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Machine Uses Focused Electrons To Slice Aerospace-Grade Titanium In Minutes

Cutting large lumps of aerospace-grade metals can be hard work. So GE has developed a tool called Blue Arc which uses a high-speed beam of electrons to cut through titanium alloy 15 times faster than other techniques.

This Is What 13,150 Kilograms Of Jet Engine Force Looks Like In Testing

Image Cache: To fly a fast jet you need a lot of thrust. The General Electric F110-GE-129 certainly provides that: At its peak output, it generates over 13,154kg of force.

GE's New $US10,000 App-Powered Pizza Oven Is My Dream

Imagine a world where pizza didn’t come from the pizza store. Imagine if you could pop down into your spacious kitchen, toss some toppings on dough and throw it all into your very own internet-connected pizza oven. This future is finally possible — but it’s expensive.

US FDA Approves Salmon The First GM Animal Safe To Eat, Doesn't Require Labels

After decades of indecision, the US Food and Drug Administration has finally approved its first genetically modified animal as safe to eat. Welcome a fast-growing GM Atlantic Salmon to your plate.

The FAA Warned Boeing About The Flaw That Caused A 777 To Explode In Las Vegas

When a jetliner’s engine explodes moments before take off, people ask questions. Now, less than a week after that very thing happened to a British Airways 777, answers are starting to emerge — and they’re scary.

This 3D-Printed Working Model Of A 787's Jet Engine Has Impressive Thrust

Given the challenges with precision, building functional machines with a household 3D printer isn’t easy. And that’s why it’s all the more impressive that someone on the RC Groups forum has used a 3D printer to make a fully functional scale model of a Boeing 787’s GE-built turbofan jet engine.

We Can Now See Stunning Real-Time 4D Images Of The Heart

X-rays, the technology that allows us to peer inside the human body in real-time, can only be used for limited durations for safety reasons. So GE has developed new software that instead relies on ultrasound, which is safe for even foetuses, to generate real-time 3D views of our internal organs.

Say Goodbye To Quirky Products (Sort Of)

Quirky is becoming a much different kind of Quirky. Put bluntly, the democratic design pioneer needs money and is radically changing its direction. Part of that new direction involves no longer making or selling Quirky products, but Quirky — and its community — will still help giant corporations like GE design products.

GE 3D-Printed A Miniature Jet Engine That Runs At 33,000 RPM

Curious about just how far they could take the company’s additive manufacturing technology, engineers at GE Aviation’s Additive Development Center in Cincinnati successfully created a simple jet engine, made entirely from 3D-printed parts, that was able to rev up to 33,000 RPM.

A Supersonic Hair Dryer Blasts Ice And Snow Off Train Tracks

To ensure a locomotive pulling a heavy load has enough grip when a winter’s blast covers the tracks in ice and snow, engineers at GE’s transportation division have spent the last five years perfecting what can be described as a supersonic hair dryer that blasts tracks clean just inches in front of a train’s front wheels.

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