Awesome Kid Snuck Into 50 Music Festivals To Make This Super-Fun Movie

Coachella. Glastonbury. Bonnaroo. The Grammys. You name the music festival, Marcus Haney has somehow snuck into it. He makes fake passes, pretends to be the press, jump fences and does anything he can to get in and has somehow made friends with famous bands and shot their album covers. Here’s the movie trailer for his story, No Cameras Allowed.

8-Bit Game Version Of The Avengers Would Be So Much Fun To Play

Video: I don’t know which Avengers character I would love playing the most in this game. Would it be Iron Man so I get to use his crazy arse suit? Thor, for his long locks and hammer? Captain America’s super shield? Ah, who am I kidding, it’d definitely be The Hulk.

Magician Can Guess The Card You're Thinking About Through This Video

Our eyes are too slow and our brains are too easily fooled. Just watch this video where Illusionist Eric Leclerc shows off by reading our minds through a simple YouTube video. He plays around with us in the beginning but at the end, he just jumped through the computer screen to peer into our wrinkled brain.

Genius Trailer Turns Saving Private Ryan Drama Into Expendables Idiocy

Proving again that great editing can turn any movie into something completely different, the geniuses from Unusual Suspects took the tragic story of Saving Private Ryan and converted it into that Hollywood clusterf**k of stupidity, bad writing, and explosions that is The Expendables 3.

171 Reasons Why The Matrix Reloaded Was Crap

Video: After the first Matrixa movie not without fault but at least entertaining and unique in its aesthetic — the entire franchise went to hell. Matrix Reloaded was particularly offensive, even with Monica Bellucci.

Tiny Hamsters Eat Tiny Cakes For An Adorable Tiny Birthday Party

After enjoying a tiny burrito two months ago, tiny hamster just went to a birthday party for his prickly friend tiny porcupine. Like most human birthday parties, the miniature animals were served birthday cakes. It seemed like tiny hamster enjoyed his cake more than tiny porcupine though.

Guys Transform Old Cadillac Into World's Fastest Hot Tub

Many years ago these two engineers drank a keg of beer and decided to transform a 1969 Cadillac into the fastest hot tub in the planet. After several attempts their carpool is ready — now they are asking for your help to take their invention to the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, and set their silly speed record.

Toys Are Even More Fun When You Can Use Them As Weapons In Warfare

Nerf guns, toy light sabers, shooting Spiderman webs, being a kid is awesome. But then kids grow up and foolishly lose their enjoyment for toys even though they’re getting paid to pretend to be an adult.

This Clever App Turns Your Chromecast Into A Bootleg Wii

Chromecast’s new mirroring feature lets users pull up an Android phone screen onto a TV. And why would you want to put your little screen on your bigger screen? If game maker Rolocule has its way, to play Nintendo Wii-like games without bothering with a console.

Is This Dracula's Real Tomb?

According to “historians” cited by The Daily Mail (LOL!), you’re looking at the tomb of Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia, aka Vlad the Impaler, aka Dracula. Yes. The Dracula. The tomb is located in Santa Maria la Nova, in Naples, Italy. And they want to open it. It seems like the plot for a horror movie but, is it real?