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This Artist Is Making Posters For Every Episode Of Game Of Thrones This Season

The current season of Game of Thrones has been pretty stunning. Every single episode has been filled with twists and shocking moments, and we’ve still got a bunch to go. For artist Fernando Reza, that means he’s got much more work to do.

The Game Of Thrones Intro Recreated With Slime Mould Is Glorious

Video: Slime moulds and fungi might not rank high on anyone’s list of favourite organisms, but there is a compelling beauty in their growth patterns. And now Transcend Rules has taken “slimeography” to a whole new level, setting those patterns to the Game of Thrones theme music. It might just be the solace fans crave after the latest heartbreaking episode.

Just Look At These Photorealistic Game Of Thrones Pancakes 

Video: We’ve seen Beatles pancakes. We’ve seen Rick and Morty pancakes. We’ve even seen How To Basic parody the phenomenon of pancake art. As internet trends go, this one is on the wane, but we’d be remiss not to point of how incredible these Game of Thrones characters look as breakfast food.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5 Recap: These Guys Just Out-Murdered George R. R. Martin

I know, saying HBO’s Game of Thrones has anything on top of ol’ GRRM is bold — if not outright traitorous — to some people. But I think there’s a good chance that when the credits rolled on last night’s episode, “The Door,” ol’ George stroked his beard and said, “Damn, I wish I’d thought of that.”

A Ton Of Villainous Rumours For Spider-Man: Homecoming

Simon Kinberg teases the future of the X-Men movies. There are new clips from Alice Through the Looking Glass. HBO throws water on a crazy Game of Thrones rumour. Plus, Stephen Amell teases Arrow‘s next villain and Ron Perlman throws his hat into the ring for Deadpool 2. Spoilers now!

Game Of Thrones Scene Is Vastly Improved With The Music Of Ennio Morricone

Video: For those of us who don’t read the books, Game of Thrones has finally shown us one of the most important places in Westeros. Some significant events went down there. But for one YouTuber, the scene was missing a bit of gravitas.

You Might Not Want To Believe The Latest Black Panther Cast Reports Just Yet 

Oscar Isaac teases a challenging Episode VIII for Poe and friends. Stephen Amell says Supergirl crossing over with Arrow is an inevitability. Jared Leto talks Suicide Squad. Plus, a new clip from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, a look at Winona Ryder’s new supernatural Netflix series and new Game of Thrones pictures. Spoilers now!

Star Wars Episode VIII's Big Romance Might Not Go The Way People Expect It To

Ryan Coogler talks about the challenges of making Black Panther. Andy Serkis promises his new Jungle Book movie will differentiate itself from Disney’s recent remake. Marc Guggenheim teases more DC heroes for Legends of Tomorrow season two. Plus new pictures from The Exorcist TV show. Spoilers now!

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4 Recap: If You Didn't Cry, You May Be A White Walker

So much happened on yet another outrageously plot-packed episode of Game of Thrones, but if there’s one scene that I can’t get out of my head, one scene that defined the entire episode for me, one scene I have literally been waiting years for, it’s this.

DC Is Secretly Making A Booster Gold Movie

Krysten Ritter teases the endless possibilities of Jessica Jones season 2. American Gods recasts a major character. The Godzilla vs Kong movie has a release date. Kevin Smith wants to write for Arrow. Plus, new pictures from Game of Thrones, and the season finale of Gotham. Behold, spoilers!

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