Valve's Crazy Steam Controller Is One Step Closer To Being Normal

When Valve first announced its controller for the Steambox, it was a weird little dude with strange, small buttons and a touchscreen. And, for as weird as it was, it was kind of great. Then it lost the touchscreen for standard buttons and a D-pad. And now it’s getting a thumbstick.

I Shot Targets With The Oculus Rift's Coolest New Virtual Gun

If you have even a passing relationship with video games, you’ve probably picked up a gun controller. It’s a gimmick, sure, but it’s a great one. And thanks to the Oculus Rift and Trinity VR’s Magnum, it’s about to get even cooler.

The First Apps And Custom ROMs For Android Wear Are Here

Android Wear is finally shipping to early adopters, which can mean only one thing: a slew of third-party apps and hacks. Now, the first of them are here.

This Clever App Turns Your Chromecast Into A Bootleg Wii

Chromecast’s new mirroring feature lets users pull up an Android phone screen onto a TV. And why would you want to put your little screen on your bigger screen? If game maker Rolocule has its way, to play Nintendo Wii-like games without bothering with a console.

Ban On R18+ Games Under Consideration In Western Australia

We can all agree that classification is a complex issue and despite an R18+ rating for video games getting the go-ahead early last year, its existence and application will continue to be discussed (and potentially legislated) for years to come. Western Australia is the latest state to reconsider the ramifications of the rating, with a recent report suggesting games classified as R18+ should be banned outright from sale in the state.

Forget The Table, All You Need For A Foosball Game Are These Erasers

If you’re not fortunate enough to find yourself working in one of those cool offices full of pool and foosball tables, Suck UK’s foosball erasers will still let you hold your own mini-World Cup with nothing but an empty table and a couple of pencils.

Kim Kardashian Has A Video Game. There Is No God.

I just…*sigh*.

The Science Of Swings Is More Complex Than You Thought

Swings are a wonderful childhood staple, but it turns out that they’re not quite as straightforward as you may have realised in your younger days. This video explains the physics behind them.

Escape Room: A Real-World Game That Traps You In A Maddening Puzzle Room

You only need to glance at the announcements from last week’s E3 gaming mega-conference to realise that game studios are constantly engaged the pursuit of absolute realism in their titles. But to this day with all the next-gen consoles on Earth, not a single game beats real-life. That’s why physical games like IRL Shooter, Zero Latency and the now failed Z Day are taking off. A new real-world game centred around testing a player’s psychology has landed. It’s called Escape Room, and it’s designed to drive you mad.

Watch The Best Game Trailers From E3 This Year

E3 2014 had some huge moments for any avid gamer. There was a pervasive ‘sequel’ theme in the biggest announcements — existing franchises getting a reboot, or a next-gen upgrade, or some new story — but some experimental titles also caught our attention. The next year in gaming looks to be pretty action-packed.