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In the early 2000s, Lotus (the world’s pluckiest car company) built a turbocharged mid-engine convertible for General Motors (the world’s least plucky car company) called the Speedster. The problem is now nobody can exactly agree why. So we talked to Lotus and got to the bottom of it.


Uber is partnering with the car-sharing service Maven (which is owned and operated by General Motors) to let Uber drivers rent GM vehicles on a weekly basis. The business will cost drivers $US179 ($234) plus taxes and fees, and driver will not incur any extra fees for using the car for personal use.


How does your car go around corners without screeching tyres? That's the magic of the differential, a seemingly complex meshing of various gears and splines that delivers separate power to each driven wheel. This pre-World War II video produced by General Motors is actually an incredibly straightforward and informative look at what goes on underneath your car to make it move.


In yet another sign that driverless cars are just over the horizon, General Motors announced today that the company is buying Cruise Automation — a Silicon Valley start-up that's developing autonomous vehicle technology. According to Fortune, the deal cost GM over $US1 billion in cash and stocks.


Do not adjust your monitor: this lime is weirdly red on the inside. In fact, the fruit is genetically engineered to create proteins that provide the colour, as well as potentially making the lime healthier.


The overriding sense you get from this year's Consumer Electronics Show, wandering the north hall where all the US' major car manufacturers show off their latest cars and what they see as the next five or ten years in personal transportation, is that big, fuel-guzzling vehicles are on their way out. Concept cars are always sleek, but these are sleek and friendly and don't kill the planet at the same time.


It's a terrifying moment the first time a parent hands over the keys to the family car to their teenager. And GM wants to make it slightly less worrisome for those parents with a new feature on the 2016 Malibu called Teen Driver that encourages younger drivers to be safer behind the wheel because it reports back to mum or dad how far they travelled, and how often they broke the speed limit.


American car design reached its experimental, optimistic zenith in the post-WWII era. Yet for every car built, hundreds of sketches and concepts were destroyed, the designers who penned them working in corporate anonymity. This new documentary works to bring these ageing designers and their beautiful concept work back into the spotlight.