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Cycling Through This Moving Fun House Looks Like A Trippy Video Game In Real Life

Video: What a complete and total mind spin. Kriss Kyle and Red Bull teamed up for this totally trippy BMX video called Kaleidoscope that employs what is essentially a fun house filled with ramps that are moving around and fun little holes to spin in until you disappear and so much more cool stuff. It’s like a bizarre level in an old video game, only in real life (or like duh, being inside a kaleidoscope that’s constantly being turned and changing).

Back To The Future II Expertly Edited To Show The Real 2015

Video: We all know this by now: the 2015 in Back to the Future II didn’t happen in real life. We failed. But! We can totally make things right by changing the past, as in re-editing Back to the Future II to include things that actually happened in the year 2015. It actually works out quite well, as PistolShrimps shows, instead of a Jaws shark hologram eating Marty, it would be a Jurassic World dinosaur. And instead of Biff being the most powerful buffoon in the world, it would be… Donald Trump.

A Plane Landing In The Snow And Doing Doughnuts Is The Funnest Thing

Video: An untouched snow-covered plot of land? Let’s get a plane to land on it and then immediately do doughnuts for a few rounds and then take off again! That’s obviously the first thing that comes to mind, right? Well if it isn’t, it will be now after seeing this plane do its thing.

Cute Animation Shows The Guide To What Makes People Happy

Video: Money. Cars. Sex. Accomplishment. Things. They all make us happy. But drugs and alcohol and addiction all feed the dopamine meter too. So what truly makes us happy? Panoply made this animation detailing a guide to happiness and it’s a fun watch, just to see the cool animation.

Watch Crazy Guys In Wingsuits Fly Right Next To The Face Of City Buildings

Video: There’s a holy crap moment in this wingsuit video where you hold your breath and wonder if the guys flying in the air are actually going to crash into the side of the building and if you should turn off the video. But then they make a perfect turn move and basically zip right next to multiple buildings on their path. They’re so close they could probably high five someone on the balcony. It’s impressive.

Here's What It's Like To Rent A MiG-29 To Fly You Above The Clouds In The Stratosphere

Video: It’s good to be rich. Because when you’re rich you can easily justify the $US18,000 necessary to rent — yes, rent — a MiG-29 fighter jet that will take you on the flight of your life to the edge of space. You fly above the clouds in the stratosphere at 70,000 feet (21,300m) in the air, you reach supersonic speeds, you hit 9Gs, and you get to experience weightlessness. The best part though? You get to take control of the MiG-29 too. This is probably the best experience money can buy.

This Real Life Version Of The Hidden Blade And Rope Launcher In Assassins' Creed is Awesome

Video: Mad genius Colin Furze did it. He made one of the coolest video game weapons — that would be the hidden blade and rope launcher in Assassin’s Creed — a reality. It works just as advertised! You can shoot out the grappling hook and then retract the rope to lift yourself up and over walls and buildings (though because this is real life, you need to loop in a harness of sorts). And the hidden blade just pops out and in with the flick of the wrist and is ready for you to slice the hell out of things.

Traditional Japanese Instruments Playing Michael Jackson Songs Is Pretty Cool

Video: The music of Michael Jackson is so popular that it’s pretty much universal and probably timeless and can even transcend instruments. I mean, just watch Yoshimi Tsujimoto play Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal on a shakuhachi (a bamboo flute) with the help of two backup koto instrument players. It’s Michael Jackson across different cultures and traditional instruments. Fun!

This Artisanal Car-Powered Slip 'N Slide Looks Like Magnificent Fun

Huge, wacky Slip ‘n Slide projects appear around the world every summer. But this wooden creation built into the French countryside appears to be the first to use a beat up old Peugot to launch the rider halfway across a lake. It looks awesome.

8-bit Video Game Version Of Mad Max: Fury Road is Just As Unbelievably Fun

Oh my god. Since Mad Max: Fury Road was essentially just a linear car chase scene that went in one direction and then turned around and went back in the other direction, can you imagine how perfect a side scrolling video game it would make? Add all the crazy vehicles and the weapons and Furiosa and it would be the perfect video game to play.

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