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Thanks To El Niño, Rare Tropical Storms Signal A Wacky Start To 2016

For the first time since records began, two tropical storms — one in the Atlantic and one in the Pacific — have appeared at the same time in January. Named Alex and Pali, these storms are being fuelled by unusually warm surface waters. On their own, these early storms are rare occurrences. This is first hurricane to form over the Atlantic since in January since 1938, according to NASA. But the fact that they’re appearing at the same time in January is altogether unprecedented. Normally, a converging event like this wouldn’t happen until July.

In America, 200 Million People Will Suffer 'Psychological Distress' From Climate Change

A report published by the National Wildlife Foundation finds that the majority of Americans can expect to suffer mental health problems as a result of global warming and warns that our mental health system is not equipped to handle it.

Miami Is Already Drowning Due To Sea Level Rise

At the Art Basel spectacle in Miami last week, heavy rains swamped the parties, forcing fairgoers to prance through the streets in soggy stilettos. It wasn’t a freak occurrence. It was a peek at the future.

Rising Temperatures Are Driving Hundreds Of Species To The North And South Poles

As global temperatures rise, many animal species are edging toward the poles and even climbing mountains to stay within their preferred temperature ranges. The result is a slow but noticeable shift in the world’s ecosystems, both on land and at sea.

What Would A Futuristic Low-Carbon Tech World Actually Look Like?

Let’s face it, if we’re going to save the planet from ourselves, we’re going to have to develop cleaner technologies. Here’s what the future has in store once we make the transition to a high-tech, low-carbon world.

This Is How The Ocean Makes Earth Livable

Seventy per cent of Earth’s surface is ocean, and without it, the other 30 per cent would barely be inhabitable. The ocean absorbs and distributes heat around the globe, and it acts as a planet-sized CO2 scrubber, saving us all from a runaway greenhouse effect like the one that turned Venus into a hell-world. But the ocean, like the rest of Earth’s climate system, is changing — and not for the better.

You Can Barely Even See Yellowstone's Largest Glacier Anymore

Lyell Glacier was Yellowstone National Park’s largest glacier. In 1883, US park officials took a photograph of the ice giant. This year, NASA’s climate team recreated that photo with the glacier in its current state. The comparison is stunning.

WWI And Climate Change Show How Bad We Are At Confronting Catastrophe

The onset of World War I and the current climate change crisis have a lot more in common than you might think. Here’s why the two historical events are eerily similar — and why it’s so damn hard for us to prevent a self-inflicted disaster that everyone knows is coming.

The UK Is Shutting Down All Its Coal Power Stations

The British Government has announced that it plans to shut down all of its coal-powered fire stations by 2025, with restrictions put on their use as early as 2023.

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