Google Now Offers End-To-End Encryption On Email

Google has released the source code for a new extension for Chrome — but this is no ordinary extension. It’s called End-to-End, and it will provide users with the ability to encrypt their email the whole way from outbox to recipient.

Google Has Most Of Your Email, Even If You Don't Use Gmail

Even if you’re careful about choosing how and where your email is sent, chances are you reply to plenty of messages sent from Gmail. And, as it turns out, that probably means that Google has most of your email, whether you like it or not.

Is A New Web Gmail Layout Coming?

Briefly: seems to have spotted an experimental new web Gmail layout that replaces the left-side control panel with a slide-in menu, uses pins instead of stars, and adds a “reminder” feature — all within a heavily-redesigned layout. No word if this test setup will ever roll out to users.

9 People Who Thought Gmail Might Be An April Fools' Prank

Gmail’s officially entering its tender tween years today, and after a decade with the internet’s favourite email service, we can barely even remember our lives without it. But then that’s why we have the internet — to remember for us.

Gmail Turns 10

Take heed, because there’s a lot of bad stuff out there on the internet today. But there’s one thing that’s very good and useful: it’s Gmail, and today your favourite email service is celebrating its 10th birthday.

Every Single Gmail Message You Send Will Now Be Encrypted

Good news, security lovers! Google just announced that Gmail will be all encrypted all the time. More specifically, every single email you send or receive will use an encrypted HTTPS connection, regardless of which device you’re using and which network. Even public Wi-Fi is ok.

The Most Amazing Gmail Glitch Is Flooding Some Poor Guy's Hotmail

You probably noticed Gmail was down for a while. David S. Peck probably wishes Gmail still was down. Because right now a glitch is causing thousands of misdirected emails to be sent to his Hotmail account.

Gmail Is Down, Everybody Freak Out [Update: OK, We're Cool]

It’s not just you; Gmail appears to be down. Usually when this sort of thing happens it gets resolved quickly, but for now you might be stuck chatting with a real human person in your physical presence.

Fix Every Gmail Annoyance With This Awesome Chrome Extension

Spend too much time rooting around in your Gmail inbox but then somehow manage to miss that one important email when it actually comes in? It’s happened to all of us. But, if you set up awesome Chrome extension Checker Plus for Gmail, it never has to happen again.

Who Do You Actually Email Nowadays?

My email is full of spam and bills and newsletters I mean to read but never do. Rarely do I use my personal account to actually, you know, communicate with my actual friends and family. What about you?