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This Is How South Florida Ends

It’s a scorching midsummer day, and the sawgrass is still under a pale blue sky. Waist-deep in water and sinking slowly into the muck, I fend off mosquitoes as a man from South Florida’s Water Management District mixes a bag of salt into a hot tub-sized bucket on the side of the road. Nine metres away in the marsh, another city official wearing waders and a bug hat stands on a narrow steel walkway, dangling the end of a long hose over a plexiglass chamber.

Good Job Humanity, NASA Has Accepted Sad Levels Of Sea Ice As A 'New Normal' 

The Arctic Ocean is seeing a rapid amount of ice loss this season, but NASA scientists aren’t too alarmed.

Beautiful Blue Lakes Are Invading East Antarctica And That's Not Good

Something strange is happening to one of the coldest places on Earth. Dazzling blue lakes are blooming like summer wildflowers atop the East Antarctic ice sheet’s Langhovde Glacier. And that’s got scientists worried — because they have seen these lakes before.

It Hasn't Been This Hot In A Scary Long Time

You may not have been able to tell, considering that Australia was in the middle of winter, but last month was the hottest month on Earth since humans began keeping scientific records in the 1880s. In all likelihood, it was the hottest month since the last interglacial period ended 125,000 years ago.

Why This Weekend's Record Flooding In Louisiana Was So Extreme

Historic, record flooding gripped southeastern Louisiana this weekend after neighbourhoods from Baton Rouge to Livingston were swamped under an absolute torrent of rainfall. As of this morning, 20,000 people had been rescued from their homes, and the danger is far from over.

The Russian Arctic Is Having A Very Bad Summer

On a tiny island at the end of the world, a lonely weather station is slowly tumbling off a cliffside. It’s a perfect metaphor for the state of our planet. Say hello to Vize Island, Russia. It won’t be around much longer.

Global Warming Will Make It Nearly Impossible To Hold The Summer Olympics

Olympic organisers have made climate change a central theme at the current games — and for good reason. A sobering new study shows that by the 2084 Olympics, rising temperatures will make it practically impossible for most cities to host the summer games.

A Volcanic Eruption Hid A Critical Climate Signal For 20 Years

As our planet heats up, the pace of sea level rise is expected to quicken, making it harder for cities like Miami to stay above water. But since 1992, scientists have studied Earth’s mean sea level via satellites, and they have watched it rise at a steady 3mm per year — no evidence for acceleration.

Rising Sea Levels Threaten Over A Trillion Dollars Worth Of US Homes

Real estate database company Zillow is warning that nearly 1.9 million homes in the United States could be flooded by the end of the century. That’s about two per cent of the nation’s total housing stock, amounting to $US882 billion ($1.1 trillion) in value.

There's Something Strange Happening At The Bottom Of The Greenland Ice Sheet

For the first time, researchers have peered thousands of metres beneath Greenland’s glistening surface to map the bottom of the ice sheet. They were surprised to learn that it’s thawing all over the place.

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