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An Unusually Large Iceberg Broke Off A Glacier And Nobody Noticed

This past summer (winter in Australia), a massive chunk of ice slipped away from a glacier in British Columbia, but no one was there to notice. Using satellite images, a scientist from NASA has now spotted the unusually large iceberg — and he suspects it’s the largest ever seen in North America.

How The World Could Actually Cure Its Fossil Fuel Addiction

Last week, the Paris climate agreement cleared its final hurdle, when the European Union formally signed on. With the support of 73 nations accounting for 57 per cent of global carbon emissions, the deal enters legal force on November 4. So what does that mean, and how soon do we kick our addiction to fossil fuels?

Deadly Hurricane Matthew Is A Terrifying Warning About Our Future

There is no doubt that Hurricane Matthew is an exceptionally nightmarish storm. Unfortunately, it’s exactly the sort of nightmare that’s expected to become more familiar in a warmer world.

Scientists Just Discovered A Major New Source Of Carbon Emissions

File this under bad news for humanity’s climate ambitions: The dams and reservoirs we use to harness ‘clean’ hydroelectric power and irrigate our crops apparently emit carbon. A lot of it. All told, man-made reservoirs release roughly a gigaton of heat-trapping greenhouse gases each year. That’s more than the entire nation of Canada.

Don't Worry, The Earth Is Not Locked Into 7 Degrees Of Warming

The internet is abuzz with a new climate study that seemed to deliver a bombshell conclusion: The amount of carbon humans have put into the atmosphere may have already committed the planet three to seven degrees Celsius of global warming.

Dramatic Visualisations Show Just How Quickly The Arctic Is Melting

On September 10, the Arctic hit its annual summertime ice minimum. According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, it was the second lowest summertime low since satellite record-keeping began. And as a series of new visualisations show, this trend is not going anywhere.

Siberia Has Been Burning All Summer 

As enormous wildfires in Canada and the United States make headlines on the daily, Siberia has been burning ferociously all summer, and nobody seems to be noticing.

The Paris Climate Agreement Just Passed A Major Milestone

Good news, Earthlings: The Paris climate agreement had passed a critical milestone toward adoption. At a UN General Assembly meeting in New York this morning, 31 nations officially signed onto the accord, making it very likely that the deal will enter legal force this year.

Where We Will Grow Food After We Scorch The Earth 

A relatively small number of crops make up a lot of the world’s diet. But, as the world gets hotter, the places that we’re able to grow these crops are moving.

Scientists Baffled As Hundreds Of Dead Horseshoe Crabs Wash Ashore In Japan

Horseshoe crabs are known as “living fossils” and for good reason. The blue-blooded, side-walking arthropods have been around for 200 million years, surviving the last five mass extinctions. But something appears to be wrong as hundreds of dead horseshoe crabs have recently washed ashore in southern Japan, leaving scientists confounded.

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