Perhaps Not That Fashionable?

We’ve long known that Google wanted to make Glass fashionable, and now it’s teamed up with Diane Von Furstenberg to create a series of alternative frames for its face-mounted computer. You can decide for yourselves if they look good or not.