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Risk Is Getting A Complete Makeover In 2016

In the board game world, Monopoly has undergone more facelifts over the past few decades than an ageing movie star. But now, after going mostly unchanged for over 50 years, it’s time for Risk to finally get some fresh paint, polish, and redesigned game tokens.

Why Don't Libraries Have Dungeons & Dragons Gamebooks?

Dungeons & Dragons and libraries should be a natural fit. Both attract people who love books, storytelling, and lore. Early D&D gamebooks even point readers towards their local libraries for research, and many libraries host comic book-themed events or have D&D clubs.

Self-Rolling Dice Are One Less Physical Burden In Your Life

If you’re having a hard time getting your tablet-addicted kids to gather around the table for a nice family game of Monopoly, a new Kickstarter for a pair of motorised dice that magically roll themselves might help tear them away from their touchscreens.

This Game Has Kids Knocking Down Schools With A Wrecking Ball

There are more than a few childhood rhymes that involve the destruction of a school; it’s a fantasy that most kids have every time recess comes to an end. So, naturally, someone has made a game that lets kids take a miniature wrecking ball to a school they just built.

Get Your Next Iron Bank Withdrawal In Quarters -- Game Of Thrones Pinball Is Here

Don’t act so surprised that pinball is still a thing, sometimes knocking around a steel ball can be just as satisfying as gunning down a room full of virtual zombies. And even moreso when the table features swords, dragons, and even the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones.

Risk: Star Wars Edition Lets You Conquer An Entire Galaxy, Not Just Earth

You know the sense of satisfaction you get from conquering an entire planet while playing Risk? Well imagine what it must feel like when you take over an entire galaxy. If that’s not enough reason to try Risk: Star Wars Edition, playing with X-wings and TIE fighters should sweeten the pot.

Catch Phrase Is Slightly Easier When Every Clue Is Star Wars Related

The premise of Catch Phrase is pretty simple: a player is given a word or phrase, and must then use any other words in the English language to get other player to guess it. But since this Falcon-shaped version only serves up phrases from the Star Wars universe, it might be slightly easier to play — if you’re well-versed in Star Wars.

A New Version Of Star Wars Monopoly Swaps Tophat Tokens For Jedis

It certainly isn’t the first Star Wars-themed version of Monopoly, but Hasbro’s latest edition is the first to ditch that classic square board. In its place is a round-shaped board that has players trying to build bases on a variety of different planets instead of buying up fancy properties.

Nothing Is Classier Than GoldenEye N64 Cartridge Cufflinks

If you thought showing up to a fancy shindig in a full-on tuxedo was as classy as one could get, you probably weren’t aware that someone on Etsy was selling tiny GoldenEye N64 cartridge cufflinks to perfectly complete that ensemble.

PC Gaming With Windows 10: What You Need To Know

Windows 10 is here, but what does it mean for gamers? Here’s everything you need to know!

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