IKEA Sit/Stand Desk Review: I Can't Believe How Much I Like This

Standing desks are not cheap. Or at least the extremely handy motorised ones aren’t. That’s why everyone — including this desk-agnostic blogger — freaked out when IKEA announced that it would sell a sit/stand desk powered by electricity for less than $US500. Finally, a healthy desk option for the masses. Finally!

There's A Dollhouse Hidden Inside This Transforming Chair

It doesn’t take long for a child’s bedroom or playroom to become filled with a sea of toys, furniture and playsets, leaving it a perpetual mess. So like with any room in your home, finding furniture that does double-duty can help maximise that space, and this child-sized wooden chair that transforms into a dollhouse or fortress is a perfect accessory for kids.

A Seesaw Table Means You'll Never Eat Alone

Some people sit down to enjoy a nice, relaxing meal with their partners. Others, like the mad evil genius behind this seesaw table, like a little extra danger with their microwave pizza.

Rock-Inspired Tables Bring The Outdoors In

Decorating with a nature theme is all well and good, but hauling a boulder up three flights of stairs gets old quick. That’s why these tables, inspired by rocks but weighing significantly less, could make so much sense. Well, that, and they look sweet.

IKEA Is Reissuing Amazing Old Designs From The 1950s And 1960s

Ikea is over 70 years old, which means the company has survived through dozens upon dozens of design trends, from stuffy conservatism in the late 1940s to the craziness of the 1960s. Wonderfully, the company is now plucking classics from its archives to sell in some stores.

This Tiny Home Uses Sliding Walls To Transform One Room Into Four

We’ve seen our fair share of transforming apartments around here, from MIT’s super-advanced version to this IKEA-esque wonder. But none of them can compare to the sheer inventive genius of this apartment, in which huge sliding racks make it possible to pack a whole household into a tiny corridor of space.

This Beautiful Stool Can Be Built From Four Parts In Seconds

This beautiful flat pack stool has just four parts and can be put together in seconds — by simply screwing a plumbing value right through its centre.

I Want To Sit In This Childish Chair All Day Long

If this chair looks like ramshackle mess, that’s because it’s supposed to. Inspired by the childhood forts we all used to make out of blankets and furniture and whatever else we could find, this chair is design for adults to play instead.

This Bench Is Built Using Two Power Mac G5s

The Apple Power Mac G5 was an iconic computer — but, launched back in 2003, it’s since been superseded by the Mac Pro. So what better way to celebrate its long and useful life than using its bold looks elsewhere in the office?

This Creepy Halloween Ad From IKEA Is Just Perfect, Danny

IKEA, in general, is a frightening place, a bizarre isolated world unto itself filled with sad, desperate people. Sometimes, I feel like I’ll never make it out of that maze alive. That’s what makes this ad from IKEA Singapore, promoting its late-night shopping hours, one of the best Halloween ads I’ve ever seen.