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Brilliant iPhone Case Makes It Way Easier To Catch Pokemon

If you’re struggling to build your Pokemon posse because your Pokeballs are curving all over the place, Jon Cleaver has created a simple but brilliant iPhone case that serves as a guide for your finger to keep launches dead-straight, and vastly improve your monster capturing skills in Pokemon GO.

Pokeball USB Charger Ensures You Can Catch Them All Without Your Phone Dying

Pokemon GO’s dependency on mobile data and your GPS location will ravage your smartphone’s battery in no time. So if you don’t already carry a portable charger to keep you powered and playing, this hand-made Pokeball battery is a must-have addition to your Pokemon hunting kit.

All The Interesting Places You'll Go (And The Aliens You'll Blow Up) In No Man's Sky

Video: We’ve been excited for No Man’s Sky, the space exploration video game that’s been dazzling gaming fans ever since it was first revealed, for ages. But with the game due in just a few weeks, you can now get a closer look at all the gorgeous unknown worlds you can explore… and then blow the living crap out of, should you so desire.

Watch A Stampede Of Pokemon GO Players Descend On Central Park

Video: Don’t think for a second that what you’re seeing here in New York’s Central Park is a contained incident. Pokemon GO is drawing tremendous crowds to the parks and piers of cities across the nation as smartphone-wielding adults venture into the concrete wilderness under the cover of darkness to capture rare collections of pixels.

The Strangest Places Pokémon Go Is Sending Its Players

Pokémon Go is the best mostly-broken game I’ve ever played. It crashes in the middle of battles. There are constant server issues. It’s a menace to my health and well-being that has burrowed itself into my heart like a blood clot. But as the game claws its way to usability, players are realising that Niantic did a really half-assed job setting up the in-game locations, and Pokémon Go is sending people to some really strange places.

Teen Playing Pokémon Go Finds Dead Body Instead: Report

For the past few days Pokémon GO has been tricking us into exploring parts of our hometowns we’d never normally go. But for Riverton, Wyoming resident Shayla Wiggins her quest to catch them all resulted in stumbling across a dead guy in a river, County10 reports.

Did Pokémon GO Put A Gym In An Actual Graveyard?

Pokémon GO has been available for a couple of days now, and by any measure it’s a runaway success. My only complaint so far is that the game keeps making me walk to weird places, and I’m not the only one.

Adding Rolling Roombas To Beer Pong Looks Crazy Fun

Video: If you’re lucky enough to have not one but two robotic vacuum cleaners at home, they can make backyard beer pong extra fun — and especially challenging.

Which Games Should You Buy For A First Time PC Gamer?

Late last week, a guest reader put forth a question to our sister site Kotaku. They’ve just joined the world of PC gaming, and they were quite looking forward to the upcoming Steam sale. Question is: what games should they buy?

And that can be a difficult question to broach. There are so many different genres. First-person shooters. Third-person shooters. Survival horror. Survival roguelike. Turn-based strategy. Real-time action strategy. MOBAs. Tower defence. Sports. Co-operative multiplayer. Competitive multiplayer. Simulations. Adventure puzzlers. Point-and-click puzzlers. The list goes on and on. But we’re here to help. New to PC gaming? Look no further.

Building A Windows 98 Gaming PC In 2016 Is A Pain In The Arse

Video: 1998 was such a good year for PC gaming. Half-Life, Grim Fandango, Baldur’s Gate, Star Craft, Rogue Squadron and many, many more. Dang. Those looking to relive the glory days could easily run most of these games through a virtual machine, but YouTuber nine took it a step (or several) further and built a period-accurate 1998 gaming rig.

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