Explore A Water Park Built Inside A Huge German Airship Hangar

Drive 45 minutes outside of Berlin, and you’ll find a hulking airship hangar once known as the Aerium — the largest free-standing building in the world. Today, the place is known as Tropical Islands Resort, a family fun hotspot that Casey Neistat and his son recently had the pleasure of visiting. Obviously, they brought back video.

German Government Is Using Typewriters To Avoid The NSA's Gaze

Germany hasn’t been best pleased by the NSA’s attention over the last few years. Now, though, it’s revealed that it’s taking drastic action, and ditching computers in favour of something more secure: typewriters.

Monster Machines: Germany's Puma Personnel Carrier Is Agile Like An Armoured Jungle Cat

Moving troops through hostile territory is a heck of a lot safer for everyone involved when they’re travelling in an armoured personnel carrier. But Germany’s new state-of-the-art APC does so much more than just move soldiers. It moves them in packs.

I Want To Spend All Weekend In This Treehouse Perched Over A Pond

Like a tiny wooden spaceship, this two-storey treehouse by the German treehouse design specialists at Baumraum is picturesquely perched over a pond, as if it’s preparing for blast off.

One Year After Snowden, What's Really Changed?

The first reports on Edward Snowden’s leaks were published one year ago on 6 June 2013. Four days later, the whistleblower revealed himself as a former NSA contractor, just 29 years old at the time.

Take A Tour Through The Mother Of All Airports

In a city of controversial historic buildings, Berlin’s massive Tempelhof Airport is one of the most embattled. This ageing, elegant behemoth served as a hub for the Nazis and, later, for the Berlin Air Lift. Now, it’s the focus of major development plans — and PBS just got a look inside.

Berlin Can't Finish Its Reunification Memorial On Time Because Of Bats

It took Berliners years to agree upon a design for a memorial to the reunification of East and West — but now that the project is underway, an unexpected hurdle is slowing it down: Bats. Lots of them.

Germany Is Relocating Entire Towns To Dig Up More Sweet, Sweet Coal

Most of us think of Germany as one of the most energy-progressive countries in the world. But in recent years, it’s also increased its dependence on a form of energy that’s anything but clean: coal. And it’s demolishing or relocating entire towns to get at it.

This Abandoned Nazi Bunker Just Reopened As A Clean Energy Plant

The last time Hamburg’s hulking air raid bunker saw use, it was 1945 — and locals were taking cover from Allied bombs inside its 1.8m thick concrete walls. That was almost 70 years ago. This year, the bunker is serving a new purpose: Supplying the city with renewable energy.

Behold One Of The Biggest Controlled Skyscraper Implosions Ever

It took more than 900kg of explosives to bring down this 32-storey tower in Frankfurt, Germany, yesterday — roughly the same amount as a Mark 84 bomb. Thankfully, since we live in the age of YouTube, there are plenty of astounding videos of the demo.