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Mana Bar Opens In Melbourne July 16

Brisbane got a taste of Australia’s first video game bar last year, but in just two weeks Melbournians will finally be able to get their geeky game (and drink) on.

Gizmodo Vs Kotaku: Is The iPad 2 The Ultimate Games Machine?

The iPad 2 goes on sale on Friday afternoon. But what’s its potential as the ultimate gaming device? Mark from Kotaku and I debate the merits of the iPad 2 as the ultimate portable gaming machine.

Get Some Of The iPhone's Best Games For $1.19

Inspired by the Humble Indie Bundles, a band of developers behind some of the iPhone’s finest games have banded together to run a little charity drive of their own. Tl;dr: awesome iPhone games for $1.19.

Rugged PS3 Casemod Is Going Straight To Afghanistan

Notorious modder Ben Heck didn’t specify whether this PS3 casemod is going to be lugged to Afghanistan by a soldier or not, but with a 22-inch screen, inbuilt speakers, TV tuner and hidey-hole compartment, it’s ideal for wartime downtime. [BenHeck]

The Gizmodo 12 Days Of Christmas Gift Guide

On the ninth day of Christmas, Gizmodo gave to me…

App Of The Day: Crackdown 2 For Windows Phone 7

New platforms mean cool new games! Crackdown 2, an extension of the popular Crackdown franchise for Xbox, is a WP7 tower defence game with a twist: you defend real locations using Bing Maps. It’s Microsoft synergy at its finest!

Infinity Blade Update Tomorrow Lets You Buy Gold, Adds Santa

We were prepared for tomorrow’s free update to iPhone/iPad/iTouch hit Infinity Blade. New armour, new helmets, new level cap. And what’s this? Cash for gold?

This Game Is Not For Humans, It Is For Cats

Game For Cats has a title that’s about as literal as they come. It’s a game. For cats.

This Is One Way To Define Mobile Gaming

When I asked if someone could ride a case mod to a LAN party, I didn’t think it was actually possible. Well it is. And it even has a Mountain Dew/energy drink holder, which is both sad and awesome.

TRON's Cross-Promotional Branding Madness Continues

When you use this special, limited edition TRON Xbox controller, you channel the power of Clu and The Black Guard (aka THE BAD GUYS), which is evident by the glowing evil of the black and orange colours it’s adorned in.

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