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Take A Trippy Ride Down Minecraft's Acid Interstate

Climb aboard kids — it’s time to tune in, drop out, and have your mind expanded.

Why Settle For 30 Games When This Tiny Aluminium NES Clone Plays All Of Them

Despite a $US500 ($655)+ price tag, the Analogue Nt, a gorgeous NES clone made from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminium, has been continuously selling out since it was first released back in 2014. If you keep missing out, you can always grab one off eBay for $5000, or wait until January when a smaller, cheaper, improved version will go on sale.

What The Hell Is Going On With This 'Xbox Onesie'?

This morning Microsoft unveiled its ‘Xbox Onesie’ — an Xbox One themed ‘onesie’ designed for gamers.

It’s had a bit of a mixed response. One response: ‘this looks like the best thing ever, where do I sign?’ The other: ‘isn’t this all a bit weird?’

How To Handle Gamer Rage, With Science

Dealing with gamer rage can be tricky. No matter what you do, sometimes you’ll just end up with someone on your team who happens to be a giant arsehole. And it gets even worse if you’re a professional gamer. One Australian Counter-Strike player, who’d already received death threats after his team had lost matches, ended up quitting social media entirely just to shield himself.

But even if you’re not flying overseas for tournaments, it can often be difficult just to have a bit of fun without a torrent of abuse being flung your way. So what’s the best way to deal with that? Dr Michael Martin, a sports psychologist who has worked with the League of Legends team for Legacy Esports, has a few ideas.

What A Gaming Laptop Decked Out With Two Desktop GPUs Can Do

Nvidia recently gifted laptop gamers with fully functional GeForce 10 series GPUs. For those who missed the announcement, the big news is that Pascal brings GPUs with near exact specifications to laptops as their desktop counterparts. This is in stark contrast to essentially every other mobile GPU ever released.

Finger-Guiding Invisible Screen Protector Is The Best Way To Cheat At Pokemon GO

Now that Niantic has taken a lot of the fun out of Pokemon GO, you have even fewer reasons to feel guilty about finding out-of-the-box ways to improve your game play (translation: Cheating). A clunky 3D-printed smartphone case is one solution, but a finger-guiding invisible screen protector is a much better way to go.

You Can Be The Curiosity Rover In NASA's New Driving Game

Admit it: In your heart, you’re a space robot, laughing at death on Mars, while you pop a wheelie over an underground water cavern. Now there’s a game that lets you take your true form.

Why The Original Xbox One Was So Goddamn Big

Yesterday Microsoft released the Xbox One S. It’s pretty cool. It’s smaller, leaner, lighter — all the things you expect from a console redesign. It’s also technically superior. Apparently games will run with a 10 per cent improvement in frame-rate on the Xbox One S. Pretty cool.

But the original Xbox One. That thing was huge. Ridiculously huge. Especially when you sit it next to the comparatively diminutive PlayStation 4 and the stupidly tiny Wii U.

Which begs the question: Why the hell was the original Xbox One so big?

Meet The Guys Who Cracked Pokemon GO Wide Open

I’m in the back of a Gregory’s Coffee in New York’s midtown across from Dronpes and flanked by Moots7, who are careful to tell me as little about themselves as possible. From what I can gather Moots works in finance and comes from rural Colorado, while Dronpes is a developer at a tech company, hard-working with a cautious, controlling streak. Both are tall, stubbly white guys in their late 20s — the right age to have fond memories of the first generation Pokemon games. Six months ago they embarked on creating The Silph Road, a project that has become the Pokemon GO player’s bible.

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