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Deals: Learn To Make Games Without Touching Any Code

A career in game design is a lot closer than you think. The Intro to Unity 3D Game Development Bundle can show you how to build and market games using Unity 3D, one of the industry’s most popular game engines.

All The Ways You Can Play The Nintendo Switch, In GIFs

We’ve known for some time now that Nintendo’s upcoming console would have portability baked in. The new product trailer for the Switch (formerly known by its project name NX) reveals that living room-to-pocket is just one of the options afforded to future owners of Nintendo’s ambitious product.

Custom Chess Sets Let You Play With Your Favourite US City's Famous Landmarks

For those who don’t live under a monarchy, memorising the ranks of queens, kings, bishops and other pieces makes learning chess that much harder. But swap out royalty and peasants with buildings from famous US cities, and all you really need to know is that taller is better.

This Smartphone Microscope Lets You Play Games With Microbes

Introducing the LudusScope, a 3D-printed, open-sourced system that lets you control and play games with living microbes on your smartphone. Tormenting single-celled organisms has never been so much fun.

Beauty Is In The (Many) Eyes Of The Beholder In A New Dungeons & Dragons Art Documentary

Over its many editions, artists have fleshed out the many realms of Dungeons & Dragons with books laden with gorgeous fantasy art, covering everything from the Sword Coast to the Shadowfell and beyond. Now a new documentary is going behind the scenes on how some of its most iconic artwork was made.

Get Ready, A Minecraft Book Is Being Written By World War Z's Max Brooks

A whole series of Minecraft novels are reportedly set to hit shelves, with the endeavour kicked off with a book by Max Brooks, author of World War Z. And why not? A giant, successful game is obviously ripe for being adapted into other media, and Minecraft is already set to be a movie released in 2019. Hopefully, the book won’t take that long.

Ratchet & Clank Will Keep Your Kids Distracted, And You Won't Claw Your Face Off

We all know the drill. There are three kinds of movies for kids: 1) Ones that are for adults, just as much as kids (Pixar and so on), 2) Ones that adults can get some enjoyment out of, 3) Ones that kids like, but adults will claw their faces off. Ratchet & Clank belongs to the second group, and it’s perfectly fine.

Playing Pong While Climbing A Wall Looks Like A Lot Of Stupid Fun

Video: Every weekend should involve a quick game of wall climbing Pong. That is, a game of Pong that is projected onto a rock climbing wall that tracks your body parts as paddles so that the ball reacts appropriately to each hit. It looks fun because you’re actively manoeuvring your body around to smack that ball of light, but also looks so silly because you’re hanging off a freaking wall and could, like, fall off at any time.

Captain America: Civil War, Re-Imagined As The Marvel Vs Capcom Sequel We've Always Wanted

Video: It is a crying shame that we probably won’t see another entry in the Marvel vs Capcom fighting game series for quite some time. But while we dream of that, at least this clever edit of footage from Captain America: Civil War can let us ponder what might have been.

Not All Monopolies Are Ugly

It’s not cool when a giant corporation uses unfair business practices to dominate a market, but other monopolies aren’t so bad. It’s surprisingly enjoyable to use a Monopoly to your advantage when playing the classic board game, particularly when the board features the vibrant bold artwork of Romero Britto.

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