Oakley's Airwave Ski Goggles Get A Better Battery

Last year Oakley wowed us with Airwave, its heads-up display ski goggles. And just as we’re starting to think about ski season, Oakley’s got a new version of the fancy mountain gear that has the same look and some essential internal tweaks.

Powder Is No Match For Smith's Peeper-Protecting Snowboard Goggles

If you plan on hitting the mountain before the end of the snow season, you need to make sure you’re gear is good to go. Smith I/O Goggles will at least have you covered in the protective eyewear department.

This Guy Can't Stand Up Straight While Using The Oculus Rift

It’s definitely true that Oculus Rift VR goggles are capable of wonderful miracles for a 90-year-old. As for normal people? We can barely keep our heads on or even stand up straight. This poor guy strapped himself to an Oculus Rift roller coaster simulation and almost destroyed the entire room trying to stay balanced. It’s so good.

Liquid Image Apex HD+ Review: Snow Goggles With Built-In Action Cam

It will be winter soon, which means you’ll need an action camera to take with you on the slopes. However, there are some drawbacks. What if it falls off your helmet? What if the angle is too high or too low? Those are the sorts of problems Liquid Image tackles by building an action cam right into your snow goggles. And it comes so very close to solving them.

The Ultimate Triathlon Outfit For Under $1200

There are some significant barriers to entry in a triathlon. Physical fitness is one thing. What about all that gear?

These Goggles Film Your Daring Deeds From Right Between Your Eyes

While most adrenaline junkies love the GoPro, here’s a point-of-view camera solution that never gets in the way: a pair of goggles that shoot 1080p video and 8MP photos from right between your eyes.

Using Canon's Mixed Reality Goggles Looks Like A Weird VR Nightmare

Next month, Canon will start selling a weird mixed reality system that blends real and virtual objects in front of your eyes. Like Google Glasses, it sounds like our science-fiction dreams come true. Sort of. From what we can see in this video, wearing the new goggles makes the world a painful, disorienting place. It sort of dashes our hopes for a slick augmented reality future.

Incept Yourself With Lucid Dreaming Goggles

Lucid dreaming is when you’re dreaming, but you’re aware of it. Theoretically, you could get to a point where you can control you the dream. It’s a tricky process, but to help it along, Will Finucane built a pair of lucidity-inducing goggles.

Frame-Warping Goggles Adjust To Hug Your Face

An elastic headband and a layer of foam padding is all that most goggles use to ensure they fit. But Scott’s new Off-Grid snow specs actually allow you to tweak the shape of the frame, so they sit comfy on almost any face.

Wait, Why Do I Want Goggles That Show Me The World Upside-Down?

Maybe I’m missing the boat here, or am too old to comprehend another bizarre fad, but I’m having a hell of a time trying to figure out why someone would want to wear goggles that make the world look reversed.

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