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Magic: The Gathering Comes To Dungeons & Dragons for The Ultimate Fantasy RPG

Both D&D and Magic: The Gathering have told stories about multiverses and alternate planes of reality, but they have never used that conceit to link two of the most iconic games around into one space. Until now, that is, thanks to the release of a free D&D sourcebook to plan out adventures in one of the many planes of Magic.

This DIY Robot Is Better Than You At iPad Games 

Piano Tiles 2 is a touch-based mobile game that’s lots of fun, and also maddeningly difficult. A normal person probably plays for a few weeks, gets frustrated and uninstalls it. Thankfully, YouTuber DenverFinn is not normal.

Wireless Adaptor Lets You Use A PS4 Controller On Your Classic 8-Bit NES Console

The original 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System arrived well before wireless standards like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi were established — it wasn’t until the Gamecube that Nintendo even offered wireless controllers. But thanks to this simple adaptor, your original NES can now use them too.

The Most Beautiful Version Of Monopoly Yet Celebrates Japanese Arts And Crafts

After licensing the classic board game to a company called USAopoly, there’s now a version of Monopoly for almost every fan base you can imagine. But the latest version of the game, which celebrates Japanese art and craft traditions, might be one of the most beautiful yet.

Betrayal At The House On The Hill Is Finally Getting Its First Ever Expansion

Betrayal at the House on the Hill has been an icon of board games for over a decade now. But despite having reprints and new editions, the game has never officially been expanded beyond its original scope. That is until now: a whole new series of horrifying new haunts are on the way, and we have the first look.

A Racing Game Makes These Tiny Toy Cars Come To Life

Your typical Hot Wheels car is 100 per cent powered by imagination. But we’re at the point where you can cram a lot of technology into a 1:64-scale toy car, which is what the creators of Pocket Racing have done to bring these tiny rides to life as they interact with a new iPad game.

No Living Room Is Complete Without A Star Trek Pinball Machine Coffee Table

Your mum always told you to keep your feet off the coffee table, but you’ll finally have good reason to listen to her advice with this wonderfully over-the-top Star Trek pinball machine sitting smack dab in the middle of your living room.

Monsters & Machines Is An Online Database Of Movie & Video Game Critters

I don’t think anyone specifically asked for a website where you can look up all sorts of creatures — organic and mechanical — from your favourite movies and games. Yet, here we are and if you hit up the online locale of Monsters & Machines, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

George R.R. Martin Just Helped Build The Craziest Funhouse In Santa Fe

To call Meow Wolf an artspace would be like calling Wheel of Time a short story. This ginormous facility in Santa Fe just opened on March 17 and has been having crazy events and art installations ever since. When you enter Meow Wolf, the first thing you see is a full-sized Victorian house — and then it just gets crazier from there.

Ultra-Precise Catan-Playing Robots Will Never Mess Up The Game Board

The worst thing that can happen in Settlers of Catan isn’t ending up with settlements that don’t yield any resources, it’s when someone accidentally bumps the board sending roads and cities flying in all directions. So maybe playing Catan is yet another thing we should leave to the robots.

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