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Conquer Westeros In The Game Of Thrones Risk Board Game

Not to be confused with the actual Game of Thrones board game, Hasbro has gone and pumped out a Westeros-flavoured version of Risk. Risk already has about a billion different variations based on popular licenses, so I guess this isn’t entirely unexpected. In fact, I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on it.

Game Of Thrones Characters, Autocorrected

Artist James Chapman depicted Game of Thrones characters as the autocorrected versions of their fantastical names, and the results are funny and delightful.

Yes, Hodor's A DJ. You Can Listen To His Music Right Here

A few days ago we found out that Kristian Nairn, better known as the actor behind Hodor from Game of Thrones, is also a pretty slamming DJ. That… and he’s headed our way come August / September. If you’re not sure if his turntable skills are for you, why not have a listen to them right now?

See Who Nails Their Game Of Thrones Character In These Audition Tapes

The amazing visual effects of HBO’s Game of Thrones often get all the attention, but the show would be nothing without its talented ensemble cast… a cast that had to audition for their roles. Let’s see who killed it (figuratively speaking)? Spoilers ahead!

The Special Effects Behind Game Of Thrones' Epic White Walker Battle

The VFX in Game of Thrones is consistently great for a TV show, with some scenes rivaling the very best of any visual medium. And this past season’s battle (or massacre) at Hardhome between the White Walkers and wights vs The Night’s Watch and the wildlings might very well be the best we’ve seen. At the very least, it’s the most visually impressive battle scene the series has given us given all the moving parts. Here’s how they made it.

Qantas Is Putting HBO Shows Onto Its Flights Thanks To Foxtel

Stop pirating entire seasons of Game Of Thrones and True Detective to watch on your next Qantas flight right now: the Aussie airline has just cut a deal with Foxtel to get HBO’s best programs on the air, in the air.

Game Of Thrones Season Five Recap: Great Or Rubbish?

The fifth season of Game Of Thrones ended last week, which means another long, cold year of intolerable waiting. For the first time, even book readers are mostly in the dark, with the show all but catching up to the source material published thus far. To round out our weekly recaps, we got together to discuss the high-points and low-points of season five. Was it a successful season overall or has the show jumped the kraken? Here are our (collective) two cents…

Funny Video Turns The Worst Game Of Thrones Character Into A Sweetheart

Video: It takes a masterful edit of Game of Thrones to turn Ramsay Bolton, the cruelest and most sadistic character on the show, into the kindest man in Westeros but man, they somehow did the impossible. Watch the hilarious video below to see how out of context Ramsay is actually a real sweetheart. He does so many nice things! He’s nice to Theon! He loves Sansa!

Does The Climate Science In Game Of Thrones Make Sense?

The climate has been a persistent theme of Game of Thrones ever since Ned Stark (remember him?) told us “winter is coming” back at the start of season one. The Warden of the North was referring, of course, to the anticipated shift in Westerosi weather from a long summer to a brutal winter that can last for many years.

Inside The Game Of Thrones Armory: Making The Awesome Weapons Of Dorne

Game Of Thrones‘ latest season came to a breathtaking end last night. If you missed it, you can catch up with our wrap right here! One of the best moments of the season was the incursion into Dorne. Meet the talented blacksmith who fashioned the amazing weapons of Dorne.

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