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Don't Ask Why This Nerf Football Has A Screaming Human Voice

Video: Nerf Screamers were the coolest. They had little plastic whistles embedded in them, so that they would produce a screeching noise as they flew. (As I’m typing this, I realise how patient my neighbours must have been to listen to a tiny shrieking football at all hours of the day. Thanks Karen and Paul!) Regardless, someone took the 1991 commercial advertising the Screamer’s existence and replaced its trademark noise with human screams.

100 Hilariously Great Movie One Liners Made After A Kill

Video: Following up their 100 best one liners made before a kill in movies, Burger Fiction has now collated the magically hilarious lines people say right after an on-screen kill. There is so much Arnold in here, it makes me happy. I guess, a lot of James Bond too. And Bruce Willis.

Clever Short Film Details The Silliest And Most Inconsequential Reasons People Break Up

Video: Sometimes the person you love is perfect except for one little, tiny, unavoidable, totally obnoxious thing.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Hilariously Summarised And Made Fun Of In 90 Seconds

Video: Crude summaries of Star Wars are always great but here’s an especially silly one from Movie Blast. Instead of just simplifying the story (which it does), it also pokes fun of the movie and in turn, skewers all of us at the same time. Rey becomes Ray Romano, JJ Abrams is Jar Jar Abrams, Uber is mentioned and so is Donald Trump and the Kardashians. It’s funny because our entire culture is worth making fun of. Get it!?

A Movie Scene Without Any Music Is So Awkwardly Hilarious

Video: A movie needs its soundtrack. Especially when that movie is 8 Mile and the whole lead up to the movie is a rap battle and the entire payoff is Eminem doing Eminem things. And yet this musicless version of an 8 Mile scene almost plays better than the entire movie because of how utterly awkward it is. You just end up watching Marshall be a try hard goofball in front of a bathroom mirror. It’s fantastic.

If Movies Ended When A Character Says The Movie Title They'd Be Hilariously Short

Video: Chris Huebs came up with the brilliant idea to re-edit popular movies to end right after a character says the title of the movie. So when the audience is welcomed to Jurassic Park, boom the credits roll. When you meet the Fellowship of the Ring, bam it ends. It’s a hilarious gag because the title dropping in the dialogue is played off to such a crescendo that it becomes jarring when the movie ends right then and there.

Hilarious Animation Imagines Old Star Wars Characters Meeting New Star Wars Characters

Video: Did you see the new Star Wars yet? Of course you did. You probably watched it twice (and if you didn’t watch it yet, stop reading). It was great, right? Such a fun time. Did the franchise good. A heck of a show. Until you realise (stop reading now if you still haven’t seen) that the characters and the storyline are basically the same as before! It’s just recycled awesomeness. Awesomely recycled, of course.

Video Of Mike Tyson On A Hoverboard Finds Its Natural Conclusion

Video: Somebody did a great thing with that video of Mike Tyson riding a hoverboard. You should probably spend the rest of your day watching this magical loop. #knockout

These Are The Winners Of The 2015 Comedy Wildlife Awards

Traditionally, wildlife photographers try to capture the majesty of their feral subjects. But even the most dignified wild animals get caught doing something downright silly every now and again.

Hilarious Animation Pokes Fun Of The Silliness Of Santa Claus

Video: Christmas is great and the holidays are awesome but it’s still pretty funny that we all propagate the myth of Santa Claus. He’s a dude who dresses in a red jumpsuit while breaking and entering homes to steal milk and cookies and gain favour with children. Eoin Duffy made this animated holiday card showing what Santa Claus would be like in real life. Ho ho ho!

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