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The Director Of Game Of Thrones' Epic 'Battle Of The Bastards' Is Making A Sinbad Movie 

Directing an episode of Game of Thrones can be nearly as demanding as directing a feature film — especially when, as Miguel Sapochnik has done, it’s an iconic episode with tons of action, like “Battle of the Bastards” or “Hardhome.” Hollywood took note, and now he’s set to helm a new take on Sinbad.

A Certain Character Is Finally Returning To Game Of Thrones Next Season

It’s been rumoured for a while, but we’ve finally gotten confirmation that a certain character, long absent character who has not appeared on Game of Thrones in many years, will be re-appearing in season seven.

George R.R. Martin's Idea For A Game Of Thrones/Westworld Crossover Makes A Ton Of Sense

Actually, George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones/Westworld crossover plan makes more sense than the actual show. His idea is that there’s a Game of Thrones World next to the Westworld park. And there should be one. Because we all know, with the state of creative capitalism being what it is, that the first totally immersive, android-populated theme world would be based on an already existing story.

Hints For Another Major New Alliance Coming To Game Of Thrones

Avengers: Infinity War may not be as connected to its follow-up movie as we thought. Take a look at a few new minor characters from the world of Rogue One. A familiar face is returning to Doctor Who. Plus, what’s to come from the CW/DC TV universe, new looks at the next episode of Agents of SHIELD and the Minecraft movie gets a writer. Spoilers!

A Very Major Reunion Might Be Taking Place On Game Of Thrones Next Season

Game of Thrones is all about tearing apart the characters you love and stamping on what remains of your heart, right? Well, the show’s penultimate season may actually try to repair those remains with a long-awaited reunion.

More Details On A Fallen Hero's Return To Arrow

A familiar Star Wars actor is confirmed for Episode VIII. Daniel Craig’s future with the Bond franchise is still up in the air. The men behind Game of Thrones probably won’t return if HBO makes a spinoff. Plus, a look at a weird new Russian alien invasion movie, and new images from Guillermo Del Toro’s new animated series. Spoilers!

More Details On Game Of Thrones' Next Epic Battle Scene

Black Panther has found its big villain. Cheo Hodari Coker talks about Hasbro’s plans for a Visionaries movie. Stephen Amell is teasing Green Arrow’s first team-up with Supergirl. Plus, new casting for The Magicians and Outcast, and a few new pictures from Agents of SHIELD. Spoilers get!

Hodor's Mum Has A New Doorstop, Just Try To Guess What It Is

According to his Instagram, Kristian Nairn has been keeping busy with his DJ career now that he’s no longer needed on Game of Thrones. But that doesn’t mean the fan-fave actor has completely left his life as Hodor behind, as he discovered when he returned to his parents’ home in Belfast and saw this.

We've Already Got Clues About Luke Cage's Second Season

Thor: Ragnarok adds another cast member. Daniel Radcliffe wants to die on Game of Thrones. The Jumanji movie casts its kids. Mark Wahlberg teases a new kind of robot for Transformers: The Last Knight. Plus, introductions for Class, and new footage from The Flash. Spoilers now!

New Details On A Surprising Alliance In Game Of Thrones

Don’t get your hopes up about those Mad Max prequel rumours just yet. An unsurprising character will return to Marvel’s Netflix universe. The Lost in Space reboot casts its Judy Robinson. Plus, Jed Whedon teases a Doctor Strange connection to the next season of Agents of SHIELD, and a new Scream Queens clip. Spoilers now!

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