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Gizmodo Gallery Takes Over New York!

How did the Gizmodo US team kick off their week-long exhibition of the coolest gadgets and tech ideas? With tech royalty of course: Wozniak himself! Not to mention the likes of DJ Spooky, DJ Whoo Kid and a Nerf warfare. Video!

Gizmodo Gallery: The Final Video

Hey, here’s a final final video from Gizmodo Gallery, which is still on my mind. I wish it was a year round thing! But there’s always Giz Gallery 2010. [Gizmodo Gallery]

Giz Gallery '09 Is OVER (Time For A Pancake Count)

Well it’s finally over. You can’t come back. But wanna know how many pancakes we made?

Today @ Giz Gallery '09: Last Call!

It’s kind of sad to think about, but after today, Giz Gallery is over. And with our Taser demo, we plan to go out with a shock.

I Get By With A Little Help From A Vaporiser And Pancake Machine

After closing Thursday night, we had a bit of spare time and so ended up just hanging out and running a few tests on the Volcano Vaporizer and the Chefstack pancake machine. They passed.

This Is How Michael Jordan Would Use A Kindle

Some people use their Kindles to read books. Others get Kindles to spend hours practising crazy moves with them, like this reader today at the Gizmodo Gallery. Watch him spin the Kindle like a Michael Jordan would spin a basketball.

ArcAttack: Lightning-Proof Musos Share Tesla Coil Secrets

When Nikola Tesla invented his coil in 1891, he probabaly never imagined the ominous structures taking the place of the violin or French horn. But with time, anything’s possible. Music trio ArcAttack adds its own spin to Tesla’s dream machine.

True Love At Gizmodo Gallery

Karen Loves Hector. Hector Loves Karen. They both love Lego.

Watch: Live Streaming Video From Inside Giz Gallery

Hey, people who couldn’t make it to Giz Gallery: save your excuses. I don’t want to hear them, you make me sick, you’re a failure as a reader, etc etc etc. Nonetheless, we’ve got some video streams for you, coming live from inside our temporary monument to technology, gadgets and pancakes — one from the front:

Today @ Giz Gallery '09: Mud Computers And Exclusive Spy Drones!

Gizmodo Gallery ’09 started off with a bang yesterday, as it was packed full of people despite a minor problem with the air conditioning. But we’re back today with the exclusive new Draganflyer X8 UAV and the Mud Tub computer.

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