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'A Whisper Of Vomit': The Ghostbusters Cast Describes The First Time They Got Slimed

Ghosts and slime. It’s the peanut butter and jelly of Ghostbusters‘ beloved supernatural phenomena. But also? It’s pretty gross. That’s something the new team of Ghostbusters can definitely attest to, as they described the process in the most unpleasant way they can.

Stare Into The Face Of Ghostbusters' Biggest New Villain

Video: Earlier this week we got a great look at the new Ghostbusters, but only the tiniest glimpse of the movie’s big new bad guy (bad ghost?). This new international trailer, however, gives us a few more jokes, a snifter of new footage and a much clearer look at the dead, dapper foe.

Here's Every Clue There Is To Find In The Second Ghostbusters Trailer

This morning, we finally got a better look at the new Ghostbusters in action. We know a lot more about the plot and there are some much cleverer homages to the original than in the first trailer. We broke everything down here so you wouldn’t have to.

This New, Much-Improved Ghostbusters Trailer Amps Up The Ghostly Action

The first trailer for the new Ghostbusters focused on this new group of heroes coming together as a team, but our latest look at the film dives a bit deeper into the story, and delivers a whole lot of Ghostbustin’ badarsery to boot.

This DIY Ghostbusters' Proton Pack Is The Coolest Thing You'll See Today

You’ll get a lot more respect from other cosplayers when you can confidently say you built your own props. But for those us lacking the requisite skills to do so, Anovos has a new build-it-yourself Ghostbusters Proton Pack kit up for pre-order that ensures your results will still look movie-accurate — and not like a six-year-old’s craft project.

Mads Mikkelsen Teases Even More Tantalising Rogue One Details

Mark Millar adds another comic book movie adaptation to his collection. Legends of Tomorrow casts more heroes for season two. Les Moonves talks about the Star Trek TV show’s release schedule. Kevin Smith will return to The Flash. Plus new images from X-Men Apocalypse and Melissa McCarthy on Ghostbusters. Spoilers now!

A Ton Of New Details About The Ghostbusters Reboot

The team behind Deadpool 2 talk about Cable’s role in the film. Joe Russo teases Stan Lee’s cameo in Civil War. Gotham teases the return of Fish Mooney. Plus, a new clip from X-Men Apocalypse, a ton of new Civil War stills and new details on Lego’s next Star Wars series. To me, my spoilers!

Winter Movie Preview: 23 Movies To Watch Out For

Winter movie season is upon us! That means four straight months of Hollywood’s splashiest films, released in rapid succession like a battle royale for box-office domination. But which of these movies is worth your time? Here’s our guide to 23 genre movies coming this winter.

Chris Hemsworth Geeks Out In This Delightful New Ghostbusters Featurette

Video: We’ll take any chance to see more of what the new Ghosbusters film is going to be like. This new behind-the-scenes featurette not only contains a bunch of new footage, but also happens to showcase Hemsworth’s hapless assistant Kevin being both sexy and moronic.

The Latest Rumour About A Star Wars: Episode VIII Cameo Might Just Be The Silliest Yet

Goosebumps 2 is officially happening. The Borderlands movie gets a writer. Carice van Houten talks about that big Game of Thrones reveal. Elizabeth Banks gets her villain on in new Power Rangers set footage. Plus, new clips from Civil War and Agents of SHIELD, and new Ghostbusters promo pictures. To me, my spoilers!

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