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AP: Don't Call Them 'Climate Change Deniers' Anymore Because Of The Holocaust 

On the last day of the hottest summer in recorded history, the Associated Press made a rather timely announcement: We are no longer supposed to use the terms “climate change sceptics” or “climate change deniers” to label people who disagree the Earth is warming due to human activity.

Polar Bears May Survive By Hunting Caribou As Arctic Ice Melts

Polar bears are the furry poster children for the impact of warming Arctic seas, but new research says they may be able adapt and survive the loss of Arctic sea ice by foraging on land.

How Much Has Global Warming Worsened California's Drought? Now We Have A Number

With each passing year, human-caused global warming bullies California for more water. Each year, the heat squeezes more moisture from soils and ecosystems.

Remember When 2014 Was The Hottest Year On Record? Now 2015 Is.

Doesn’t it seem like only last week scientists confirmed that 2014 was indeed the hottest year on record? Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore because scientists have now determined that the first half of 2015 has managed to break all those records — and 2015 will now likely be the hottest year recorded on Earth.

Find Out What's Really Warming The World With This Interactive Chart

Climate change is happening: global temperatures are rising. Unpicking why it’s happening is of course notoriously difficult, but this interactive chart correlates the observed temperature rises with the effects provided by various natural and man-made sources. The results are pretty damning.

The Global Warming 'Pause' Never Actually Happened

There’s been much debate these past few years over the cause of the so-called global warming “hiatus” — a pause in the overall uptick up of Earth’s temperature due to cooling at the surface of the Pacific Ocean since the early 2000s. Did climate warming stop? Nope, we just weren’t looking deep enough.

How The US Plans To Cut 28% Of Greenhouse Gas Emissions By 2025

Yesterday, the Obama administration announced how it plans to gut greenhouse emissions over the coming decade. The documents explain the broad plans which will allow the country to reduce the emissions by an impressive 28 per cent.

New Documents Show Leading Climate Change Denier Is Full Of Shit

New documents obtained by Greenpeace via freedom of information filings show that a leading climate change denier, Wei-Hock Soon, known as Willie, allegedly accepted $US1.2 million over the past 14 years from energy companies and additionally failed to report conflicts of interest in his own research.

NASA Warns That This Century Could See Crippling Droughts

This week, NASA published its most robust study of drought prediction — and the news isn’t good. Within the next century, the American southwest, and more regions across the world, could experience landscape-altering megadroughts due to rising carbon emissions and global warming.

Climate Change Is Melting Christmas In The US

“I’M DREAMING OF an ozone layer,
 Just like the one I used to know / Which kept out UV rays / Before aerosol sprays / And allowed for actual snow.”

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