How One Airport Will Frack For Gas Under Active Runways

Pittsburgh International Airport has seen better days. Saddled with debt from building now unused gates, the troubled airport is expanding into a completely different business: fracking. The airport will stay open as drillers tap the gas reserves underneath, thanks to a technique called horizontal drilling.

Google Street View Cars Find Hundreds Of Gas Leaks In US Cities

If you live in an old city surrounded by history, chances are you also live with hundreds if not thousands of gas leaks all around you. It’s bad for you (think explosions) and bad for the environment (think global warming), so we should probably do something about it. That’s why Google Street View and the Environmental Defence Fund (EDF) have teamed up to map methane leaks in cities.

World's Oldest Underground Fire Has Been Burning For 6000 Years In Australia

If you’ve heard of underground coal fires, then you’ve probably heard of the one raging under the abandoned town of Centralia, Pennsylvania, since 1962. Fifty-two years is a long time — and a lot of coal — but that’s barely a blink compared to Burning Mountain in Australia, which has been ablaze for 6000 years.

These Manholes Are So Full Of Methane They're Ready To Explode

Washington DC may not really have been built on a swamp, but it can’t escape the swamp gas. Scientists just published a survey that maps a whopping 5893 natural gas leaks in the city’s ageing pipelines.

Self-Filling Petrol Station Pumps: Welcome To The Lazy Future

The full-service pump at your local petrol station is always a tempting option, particularly on cold mornings. But what if every pump was automatic? Husky and a company called Fuelmatics are developing robotic gas pumps that automatically fill your vehicle when you pull up. What a wonderful world.

This Multi-Million Degree Gas Cloud Spans Half A Million Light Years

This glowing purple cloud may look stunning, but you wouldn’t want to get too close — because it’s actually a multi-million degree celsius gas cluster.

Deadly Cloud: The Science Behind The Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack

It’s believed that last week the Syrian government murdered hundreds of its own civilians with chemical weapons. We don’t know which weapon they used, but we do know it’s one of a handful of chemicals called nerve agents.

NYC's Simulated Toxic Gas Attack Begins Today

The NYPD flooded the New York subway system with an odourless, invisible gas today. The simulated terror attack is part of a three-day test that will generate a map of how air flows through the subways, helping emergency responders if a real airborne toxic event ever occurs.

This Eternal Flame Burns As A Result Of Natural Fracking

This is a light that never goes out: an eternal flame, hidden behind a waterfall in Erie county, New York, which is a result of natural gas seeping out from underground rocks.

Give Your Propane Tank An Ultrasound To Find Out If It's Low

Like when trying to choose a ripe melon at the supermarket, there are countless questionable ways to determine how much propane is left in your barbecue’s tank. But if you don’t want to drag a bathroom scale out to your deck, try Truma’s LevelChecker which uses an ultrasonic signal to determine how full or empty your tank is.

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