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Google Wants To Forget It Ever Tried To Sell Humans Google Glass

After many months of silence, Google’s finally scrubbed the internet clean of its weird wearable consumer experiment known as Google Glass. Spotted by 9to5Google, Glass-related accounts on Google+, Twitter and Instagram have been shutdown with only Google+ giving any kind of parting farewell.

Google Glass Is Still A Bad Idea

Google ended its Glass Explorer program a year ago, bringing a welcome end to the experiment. But Google Glass is not dead. Instead, the device is being resurrected as a tool for workplaces, and government regulators just released images of a prototype.

Patent Suggests the New Version of Google Glass Will Be Ugly and Creepy (Again)

Google’s been granted a patent for what looks like the follow-up to Glass, its original and widely-ridiculed headpiece. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has approved the company’s 2012 patent submission, which comprises a wiggly heads-up-display that appears to wrap around one side of the user’s head.

Google Is Working On Glass Successors -- Some Without The Glass

The team behind Google Glass is reported to be working on a successor to the occasionally controversial device, though it may not include the screen that made the original so distinctive.

Google's Project Aura Will Raise Glass From The Dead

Google Glass, the company’s head-mounted wearable device could make a return as the company has put together a new group, dubbed ‘Project Aura’ to oversee the device and other wearable technologies.

Project Aura: Google Staffs Wearable Division To Create The Next Google Glass

Google Glass is being reborn in Project Aura

Google is working on a new wearable technology effort known as Project Aura and is hiring consumer electronics experts from Amazon’s secretive Lab 126 to jump-start the new group.

Google's Distributing A New Clip-On Glass Product For Workplaces

Remember how useless Google Glass seemed when the search giant launched the geeky and invasive product? Turns out, some workplaces actually think they’re useful. And now, Google is now distributing a new version of Glass to select businesses.

Google Glass 2.0, And Other Tech News You May Have Missed

You’ve probably been engulfed in the Apple Watch media maelstrom. Wondering what else happened in tech yesterday? We’ve got you covered with BitStream, our cheat sheet for tech news and rumours that might have slipped past your radar.

A Touch-Sensitive Belt Lets You Subtly Control A Wearable Display

The first time around, Google Glass wasn’t exactly a runaway hit. But the technology behind it will certainly be improved to the point where it can eventually be integrated into a regular pair of glasses. And for when that day gets here, there’s now a novel and subtle way to navigate your wearable display using the belt around your waist.

Google Glass Is Dead, Long Live Google Glass

Google Glass is dead. In its current form, at least, the augmented-reality specs will no longer be sold to developers, early adopters and enthusiasts — and depending on how stupid you think Google Glass is, this news will either disappoint you or make you very happy.

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