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Experience Sunrise On The Dark Side Of The Moon With This Detailed Lunar Globe

The team behind a new Kickstarter campaign isn’t the first bunch astronomy enthusiasts to create a detailed globe based on our nearest lunar neighbour. But using topographical data gathered by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, this Moon globe is the first to accurately recreate all of its craters, mountains and valleys in 3D.

A Scratch-Off Globe Helps Keep Track Of Your Country-Hopping

If you have more air miles saved up than money in the bank, here’s a clever way to keep track of every single country you’ve visited on your global travels. Basic origami skills are all that’s needed to assemble this 3D cardboard globe featuring a gold foil outer layer that can be scratched off revealing the nations you’ve visited.

The Earth's Magnetic Field Keeps This Desktop Jupiter Globe Spinning

= Jupiter is not only the largest planet in our solar system, it’s also arguably the most stunning. Those massive storms — including that enormous red eye — produce quite an atmospheric show. And as a cheaper alternative to a giant telescope, this tiny desktop-sized version of Jupiter lets you stare in awe at the gas giant when you probably should be working.

Keep Track Of Your World Travels On This Cork-Covered Globe

Great news for globetrotters who like to impress their friends with their travels: Now, instead of having to sacrifice a big chunk of wall space for a giant map covered in thumbtacks, they can downgrade to this clever and compact cork-covered globe.

This Animated Globe Lets You See The Earth Like You Were In Space

When Google Maps can deliver detailed views of the world with imagery that zooms right down to our backyards, they’re can’t be much demand for desk globes anymore. So a Japanese company called Gakken has taken its Worldeye globe to another level by turning it into a display that can show everything from weather patterns to stars.

The Studio That Keeps Globe-Making Alive In The Age Of Google Maps

If you come across a globe these days, chances are it was probably found at a flea market or antique store. But there is one studio in London that continues the tradition of building spherical maps of the world. And here’s a look at how it all goes down.

Mapless Globe Plays The Sounds Of The Earth When You Spin It

Yuri Suzuki has been travelling the world, using a dictaphone to collect local sounds of different countries since 2009. With these audio field notes, he’s turned a globe into a record that plays these sounds when it spins for a 30-minute audio tour of the world called “The Sound of the Earth”.

This Bamboo Globe Is As Gorgeous As It Wants The Planet To Be

If you want to raise worldwide awareness about the environment through your design, you should probably do so in an environmentally friendly way, right? And if you want to save the Earth, you might as well put it on display.

Don't Forget To Pack This Moon Globe On Your Next Lunar Holiday

Space tourism is just getting under way, but before we know it, spending a weekend on the moon will be commonplace. (If you have a kabillion dollars.) So in addition to warm socks, you’ll want to make sure you pack Sky & Telescope’s new Moon Globe.

Russian Amateurs Launch Globe To The Edge Of Space

Everyone loves a great homemade, photo-snapping, high-atmosphere balloon. But what about one carrying a globe with a little Buzz Lightyear figure standing on top? That has to be even cooler, right? Right. Thanks, Russian guys.

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