Google's Getting Defensive About Glass

Google recently took to Google+ to debunk what it claims to be the “Top 10 Google Glass Myths”. But while there are plenty of Glass half-truths swirling around the internet, Google’s list doesn’t contain any of them. Instead, it’s a sky-high pile of strawmen that confirms just one thing: Google’s fully on the Glass defensive.

A Self-Charging Robot Vac That Remembers Exactly Where It Left Off

Where as Roomba — arguably the most popular robot vacuum on the market — uses a tried and true pre-programmed algorithm to randomly explore and clean the floors in your home. Neato’s robotic vacuums — including its new BotVac — use a built-in laser scanner to map a room and plan out the most efficient cleaning route.

Report: Australian Pricing For The Samsung Gear 2, Neo And Fit

Luke’s various encounters with Samsung’s new line of Gear wearables last month indicated the company could be onto a good thing. We’ve just been missing a critical piece of information — price, though it now looks like we have some ballpark figures.

Rumour: Samsung's 2nd-Gen Smartwatch Might Come In Two Flavours

Noted leaker Evleaks tweeted an image this morning purportedly showing two versions of the new Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch. The image indicates Samsung might add a “Neo” version, possibly a budget model along the lines of the iPhone 5C. That’s not a guarantee (this is, after all, merely a leak), but perhaps this is what we’ll see at Samsung’s “Unpacked” event next week.

A Rear-Facing Bike Camera Reminds Drivers They're Being Recorded

Despite what the classic video game Paperboy taught us, the biggest threat to cyclists isn’t dogs, RC cars, or random rolling tyres, but the drivers they share the road with. So in addition to ensuring they’re definitely seen, the Fly6 bike light includes a constantly recording video camera designed to keep drivers behind a cyclist on their best behaviour.

Aussie Company Sets Out To Make A Better 'Adult' Scooter

Never been much into scooters, though I blame a close encounter with the pavement on my very first attempt to ride a skateboard for that. No matter, us “feet-walkers” can still appreciate good industrial design. Take IlIum Corporation’s “E’lution” scooters, which it’s trying to push into full production via a Kickstarter campaign.

No GPS Signal? No Problem: This Little Chip Knows Where You Are

GPS is a godsend when it works. Problem is, there are plenty of places it doesn’t work — tall skyscrapers, concrete overpasses, and other huge structures all block the satellite signal you need to navigate. Luckily, Swiss company u-blox just devised a chip that keeps you on course when the satellites drop out, using the most old-fashioned of navigation techniques: dead reckoning.

Teledildonics: The Weird, Wonderful World Of Social Sex Toys

Sex toys are great, but they still can’t compare to skin-on-skin contact. That may be about to change — kind of — thanks to a new generation of internet-enabled playthings that fall under the awesomely-named umbrella of teledildonics. These toys let long-distance partners “feel” each other in real-time via data-enabled devices.

Oh Good, This Smartphone Scent Emitter Is Now Available Worldwide

What’s this? A plug-in loudspeaker? An external flash? A retina scanner? No, it’s the utterly bizarre Scentee, an aroma-generating thingamabob that gives your smartphone scent notifications. And, starting today, it’s available worldwide. How ever did we live without this?

Can't Choose Between Biking Or Roller Blading? Now You Don't Have To

The Segway opened the floodgates for countless personal mobility devices, with designs that range from conservative to downright crazy. And the Aeyo — a cross between a scooter, a bicycle, and a pair of inline skates — falls somewhere in the middle of that scale.