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Listening To This Dude Narrate His Scary Ride Down A Narrow Ridge Is Hilarious

Video: Claudio Caluori is a hilarious mountain biker who’s scared of heights. So it’s pretty perfect to force him ride a wild course filled with narrow ridges, scary slopes and insane jumps.

These Goofy Dudes Just So Happen To Be Incredible Ping Pong Players

Video: What have we learned from this compilation of Takkyuugeinin’s “table tennis entertainment” vines?

What Breakfast Has To Say About Free Will

You forgot to buy milk. Naturally, it’s all the big bang’s fault.

Simone Giertz's New Robot Is Her Worst Yet

The queen of crappy robots is back, apparently, with a hankering for a peanut butter sandwich.

Not One Of These Buffoons Knows How To Throw A Frisbee

Video: Here’s two grown men attempting to throw a piece of plastic at each other every possible way except the right way.

Is This How The World Views Donald Trump?

As an American, I gotta know: Is this how the rest of the world sees Trump? Or perhaps what his true face looks like when he peels back his human mask? Is The Donald a close relative of Graham?

Parental Advisory Site Trying To Describe Sausage Party Is More Entertaining Than The Actual Film

R-Rated food comedy/Seth Rogen wiener vehicle Sausage Party opened last week, and I saw it along with plenty of other people (though not as many as Suicide Squad.) It wasn’t very good! What it had — in spades — was a lot of dirty jokes, racially-charged “humour” and graphic food sex.

This Is The Only Plausible Reason Why There Are So Many Crappy Pokemon Around In Pokemon GO

Video: Does it ever feel like all you see in Pokemon GO is that stupid Pidgey bird or that dumb Ekans snake one or that ugly Zubat? There’s a simple reason for this: They obviously get carpet bombed all over the Earth to clutter your map and drain your smartphone battery. Or at least, that’s what Nixolas imagines. His hilarious and wonderful CG work on how Pokemon GO spawns the most common Pokemon is so damn good.

The Most Realistic, Expensive Way To Play Pokemon GO

Video: If there’s one thing Pokemon GO is missing (besides functioning servers, trading, battling, a tutorial, serious nerfs to Vaporeon’s stats, a clear indication of the rules surrounding gym battles and easier ways to acquire Stardust) it’s a bespoke Pokeball-throwing experience that’s indistinguishable from hate-lobbing a phone into the pavement. Well, scratch that one off the to-do list.

Video Perfectly Skewers The Arseholery Of OK Go

Video: No one is impressed by your dumb choreographed videos, OK Go. It’s old. It’s masturbatory. You’re hurting yourselves and the people closest to you, and you need to stop.

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