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How Sansa's Development Is Mirrored In Her Fashion

Game of Thrones isn’t just a pricey show because of all those CGI dragons, British actors and exotic locales. It also has some of the most thoughtful creatives building props, sets, and costumes. Especially costumes. Mild spoiler warning.

The Game Of Thrones Stars Picked Who They Want To Rule Westeros

The seventh season of Game of Thrones won’t go into production for months so, on the show’s Hall H panel at Comic-Con, there wasn’t much in the way of news. There was, however, much to discuss about who all the panellists thought should end up on the Iron Throne.

Game Of Thrones Has A Blooper Reel And A Much-Too-Early Look At Next Season

Video: Given that Game of Thrones’ astounding sixth season only came to close a month or so ago, it seemed unlikely that the showrunners would have much to say at their Comic-Con panel — especially since we know production on season seven has been delayed. But they did have two little treats for fans.

Let Samuel L. Jackson Explain Game Of Thrones To You

Video: Were you, for whatever reason, still waiting to get into Game of Thrones but have suddenly decided to jump in? Well, then, Samuel L. Jackson’s got a summary of pretty much everything you need to know about the series up to the most recent season, including the story, the characters and the dragons.

Game Of Thrones Season Seven Will Only Have Seven Episodes

Seven kingdoms! Seven gods! And now, season seven of Game of Thrones will only have seven episodes! Coincidence?! Almost certainly!

Must-See Supercut Of Every Clue About Game Of Thrones' Jon Snow (Spoilers)

If for whatever reason, you’re not up-to-date with Game of Thrones, best turn back now unless you love spoilers. Otherwise, venture onward and enjoy the show. Well, a video featuring bits and pieces of the show related to everyone’s favourite brooding Night’s Watchman.

Superfan George R.R. Martin Thinks 'Outlander Was Robbed' Of Emmy Noms

There are more than a few Game of Thrones fans who wish that George R.R. Martin would lock himself in a room and finish the damn Winds of Winter already, especially now that the TV show has overtaken the events of the books. And now we have yet another distraction to blame for this delay: Outlander. He’s a huge fan.

Quench Your Game Of Thrones Withdrawal With The Theme Song Played On 64 Disk Drives

Video: After wowing us with a disk drive version of the Star Wars theme, Paweł Zadrożniak and his Floppotron are back to help Game of Thrones fans deal with the latest season already being over, and the next one being possibly delayed.

Game Of Thrones and All The Other Emmy Nominations You Care About

The Emmy nominations were finally announced this morning, and, unsurprisingly, Game of Thrones was honoured a lot, including for Best Drama. Only The People v O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story beats Game of Thrones’ six noms — but that’s not quite all.

Catch Up On Five Seasons Of Game Of Thrones In Under Eight Minutes

Video: Have you not watched a single episode of Game of Thrones? Can’t bring yourself to start, given that there’s a full six seasons and sixty episodes to get through? Well, you can skip five and fifty of each of those just by watching this video for precisely seven minutes and 41 seconds.

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