Aussies Download From Steam At Under A Megabyte Per Second

Ever wonder why your download of DayZ or Fallout is taking ages? As a country, our average Steam download speed is 6.6Mbps, or about 0.825 megabytes per second.

HP Omen Review: This Gaming Laptop Does So Much Right

Laptops are about compromise. You can’t fit everything inside. Thin machines always mean less processing power, or maybe less battery life. If you ask me, the HP Omen makes the wrong compromises. But gosh, does this gorgeous gaming laptop do so many things right.

Oculus Rift Could Make Music Software Way Easier To Use

Design student Bryon Mallett might be onto something with this impressive virtual realty rig for playing and composing music. Finally somebody’s building something actually useful for Oculus Rift that’s not just a damn advertisement.

Will Windows 10 Be The New OS For Gamers? Microsoft Thinks So

Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s head of Xbox, is confident Windows 10 will be the platform for PC gamers when it hits later this year. And it has to be, given the mess that Vista was (despite the inclusion of DirectX 10) and the unpalatable, though improved, experience of Windows 8 / 8.1.

This Fake Famicom Controller Does Everything But Play Video Games

Despite their games being incredibly outdated by today’s standards, anyone who grew up in the ’80s has a perpetual soft spot for their first video game console, which, depending on where you’re from, is either Nintendo’s NES or Famicom. So while this card-reading portable charger from Datel isn’t particularly outstanding when it comes to features, it doesn’t matter, because we’re all going to buy one anyways since it’s shaped like a classic Nintendo Famicom controller.

Nintendo Makes An Exit From Brazil

Briefly: Thanks to “high import duties” and “challenges in the local business environment”, Nintendo will no longer be selling consoles or games in Brazil. Sorry, local Mario fans: looks like you’ll have to cross (any) border to get your fix.

Fast Running Parkour Zombies Are The Stuff Of Nightmares

Yes, zombies are still popular. While the genre may have cooled somewhat for blockbuster movies, as far as game developers are concerned, it’s alive and well (so to speak). For Techland and its upcoming title Dying Light, rather than create a traditional trailer, it’s gone the live-action path with this (literally) dizzying first-person clip of a man doing everything he can to escape several extremely mobile zombies.

Flappy Bird Is Probably The Perfect Smartwatch Game

Smartwatches are good for certain things. Music. Notifications. Fitness monitoring. Social alienation (kidding!). But one activity they have consistently sucked at, ever since calculator watches first spelt naughty letters, is playing games. A proper version of Flappy Bird for Android Wear could change all of that.

Xbook Duo Crams An Xbox One And Xbox 360 Into One Laptop

This is some seriously impressive hacking in a seriously ugly container.

How One Company Spent Millions On A Gaming Mouse

There’s a room on Logitech’s bright, modern-looking campus in Lausanne, Switzerland full of contraptions specifically designed to torture PC hardware.