How To Choose The Best TV For Gaming

If you’re an avid gamer that wants to buy a new TV, you’re in a bit of a difficult position. TV makers in Australia go to great pains to sell their screens’ movie- and TV-watching potential, but don’t really discuss how they perform with an Xbox One or PS4 or gaming PC plugged in.

Gigantic Futuristic Metropolis Of Halo 5

Gallery: I don’t know much about Halo 5: Guardians but, looking at the scale and detail of these new environment concepts, I know that I would really like to play it. Give me an Oculus Rift and I will get lost in those city streets forever.

PlayStation 4 $399.20 (20% Off After Voucher) At Dick Smith This Sunday!

The PS4. It’s awesome. You want it. And you could pay $548 over at JB Hi-Fi for the 500GB PS4. Or, you could head over to Dick Smith’s official eBay store from 10am AEST on Sunday and pick one up for just $399.20 after voucher. Here’s how to get that special code.

Scientifically Accurate Sonic The Hedgehog Is So Funny Yet So Gross

Video: It’s always fun to realise that all your favourite childhood characters are completely disgusting creatures. Like Sonic the Hedgehog, who in real life can run really, really fast but would also create foam poo with its mouth to rub it on itself for no reason at all. In fact, hedgehogs love all kinds of poo. Plus, his best friend totally wants to eat him. Childhood memories are best ruined by hilariously gross scientific facts.

Monty Python's 'The Ministry Of Silly Walks' Is Now A Mobile Game

Back in 1970, I doubt John Cleese ever rubbed his hands in glee at the prospect of transforming the Monty Python sketch “The Ministry of Silly Walks” into a mobile game. Not that the concept of a smartphone was even a thing 40 years ago. Yet, here we are in 2014 and right now, for around 200 cents, you can download Boondoggle Studios’ side-scrolling platformer, based on the fictional organisation for absurd gaits. It’s even voiced by Cleese himself.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, A Review

This morning I woke up to a push notification on my phone. Are you ready for your photoshoot with Kim Kardashian? I was.

In A Parallel Universe, Elves And Orcs Play The Hit RPG, Cubicles & Careers

Games allow us, if briefly, to escape the mundane trappings of life. Going to work, mowing the lawn, using charms to impress members of the opposite sex… wait, what was that last one? I guess if another, Tolkien-like dimension existed where fantasy races with mystical occupations wanted to role-play, they might sit down to an enthralling game of Dungeons & Dragons Cubicles & Careers.

Watch The Best Game Trailers From E3 This Year

E3 2014 had some huge moments for any avid gamer. There was a pervasive ‘sequel’ theme in the biggest announcements — existing franchises getting a reboot, or a next-gen upgrade, or some new story — but some experimental titles also caught our attention. The next year in gaming looks to be pretty action-packed.

The PlayStation TV Is Coming To Australia

The PlayStation TV, released exclusively to Japan in late 2013 as the Vita TV, is coming to Australia this spring. The mini-console is basically a cross between a PlayStation 3 and a PlayStation Vita, letting you play handheld Vita games on the big screen with a PS3 controller.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Z300 Wireless Headphones: Australian Review

Buying a pair of gaming headphones is a complicated process. Wired or wireless? Closed or open earcups? Stereo or surround sound? Integrated or detachable microphone? Turtle Beach’s top PC gaming headset, the Ear Force Z300 Wireless, is chock-full of high-tech wizardry, and it doesn’t come at too great a cost to overall sound quality.

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