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A Rule Change In Germany May Allow For Widespread Free Wi-Fi

After years of being a “hotspot desert,” Germans could finally have widespread free WiFi by the end of this year, thanks to a proposal that relaxes some online piracy guidelines.

Germany Will Add Self-Driving Cars To Its Railroad Network

Deutsche Bahn, the German government-owned rail system that manages efficient travel throughout the country, is planning to add autonomous vehicles to its transportation options to help passengers experience seamless door-to-door travel.

Barack Obama Just Tested A VR Headset And Loved It

Virtual reality sometimes seems like magic. US President Obama certainly seems to think so.

Google Used Tiny Cameras To Street View The World's Largest Model Railway

Brace yourself for perhaps the cutest views ever to appear on Street View. Google has scaled down its hardware to capture Hamburg’s Miniatur Wunderland — the world’s largest model railway.

Germany Has A Smartphone App To Help Refugees

Ankommen (meaning “Arrive”) is a free smartphone app from the German government aimed at helping asylum seekers feel at home in their new country. It includes German customs and values, along with a language course, asylum application information and tips on work or study options.

Homeland Is About To Become Your New Favourite Techno-Thriller

Homeland is a show that evolves with the fears of the Western World. Now the Emmy award-winning show is turning its eye toward the technological terrors of global hacking rings, and it looks amazing.

Is Having A Baby More Depressing Than A Death In The Family?

A study of new parents out of Germany makes the claim that having a baby is more hazardous to mental well-being than divorce or the death of a partner.

This Glorious Mess Is Actually Munich From Space

A splattered canvas of reds and greens, this is actually a combination of three radar scans from the European Space Agency’s Sentinel-1A satellite as it passed over Bavaria in Southern Germany.

Berlin Spends $US16 Million A Month To Maintain This Never-Opened Airport

As the EU’s self-appointed morality police, Germany publicly spanked Greece earlier this month for being so financially frivolous. Well, Germany has its own money troubles! Namely, a catastrophe-riddled $US6 billion airport that the country continues to pour money into — with no opening date in sight. Scheiße!

Behold, The Latest Laser Built For Frying Rogue Drones

Here comes yet another drone-zapping laser: A German missile manufacturer built this Death Star-like beam to protect world leaders. And it works, too: in a field test, it took down a mini-drone in three seconds flat.

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