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Dropping A Tank Of Gas From 30 Metres Onto The Burning Ground Is Always A Good Idea

Video: Oh my, to be able to live in a time where the silliness of dropping a tank of gas from a 30m in the air onto a torch on the ground is totally normal. When you first drop it and nothing explodes so you drop it a second time to ensure that the thing will blow.

NASA Is Setting A Gas-Sniffing Drone To Work On Earth

Whenever anyone questions NASA’s government funding, it’s customary to remind them of memory foam and ballpoint pen, all (somewhat) products of the space program. Now you can add another: a really tiny fart detector.

Human-Caused Earthquakes Are So Common That US Geologists Had To Change Their Maps

For the first time ever, the United States Geological Survey has published earthquake hazard maps that includes both human-induced as well as naturally occurring earthquakes. USGS maps had previously only featured natural earthquake hazards, but thanks to the alarming rise of man-made quakes, the scientific body has now started to track both kinds.

Six Months After The Earthquake, Nepal Is Open For Adventure

Nepal is home to the best climbing, trekking and mountaineering on earth. But, earlier this year, it also had a massive earthquake, an avalanche on Everest and is right now subject to a “blockade” by its neighbour India. Can you still visit? Surprisingly, now may be the best time ever.

Red Hot Nickel Ball Burning Tinsel Releases This Thick Poisonous Looking Death Gas

Video: It’s flame retardant tinsel (which has absolutely no chance of standing up to the mighty red hot nickel ball), which probably explains why the smoke it releases looks so damn toxic. I mean, the smoke is so thick that it looks like it’s a yellow green grey sludge and not actually smoke. Inhaling one puff of that smog’s fart must knock you out cold and re-arrange your sense of smell for life.

Wind, Solar, Coal And Gas Will Cost The Same By 2030

By 2030 renewable energy sources such as solar and wind will cost a similar amount to fossils fuels such as coal and gas, thanks to falling technology costs, according to new forecasts released in the CO2CRC’s Australian Power Generation Technology (APGT) Report.

If A Solar Plant Uses Natural Gas, Is It Still Green?

The giant Ivanpah solar power plant in the California Mojave Desert recently detailed how much natural gas it burned to generate power when the sun wasn’t sufficient — the equivalent to 46,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions in its first year, according to reports.

Scare Yourself With Science: Here's How To Sniff Out Bodies In Shallow Graves

Why bother with fiction when you can be horrified by everyday life? We’ve found a paper about how to locate bodies in “clandestine graves” by analysing the gas emissions they give off.

The Truth About Your Flammable Farts

Contrary to popular belief, it’s probably not methane leaking from behind that reckless “bros” light on fire (known as pyroflatulence); rather, it’s most likely primarily hydrogen.

These Tiny Capsules Suck Up CO2

They might look more like candy, but these micro-capsules are rather more special than that. Their shiny shell allows CO2 to pass straight through — where it can be trapped by a liquid held in their core.

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