A Game Where You Build IKEA Furniture Without Instructions Is Madness

Even with an instruction manual, assembling Ikea furniture can challenge the most amateur of do-it-yourselfers. But in this simple Mac and PC game called Höme Improvisåtion, players are challenged to assemble a box of parts into lamps, desks and other furniture without any manuals, guidance or idea of what the final product should look like. It sounds like the most entertaining way to spend a frustrated afternoon.

These Dominoes Are Stuffed With Actual Cold Hard Shredded Cash

When you’re a kid, dominoes are for stacking and toppling in magnificent chains circling your bedroom floor. But when you’re older, and realise that all those dots can be used to play an actual game, suddenly dominoes become yet another form of competition. And nothing says you’re in it to win it like playing with a set of dominoes stuffed full of actual US currency.

The Smallest Game Of Chess Takes Up Just 487 Bytes

In this age of digital bloat, you might be surprised to hear that making a game as small as possible is an attractive challenge. But this tiny implementation of chess is just that — and takes up just 487 bytes on your hard drive.

You Can 3D-Print This Green Bay Packers Version Of Catan's Robber

After it was revealed that the Green Bay Packers were big fans of playing Settlers of Catan (which they now have lots of time to enjoy in the off-season), Jim Rodda of Zheng Labs created a replacement robber piece sporting pads and an unofficial Packers helmet.

I Can't Wait To Stream Xbox Games To My Laptop

At its big Windows 10 event today, Microsoft talked about its universal apps, Windows 10 for phones, and a big crazy Surface TV thing. But forget all that. You’re gonna be able to stream Xbox One games to any other device in your home that’s running Windows 10. That’s great and I can’t wait to try it.

Game Boy Knock-Off Slider Puzzle Is As Retro As Gaming Gets

It never hurts to keep a distraction close at hand, because you just never know when a long boring meeting is going to strike. And this $US12 slider puzzle, loosely styled after the Game Boy or other handheld electronic games, perfectly fits the bill.

Hitting A Piñata While Ziplining Is Like A Real-Life Video Game

Video: This looks incredibly fun. Filmed by the good times having Devin Super Tramp, it shows people hitting a piñata while ziplining. It’s a good excuse to have a whack at things while zipping on by but also looks like a fun video game happening in real life.

Why Hotline Miami 2 Has Been Refused Classification

Looks like the debate over R18+ games in Australia is about to reignite: Hotline Miami 2 has just been refused classication, largely (but not solely) because of a gory scene described as a “visual depiction of implied sexual violence”. Mark over at Kotaku has the details. [Kotaku]

The Olympics Are Broken And Boston Can't Fix Them 

Last week, the United States Olympic Committee chose Boston as tribute to bid for the 2024 Olympics. Many Bostonians were not super happy about it, and it’s easy to see why. The prospect of footing the bill for a $US4.5 billion party excites very few cities these days. Boston winning the games could be a major loss for the city — and it definitely won’t fix the bigger problem with the Olympics.

Wipe Your Feet On This SNES Controller Doormat

It’s arguably one of the most comfortable game controllers ever designed, and while this 16-Bit Game Controller Doormat isn’t officially licensed by Nintendo, there’s no denying it’s a wonderful homage to the SNES.