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In Just 0.887 Seconds Another Machine Has Already Shattered The Rubik's Cube World Record

Video: In early February, Jay Flatland and Paul Rose’s Rubik’s Cube-solving machine set a new world record with an astonishing time of just 0.9 seconds. But just two days before that happened, a new contender, Adam Beer’s Sub1, managed to solve a cube in just 0.887 seconds.

The New Version Of Bananagrams Encourages Players To Sabotage Each Other

It’s slowly replacing Scrabble as the de facto party game for anyone who hates trivia and charades. But the newest version of Bananagrams might turn friends into enemies by the end of the night thanks to new random tiles with challenges that encourage players to sabotage their opponents’ word grids.

A Giant NES Home Theatre Is Exactly How Duck Hunt Was Meant To Be Played

Anyone can toss a TV and some speakers together and call it a home theatre. But like many who’ve gone before him, Imgur user tylerfulltilt went above and beyond the call of duty with a custom setup that pays homage to the original 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System.

The Inventor Of Bop It Has Modernised The Classic Cup And Ball Game

Bop It, the memory game that has you recreating a pattern of actions, is one of those toys that feels like it’s been around forever. The same goes for the classic cup and ball game, which probably predates your grandparents, and is now being given a second life thanks to Bop It’s inventor.

Watch A Robot Golfer Sink A Hole-in-One Just Like Tiger Woods

A robot just pulled off the best possible move in the game of golf.

Wrangle Loose Decks Of Cards With This Kingly Silicone Strap

Massive accelerators like the one at CERN create particles that can exist for as little as billionths of a second. But you know what lasts even shorter? The cardboard box a deck of cards comes in, leaving you with a loose deck and missing cards, unless you grab this clever alternative.

Office Supplies Turn This 3D-Printed Plastic Tube Into A Throwable Dart

There are blogs, books and endless YouTube videos dedicated to re-purposing office supplies into everything but productivity tools. But with this 3D-printed plastic tube you can easily turn a thumbtack, a few sticky notes and your office’s cork board into a game of darts.

Hadoken Your Foes With A Pair Of Over-Sized Ryu Street Fighter Fists

If your weekend plans included stopping by PAX South in San Antonio (sure, I’ll just jump on a plane into the past — Cam), you might want to a make a beeline for Capcom’s booth to get your hands on — and in — these over-sized plush Ryu fists that let you Hadoken and Shoryuken anyone who dares cross you.

Roll Dice To Smash In Zombie Heads With The Walking Dead Tabletop Miniatures Game

Thanks to its pervasiveness as both an incredibly long-running comic and one of the most popular shows on TV, The Walking Dead lends itself to a variety of merchandising opportunities. The least expected? A tabletop wargaming venture in the vein of Warhammer, Warmachine or other games without “War” in the title.

Maze Balls Are The Perfect Shape To Throw Across The Room In Frustration

It’s easier to dedicate yourself to solving a complex maze when in the back of your mind you know that should frustrations arise, you’ll be able to simply hurl it across the room for some instant stress relief. Shouldn’t all puzzles be as relaxing?

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