Alienware Alpha Review: Close, But No Game Console

The Alienware Alpha sounds awesome. It’s smaller and more powerful than the PS4 and Xbox One. It doubles as an actual Windows PC! But be warned: it’s not as easy to use as a game console, not as foolproof. It’s not nearly the slam dunk I was hoping it would be.

It Took Three Years, But The Nintendo 3DS Has Been Hacked

The likes of Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft have gotten better over the years at securing the consoles from external modification, though persistence (and a bit of smarts) can get you a long way. The PS3 eventually fell thanks to some determination and now the Nintendo 3DS has been hacked, so to speak, allowing users to run unsigned code on the platform.

The Solitude Of Space Exploration Should Be Turned Into A Tablet Game

Video: There might not be anything more awesome than going to space. It’s an incredible achievement and the idea of exploring the unknown is fascinating. But as this short animation called Solus by Zac Dixon for Identity Visuals shows, it can get quite lonely. Watch it, it’s nearly as good as any feature.

The Choose Your Own Adventure Books Were The First Interactive Games

Since 1975 the Choose Your Own Adventure books have given millions of kids the chance to determine their own destinies (at least in a literary sense). Sadly, the author and publisher of those books, R.A. Montgomery, died this week. But he leaves behind an incredible legacy in both publishing and, perhaps surprisingly, gaming as well.

Blizzard's Overwatch Short Film Is Worthy Of Pixar

Videos: Blizzard announced their new game over the weekend. Its name is Overwatch and, looking at the short film — they call it trailer, but it is a short — they could produce a movie out of this. Make Brad Bird direct it and grab a few billion dollars on top of all the gazillion dollars that they are going to be making from the game.

That Hovering Tetris Tower Game Is Finally Available To Drive You Mad

First revealed at Toy Fair 2014 way back in February, ThinkGeek’s Hoverkraft Levitating Construction Challenge game is finally available. It promises all the fun of Jenga and Tetris, but with the added twist that you have to build your tower atop an unstable platform that’s actually floating. So all that fun instead becomes maddening frustration.

The Perplexus Warp Ball Maze Teaches Patience And A Hatred Of Gravity

The trend to make everything 3D had an adverse effect on movies, but it works really well elsewhere. Remember those wooden Labyrinth games where you twisted a couple of knobs to manoeuvre a metal ball through a 2D maze? Well if you were to add a third dimension you’d end up with these Perplexus puzzles. And the latest version, the Warp, promises a whole other dimension of frustration, too.

This Amazing '80s Arcade Is The Best Virtual Reality Trip Yet

The Oculus Rift VR headset can take you to incredible fictional places, like scene from gorgeous movies like Interstellaror Spirited Away. Last night, it took me somewhere more grounded in reality, but still spectacular: my own personal, deliciously retro ’80s arcade.

Grab The Official Australian Edition Of Cards Against Humanity For $30

It didn’t take long for the Kickstarter-funded Cards Against Humanity to become the defacto party game, eclipsing traditional favourites Charades, Pictionary and “Guess the Toe”. The problem for Australians however was two-fold — the original game is full of American references, which are often unplayable and the pricey hoops you have to jump through to acquire a copy (unless you’re happy to print it out). Both problems have evaporated with the release of the Aussie edition, which you can buy directly from the CAH store for a very reasonable sum.

This Weekend, Steam Is Making Ten Games Free-To-Play

Briefly: this weekend, Steam is making ten games free-to-play, including big-name titles like XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Grid 2. The cut-off is 7AM tomorrow — but if you get your teeth stuck into something and need to finish it off, pretty much all the titles are also on 75 per cent off.

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