Nvidia GeForce GTX 780Ti: Gaming In Glorious 4K

Earlier this year, Nvidia dropped a bomb on the world of graphics processing with the Titan, a real ludicrous powerhouse what cost a whopping $US1000. Now, the monsterous Titan is getting (another) “affordable” twin in the form of the Gefore GTX 780Ti, which Nvidia’s calling the best gaming GPU on the planet.

Mobile Technology Is The Future Of Supercomputers

Last year, the CSIRO’s supercomputer was ranked as the 145th most powerful supercomputer in the world. Powered by NVIDIA’s Tesla GPUs and constructed by Aussie company Xenon, the supercomputer is used is a fine example of the benefits of using GPUs for scientific discovery. but according to NVIDIA’s GM of Tesla computing, Andy Keane, it’s the current developments in the mobile processing space that will drive the next generation of supercomputers.

NVIDIA Kegputer – The Best Tasting PC Out Of CES

Nestled up the back of the NVIDIA stand at CES was the Kegputer, a Sandy Bridge powered gaming PC with liquid cooling stuffed inside a fully-functional beer keg. Yes, this is heaven in a PC.

Nvidia's GeForce 400M Series Roids Up Notebook Graphics Of All Classes

Nvidia gave us a taste of what its Fermi-based notebook graphics cards would be like with the GeForce GTX 480M, but now it’s time to meet the whole family. That’s seven Fermi GPUs, running the gamut from face-melting to face-singeing.

What's The Best Graphics Card For StarCraft II?

The gang over at TechSpot loaded up the newly released StarCraft II on what seems like a hundred different PC setups to determine what the best hardware setup for the insanely popular real-time strategy game is. Here are the results:

The Best Graphics Cards At Every Price

Choosing a graphics cards is a confusing endeavour. So Tom’s Hardware shared their buying results after testing pretty much every card on the planet. Whether you’ve got $US50 to spend or $US250 to spend, this list will come in handy:

Nvidia's GeForce GTX 480M Just Turned Your Notebook's Graphics Card Into A Sad Little Chip

Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 480M is the steroidal notebook graphics card you’ve been waiting for (if you’re a huge nerd): The world’s fastest notebook GPU according to Nvidia, it’s the first mobile chip using Nvidia’s ridiculous Fermi architecture.

Nvidia's Fermi Graphics Card Roadmap: When You Can Melt Your Eyeballs For Cheaper

Nvidia’s Fermi-based GeForce GTX 480 might be the fastest GPU in the world, but it’s five hundred dollars. So, you might be more interested in their actually affordable variants, coming out later in winter, which are $US300 and $US100.

Nvidia's GTX 480: First Fermi Benchmarks

Can a three billion transistor GPU that eats power supplies for lunch find love and glory in the hearts of gamers?

Nvidia GeForce GTX 480: The "Fastest GPU In The World" Is $US500 Of Eyeball Toastiness

Some of the hard specs on Nvidia’s completely next-gen Fermi graphics cards have been out there, but this is what you can actually buy around April 12: The $US500 GeForce GTX 480 and $US350 GeForce GTX 470.

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