Mushrooms Can Mine The Gold From Your Old Mobile Phones

Crack open your dumb old phone, and you’ll find lots of circuits and no lack of precious metals. In 100,000 mobile phones, it’s estimated that there is 2.4kg of gold, more than 900kg of copper, 25kg of silver and more, according to Motherboard. Could a safer and and cheaper method of recovering that metal come by way of fungi?

Using A 3D Scanner To Explore The Labyrinths Of Soil Beneath Our Feet

Researchers at Scotland’s Abertay University are getting a brand new look at the seemingly nondescript world hidden in plain sight — the soil beneath our feet.

Why This Small Town Is The Mushroom Capital Of The World

To grow mushrooms is to let things rot, so something’s a lot of things are rotten in the US state of Pennsylvania. The Atlantic’s deep dive into the dark side of truffles last week got us wondering about their more prosaic cousins: the portobellos and white buttons you find shrink-wrapped at the supermarket.

Surprised Scientists Find Lifeforms 10km Above Earth's Surface

For the first time, scientists have found lifeforms where nobody thought possible: floating in the troposphere, the slice of the atmosphere approximately 8-15km above Earth’s surface. And not just a tiny few, but lot: 20 per cent of every particle in that atmospheric layer are living organisms.

How Mushrooms Will Solve The World's Biggest Problems

Mushrooms may be most famous for their pizza prowess and psychedelic strains, but Paul Stamets, renowned mycologist and mushroom enthusiast, has much loftier visions for everyone’s favourite fungi. He believes that the solution to some of the world’s biggest problems lies in mushroom farming.

Watch: NASA Moon Soil, The History Of Weed...And Infinite Schwarzenegger

Who needs late-night TV when you have a fascinating TED talk on Fungi plus a cannabis documentary and an Arnie mashup right here. Also: New Monsters U trailer and old school Cypress Hill…

New Copper Underwear Eliminates Bacteria From Your Dirty Arse

Chilean company Monarch has developed new underwear that’s made out of copper. And if that sounds uncomfortable, don’t worry! It’s totally not. Turns out copper can kill 99 per cent of the bacteria and fungi that “naturally” develops down there.

Dishwashers Are Trying To Kill Us

Dishwashers are boss at cleaning dishes without getting your hands wet. They’re also a perfect home – because of their hot and moist temperature – for black yeast to grow. Black yeast, as you can probably imagine, is not very good.

Will Cinematic History Be Destroyed By Fungus?

A lot of 20th-century history and culture is preserved on film. But in 50 years, this history could be lost. And it’s all because of pernicious microbes that eat away at film, according to a new study.

From Mushrooms To Mansions: Organic Building Materials

Philip Ross runs a mushroom farm called Far West Fungi. And on it he’s growing your future house. Or at least the nontoxic, fireproof, mould- and water-resistant building blocks for it.