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These Are The Most Serious Catastrophic Threats Faced By Humanity

Oxford’s Global Priorities Project has compiled a list of catastrophes — both natural and self-inflicted — that could kill off 10 per cent or more of the human population. It’s a real buzzkill of a report and it says that any of these catastrophes could happen within the next five years.

Something Strange And Terrible Is Happening To France's Wine Grapes

We’d suggest you sit down and pour yourself a drink before you hear this news — but, honestly, that would probably only make it worse.

This Timelapse Of Californian Bushfires Is Absolutely Apocalyptic

Video: Filmmaker Jeff Frost has documented over two dozen bushfires in California over the past several years. To convey the extent of these blazes, he has put together a timelapse video showing them from a unique — and horrifying — perspective.

A 50-Kilometre-Long Ice Shelf Is About To Break Away From Antarctica

Two years ago, a crack appeared on an ice shelf along a stretch of Antarctic coast. The fissure has grown substantially since then, raising concerns that it will break free and form an iceberg over twice the size of Manhattan.

The Surprising Reason Our Planet Isn't Heating Up Even Faster

In research that adds new truth to the phrase “every cloud has a silver lining”, scientists are reporting that sulfate aerosol emissions have offset roughly a third of global warming over the Earth’s land, by scattering sunlight back into space.

How We Predict When Antarctica's Melting Ice Sheets Will Flood The Seas

Antarctica is already feeling the heat of climate change, with rapid melting and retreat of glaciers over recent decades. Ice mass loss from Antarctica and Greenland contributes about 20% to the current rate of global sea level rise. This ice loss is projected to increase over the coming century.

A recent article on The Conversation raised the concept of “climate tipping points”: thresholds in the climate system that, once breached, lead to substantial and irreversible change. Such a climate tipping point may occur as a result of the increasingly rapid decline of the Antarctic ice sheets, leading to a rapid rise in sea levels. But what is this threshold? And when will we reach it?

Why Scientists Think The Planet Is Heating Up So Fast Right Now

Wasn’t it just yesterday that we learned January was the hottest month in recorded history? Not any more. The official numbers aren’t in for February yet, but meteorologists are already calling it: Last month destroyed January’s global temperature record, adding another 0.2 to 0.3C to the planetary thermostat.

Thanks To El Niño, Rare Tropical Storms Signal A Wacky Start To 2016

For the first time since records began, two tropical storms — one in the Atlantic and one in the Pacific — have appeared at the same time in January. Named Alex and Pali, these storms are being fuelled by unusually warm surface waters. On their own, these early storms are rare occurrences. This is first hurricane to form over the Atlantic since in January since 1938, according to NASA. But the fact that they’re appearing at the same time in January is altogether unprecedented. Normally, a converging event like this wouldn’t happen until July.

In America, 200 Million People Will Suffer 'Psychological Distress' From Climate Change

A report published by the National Wildlife Foundation finds that the majority of Americans can expect to suffer mental health problems as a result of global warming and warns that our mental health system is not equipped to handle it.

Miami Is Already Drowning Due To Sea Level Rise

At the Art Basel spectacle in Miami last week, heavy rains swamped the parties, forcing fairgoers to prance through the streets in soggy stilettos. It wasn’t a freak occurrence. It was a peek at the future.

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