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The Spirits Of The Original Ghostbusters Might Be Trapped Inside These Life-Like Figures

Blitzway has officially revealed its upcoming lineup of sixth-scale Ghostbusters figures based on the cast from the original film, and just like how the characters were trapped in that evil painting at the end of Ghostbusters 2, there’s a good chance these actors have been somehow imprisoned in these impossibly accurate collectibles.

This Crazy Ghostbusters Scene May Have Cost Over A Million Dollars 

There’s a certain moment with Chris Hemsworth’s Kevin in the new Ghostbusters that was a pretty well-kept secret up to the film’s release — and a pretty ridiculous moment, at that. Also ridiculous? It apparently cost the production a lot of money.

Twitter Isn't Doing Enough About Leslie Jones' Racist Trolls [Updated]

In a perfect world, Leslie Jones would have spent her day celebrating the release of her new childhood-ruining movie, Ghostbusters: Attack of the Feminmiminismsists, but instead she’s putting up with some bullshit on Twitter. Tuesday morning, Jones exposed and called out the insanely racist abuse she’s been receiving.

The Ghostbusters Team Talks About That Shocking End Credits Scene And Other Secrets

If you saw Ghostbusters this weekend, we hope you stayed throughout the credits. Not only were there some good laughs during them, but there’s also a shocking revelation at the very end of them. We talked to the film’s director and producer all about it what it means for the future of the Ghostbusters.

Ghostbusters Is Absolutely, Definitely Getting A Sequel (Probably)

Be prepared for bustin’ to make you feel good once more. Following its opening weekend at the box office, the new Ghostbusters movie is apparently already doing well enough that a sequel is all but guaranteed.

The New Ghostbusters Didn't Ruin My Childhood Because That's Not How The Progression Of Time Works

Apparently some people are angry that the new Ghostbusters movie has “ruined their childhood”. But I must confess that this came as a shock to me. Because either these people discovered a way to travel back to the 1980s… or they don’t understand how the simple progression of time works.

Why Paul Feig Dared To Make The New Ghostbusters Movie

At first, Paul Feig didn’t want to make a Ghostbusters movie at all. When Ivan Reitman, the co-writer and director of the original film, called him to discuss directing a new one, he was flattered… and he was still ready to say “No.”

This Chinese Title For Ghostbusters May Not Be Real, But It Is Totally Amazing

Whether or not Ghostbusters is going to be released in China is still up for debate. But whether or not the alternate name is awesome is not.

Movie Review: Ghostbusters Isn't Perfect, But It's So Much Fun You Won't Care

Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters is a film for anyone who ever watched the first Ghostbusters and thought, “I wish they got to use their guns more.” It’s bigger, brighter, and louder — it’s the sort of movie that features the Ghostbuster shooting ghosts in slow motion set to the iconic theme song. It’s also incredibly funny. The only problem is that all the jokes and action don’t leave much room for the story.

The Ghostbusters Franchise May Be 'Endless', But It's All Still Very Much In Flux

This weekend, one of the producers of Ghostbusters declared that the franchise would be “endless”. But there’s a long way to go before Sony decides to make an official Ghostbusters Cinematic Universe.

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