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Deals: Save 27% On The KeySmart Key Organizer

Tired of your keys digging into your leg through your pocket and jingling on your old, bulky, key ring? Then replace it with the neat, tidy, and noiseless KeySmart Key Organizer. Gizmodo Australia readers can pick up this convenient, space saving device for only $21 AUD [$15.99 USD], a savings of 27% off the RRP.

Robotic Player Guitar Shreds On Its Own

It started nearly thirty years ago, when Ben Reardon encountered a robot playing a classical guitar at the 1988 World Expo in his hometown of Brisbane, Australia. He was only a teenager at the time, but he knew right then what he had to do.

Live Out Your Hoop Dreams Anywhere With This Wireless Basketball Set

Nerf changed the way we all played indoor basketball without a proper court; replacing trash cans and balls of paper with plastic nets and foam balls. And now you can take your scaled-down game to near NBA-calibre levels with Eastpoint’s new wireless hoops and scoreboard that keeps tab on time and points complete with the simulated roar of a non-existent crowd.

Gizmodo Awards 2012: Gadget Of The Year Nominations Now Open

This is the big one, readers. Submit your nominations here for the illustrious Gadget of the Year award!

Microsoft Plans For Its Own Project Glass

A patent application published yesterday reveals that Microsoft is sitting on plans for its own version of Google’s Project Glass.

Celluon Magic Cube Laser Keyboard Review: You're Ruining The Future For Everyone

When I was a kid, I was promised a future loaded with flying cars, holographic movies, interactive billboards and crazy new ways of engaging with super-powered computers. A few of those I’m still yet to receive, but one of them landed on my desk the other week for review: a laser projection keyboard. Little did I realise that it was just another broken promise waiting to happen. Let me explain.

Staggeringly Efficient Bathroom Fan Sucks Out Steam And Stink

The exhaust fan — that rattling, dusty vent hanging above the toilet — is the single most important gadget for the health of a bathroom. It eliminates the steam from a hot shower, helping battle the mould and mildew constantly threatening a bathroom’s finishes. The device also helps fix more immediate air quality issues — they’d never say it in front of a client, but in the salty slang of a plumbing supply house, pros refer to it as a fart fan.

MacBook Airs Get Hit With A Thunderbolt

Apple’s brought both sizes of the MacBook Air line straight up to what you’d expect from a laptop in 2011, adding a Thunderbolt port, but more importantly some sweet Sandy Bridge i5 and i7 chips — and backlit keyboards.

Retrieve Lost Balls With The Golf Ball Wrangler

Somewhere in our extended circle of friends and family we all have a golfer who loves to talk about the many balls he lost in water hazards and the crazy ways he’s retrieved them.

Guy Uses Android Smartphone To Dismiss Speeding Ticket

It’s these kinds of stories that bring a smile to your face. US based Android fanboy Sahas Katta was pulled over by a police officer for ‘speeding’ in a school zone. Little did the unsuspecting cop know, was that Katta was using Google’s nifty My Tracks Android app on his phone and it was already recording his GPS movements.

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