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The Most Realistic, Expensive Way To Play Pokemon GO

Video: If there’s one thing Pokemon GO is missing (besides functioning servers, trading, battling, a tutorial, serious nerfs to Vaporeon’s stats, a clear indication of the rules surrounding gym battles and easier ways to acquire Stardust) it’s a bespoke Pokeball-throwing experience that’s indistinguishable from hate-lobbing a phone into the pavement. Well, scratch that one off the to-do list.

Video Perfectly Skewers The Arseholery Of OK Go

Video: No one is impressed by your dumb choreographed videos, OK Go. It’s old. It’s masturbatory. You’re hurting yourselves and the people closest to you, and you need to stop.

What If Pixar Movies Ended At The Sad Parts?

Video: Pixar movies are funny and fantastic and all play at your emotions with wonderful characters and an always relatable story. But almost everything works out in the end of all their movies. What if they didn’t?

Artist Draws Eminem Out Of Spaghetti, Because Memes Never Die

Video: Despite critical and commercial success and a storied career, the two words that have followed Eminem the longest are “mum’s spaghetti,” from his Academy Award-winning song “Lose Yourself.” Bait-and-switch text memes were built around it.

Watching McDonalds Food Slowly Exiting A Juicer Is A Singularly Disgusting Experience

After seeing a slowly filling glass of meat diarrhea will you ever be hungry again? You can practically taste the refreshingly greasy taste of a liquid dollar menu through the screen.

Clicking This One Link Will Probably Get You On A Government Watch List

Does searching for “how to join ISIS” seem like a bad idea that will have a SWAT team banging your door down in the middle of the night? How about letting a potential mate use your computer after looking up “smelly penis cure urgent”?

So Here's Trump As A Giant Robot Blowing Up The Entire Earth

Video: “What would a Trump presidency look like?” many of us have been wondering, in decreasingly hypothetical terms. Now, in all its bubblegum-tinted glory, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if elected, Donald J. Trump will pilot an enormous mecha in his likeness, use it to construct his long-threatened wall and then destroy both the wall and the planet it was built on with a sweet-as-hell laser blast.

The Most Beautiful Video About Google Docs You'll Ever See?

Video: Clickhole is The Onion’s piss-take on digital media. It just uploaded this video titled Beautiful: Israelis and Palestinians Join The Same Google Doc.

Hydraulic Press Vs Silly String Is The Best Hydraulic Press

Video: I thought I was sick of all those hydraulic press videos, and then I saw the one with the silly string can. It’s suspenseful, and it’s satisfying. Watch it until the end!

A Drill-Powered Electric Skateboard Is The Silliest Way To Get Around Town

Video: Boosted boards — those snazzy electric longboards — are in high demand, and they’re expensive. Fully decked out, one of these is going to run $US1600 ($2228). And they won’t ship until late July at the absolute earliest. There’s an obvious solution.

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