Forget The Freezer, This Device Frosts A Beer Glass In Just 10 Seconds

When you want a frosty cold one, you usually don’t have the time to wait for your pint glass to actually get frosty sitting in a fridge. So you probably settle for a less satisfying can or bottle — a compromise you’ll never have to make again with this countertop glass frosting contraption.

Robot Eyes Replace Your Blank Stare With (Fake) Human Expression

Coming across as a socially functioning human who expresses real emotions can be such a drain. If only there was a high-tech way to replace your flat, expressionless gaze with a digital approximation of human warmth. Well, search no more. AgencyGlass is here.

Real-Life Laser-Shooting Goggles Turn You Into Cyclops

Who’s your favourite X-Person? If it’s Cyclops, a) that’s lame, but also b) you’re in luck! Spice up your lonely bathroom-mirror cosplay with a pair of real-life laser goggles that can set paper on fire and pop black balloons!

These Colourful Computer Glasses Are Fun! But, Uh, Computer Glasses

That screen you’re staring at all day is screwing up your eyes, but you don’t do anything about it. For years, Gunnar Optiks has sold glasses that help take the strain off, but let’s face it, they make you look like an arsehole. So Gunnar is trotting out a new line of glasses that look more like beachware than nerd glasses. Now you can be the the person everyone stares at while you’re trying to work — for a good reason.

Beat-Matching Glowing Sunglasses Are Perfect For Late Nights

While sunglasses normally aren’t required for the middle of the night, these Dropshades feature a glowing pulsing EQ that stays in sync with whatever music you’re listening to. When you’re hungover and dodging the sun the next day, you’ll be even happier you’re wearing them.

Google's Getting Serious About Prescription Glass

Google really knocked everybody’s socks off when it revealed Glass last year — everybody except glasses-wearers, that is. As the company prepares to bring the device to market, though, Google doesn’t want to leave anybody out, and that means creating Google Glass with prescription lenses.

WSJ: Microsoft Is Working On Its Own Version Of Google Glass

Microsoft may have not hopped on the smartphone bandwagon especially early, but it’s not about to be left behind again. According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft is already working on its own smartglasses.

This Is The Coolest Privacy Filter Ever

Tired of people looking at your screen on the train or in the office? Try this incredible home-made privacy filter on that means only you can see what’s on your display.

Researchers Develop Ghost-Free 3D For Viewers Not Wearing Glasses

You know that sad feeling you get when a headache’s coming on while watching a 3D movie and you remember that you can’t actually take the glasses off for a few seconds of relief because the ghosted 2D image is even harder to watch? That could be a thing of the past as researchers from the University of California Santa Cruz have developed a new kind of 3D display that doesn’t appear ghosted when you’re not wearing those special glasses.

Monster Machines: Synthesia Glasses Help Blind People 'See' Via Sonar

People who have been blind since a young age can sometimes learn to develop a sort of low-grade echolocation. This technique, used by the likes of Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Ronnie Milsap, and Ben Underwood, works much the same way as it does in bats and dolphins. But people who have just recently lost their sight can’t harness this ability innately. They need the vOICe to do it for them.