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Charity Finally Discovers Venmo Loophole That Lets People Send Spam

It was only a matter of time before spam came to Venmo, a digital wallet service in the US. Frankly, it’s astonishing that it took so long to figure out the marketing secret: You can message anyone on Venmo, so long as you send them as little as one cent.

Facebook Wants To Turn All Of Us Into Fundraisers

The strange and terrible thing about that ALS ice-bucket challenge is that it ended years ago, and yet we are still feeling its effects. Facebook was inspired by its viral success to create a feature that lets users fundraise for charity without ever leaving the site.

Tor Doesn't Want To Depend On US Government Money Anymore

Tor is transforming. The anonymity service is making a concerted effort to find funding sources other than the United States government, a problematic sugar daddy that’s bankrolled Tor for years.

Universities Stalk Your Facebook To See How They Should Hit You Up For Money

On the scale of “irritating” to “soul-boiling” telemarketers, university alumni fundraisers aren’t the worst. The way that school alumni relations offices decide which former students to contact, however, is a liiittle creepy. Universities are scouring former students’ Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to figure out who to hit up for cash, and using targets’ interests to make pitches as manipulative and persuasive as possible.

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