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A Remote Control Walking AT-AT Is The Perfect Zero-Maintenance Pet

Who wants to be bothered walking a dog, changing a cat’s kitty litter, or cleaning a fish tank when all this remote control walking AT-AT needs is an occasional new set of nine batteries? It’s the perfect pet, and is guaranteed to never go crazy during a thunderstorm.

My Eyes Can't Handle The Insanity Of The Philips AmbiLux UHD TV

The Philips AmbiLux UHD grabs your eyeballs by the… er… balls and puts them through some sort of kaleidoscopic inter-dimensional warp hole.

LED Guides In These Goggles Keep Open Water Swimmers On Course

Swimming from one end of a pool to the other in a straight line is a lot easier than trying to stay on track when swimming in a lake or open water. But a new pair of swim goggles can keep track of what direction you’re heading and help keep you swimming in a straight line using a pair of subtle LEDs.

Hacker Turns Casette Players Into Creepy DIY Synth

Unless you were an audio engineer in the ’60s, you’ve probably forgotten about the Mellotron, an archaic sampler that played back sounds stored on magnetic tape when you pressed a key on a keyboard.

The World's Creepiest 'Smart' Watch Will 'Help' You 'Pick-Up' Girls

I am air-quoting so hard right now I could air-quote in the Olympics for Australia and walk away with all the goddamn medals. Why? Because this, ladies and gentlemen, is hardcore garbage that needs to be in the biggest, smelliest bin you can find. Meet the “Pick Up Girls SmartWatch”: a product that, if you wear it, promises to help you get laid while simultaneously being a massive fucking creep.

These Glasses Block Facial Recognition Technology

Facial recognition software is cropping up everywhere, so it was only a matter of time before anti facial recognition tech started to catch up. Naturally, Japan is leading the way. That’s right: Japan’s National Institute of Informatics is now developing ‘privacy glasses’ that make human faces unreadable to machines.

Apple's New iPod: Just A Touch Short Of Being Useful

With the latest iPod Touch — Generation 6! — Apple’s iOS runt gets a better camera and powerful guts, which make it feel like a baby iPhone that doesn’t make calls. But why would you buy it if you already have an iPhone?

A Silicone Strap Turns Your Phone's Camera Flash Into A Bedside Lamp

Your smartphone’s camera flash doubles as a half-decent flashlight, but it’s incredibly bright and can be a little harsh on the eyes. Unless you strap this silicone Travelamp diffuser around your device, turning your smartphone’s camera’s flash into a soft bedside nightlight.

Nibble Away A Sweet Haircut With This Adorable Cookie Cutter

Briefly: You don’t really need a clever trick to get kids to eat biscuits, but with this new biscuit cutter from Monkey Business, they at least won’t wolf them down in one bite. Every nibble they take gives Sam a unique hairdo, until all that’s left is his bald head and then nothing at all.

Put A HoloLens In The Classroom And I'll Happily Go Back To School

Though they’re often being lumped together, Microsoft’s HoloLens headset is a very different beast to the Oculus Rift. Whereas the Rift wants to transport you to a whole other virtual reality world, Microsoft’s augmented reality driven HoloLens wants to invade your real world. And that gives it a far wider potential for educational application.

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