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This Ghostbusters VFX Reel Is Beautiful

Video: Whether you loved the new Ghostbusters, hated it or found yourself somewhere in the middle, there’s no denying Paul Feig had a very distinct vision. He didn’t just update the characters for 2016, he cranked up the visuals too, with a ton of lush, beautiful colours.

These Incredible Ghostbusters Action Figures Manage To Heap Another Indignity On Poor Zeddemore

We were blown away when Blitzway announced they were making a series of 1/6-scale figures based on the original Ghostbusters team at Comic-Con, but now they have revealed even more pictures of the gorgeous toys, and new details on how to get them… while unfortunately mistreating poor Winston Zeddemore yet again.

What Went Wrong With This Winter's Blockbusters?

Winter of 2016 hasn’t been a great time for the blockbuster. If it wasn’t animated, most of the big-budget movies that studios usually rely on to make their fortunes for the year flopped. Here are some of the reasons why

The 16 Most Horrible Alternate Realities

It’s 2016, and things are looking pretty grim. As prognosticators of the future, we’re here to assess the present, and remind everyone that as bad things are, they can always get much, much worse — and they are much, much worse in mirror universes and parallel worlds. Here are 16 alternate realities that make the original look like home sweet home.

Miniature Plastic Cities Will Tremble Before Figuarts' Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Sadly Stay Puft probably doesn’t come with a ruined city to stomp about in, but this figure does look great as he gleefully parades through tiny plastic skyscrapers. All he needs are some tiny Ghostbusters to fight him off.

Report: The Ghostbusters Sequel Is Being Shelved In Favour Of An Animated Movie

Ghostbusters has been out for a bit now, and a new story from The Hollywood Reporter says that the movie is going to lose millions. As a result, a sequel has been put on the back burner — but Ghostbusters isn’t quite dead yet.

The Spirits Of The Original Ghostbusters Might Be Trapped Inside These Life-Like Figures

Blitzway has officially revealed its upcoming lineup of sixth-scale Ghostbusters figures based on the cast from the original film, and just like how the characters were trapped in that evil painting at the end of Ghostbusters 2, there’s a good chance these actors have been somehow imprisoned in these impossibly accurate collectibles.

This Crazy Ghostbusters Scene May Have Cost Over A Million Dollars 

There’s a certain moment with Chris Hemsworth’s Kevin in the new Ghostbusters that was a pretty well-kept secret up to the film’s release — and a pretty ridiculous moment, at that. Also ridiculous? It apparently cost the production a lot of money.

Twitter Isn't Doing Enough About Leslie Jones' Racist Trolls [Updated]

In a perfect world, Leslie Jones would have spent her day celebrating the release of her new childhood-ruining movie, Ghostbusters: Attack of the Feminmiminismsists, but instead she’s putting up with some bullshit on Twitter. Tuesday morning, Jones exposed and called out the insanely racist abuse she’s been receiving.

The Ghostbusters Team Talks About That Shocking End Credits Scene And Other Secrets

If you saw Ghostbusters this weekend, we hope you stayed throughout the credits. Not only were there some good laughs during them, but there’s also a shocking revelation at the very end of them. We talked to the film’s director and producer all about it what it means for the future of the Ghostbusters.

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