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This Dual Cannon Machine Gun That Shoots Fireworks Is So Much Badass Fun

You probably thought you had a nice weekend. Maybe you got out of the house for a bit, maybe you sunk your toes into some sand, maybe you had a drink with an umbrella in it. But no, your weekend was not that fun. Because when you see this crazy guy shoot Roman Candle fireworks with dual machine guns, nothing can be as fun as that.

Mad Max: Fury Road Perfectly Recreated With Go Karts Is So Much Fun

Knowing the humble production roots of the original Mad Max, I could totally imagine this version of Mad Max: Fury Road with just go karts being made. The car chase and the action effects in the go kart version are not as blockbuster big as the one that hit the theatres and made our eyeballs jump out for joy but they’re still totally and completely spectacular. Mad Max: Fury Road with go karts, still better than almost any action movie that has come out recently.

These Super Fun Illusions Really Messes With Your Perspective

You really can’t trust your eyeballs. Watch as freerunners Jason Paul and Pasha Petkuns use illusions and perfect camera angles to screw with our perspectives as they slide down bananas, live in an upside down world, become giants and tiny humans, and do a lot more mind trippy stuff. It’s really fun.

Tough As Nails Nokia Cell Phone Fights Valiantly Against Red Hot Nickel Ball

There are few materials in the world stronger or more resilient or tougher than that indestructible Nokia cell phone that everyone had at one point in their life. You could run it over with a tank or drop it off the Empire State building or chuck it across a parking lot into a burning building and it would still work. What can destroy it though? The red hot nickel ball.

Seeing People's Faces Get Blown By Air In Slow Motion Is Hilariously Absurd

Silly! Fun! Absurd! That’s what this video by ScottDW is and it’s just so good. We see a bunch of people get smoked by a furious air blower in total slow motion so that you can see their skin try to escape their face. It’s so goofy and completely hilarious to see the weird faces that pop up.

How People Toast Their Drinks Around The World

Each culture has its own customs and each country has its own preferences but people all across the world are united in their desire to drink and have fun with their friends. And it’s that — not language or opposable thumbs — is what makes us humans. But of course, if you’re drinking with people from other cultures, you should respect how they do things.

Seeing Two Magnets Try Destroying Things Is A Lot Of Fun

Video: Magnets are one of the few things that make life more interesting. Just feeling its attraction to each other or seeing it connect together is always fun. Don’t trust me? Watch these two super strong neodymium magnets try and destroy things like an apple, a juice box, an iPhone and more and try not to enjoy yourself.

Red Hot Nickel Ball Burning Through Foam Breaks The Colour Spectrum

Video: The colours! The colours! Holy cow, the colours. The world destroyer that is the red hot nickel ball got put to task on floral foam and the result is an awesome burn through that unleashes so many colours and then creates scales and pretty much topples the entire foam tower. Always a pleasure, red hot nickel ball.

Seeing Sugar Get Swallowed By A Cappuccino Is So Completely Satisfying

This video is titled ‘Granular Satisfaction’ and there’s really no better way to explain it. A mound of sugar disappearing into the vortex that is a cappuccino is so satisfying. You wait and wait and wait for it to happen and then it does and the black hole closes up and waits for its next grain victim.

This Handmade Futurama Title Sequence Is So Much Fun

We’ve seen the Futurama intro done up in stunning photorealistic 3D before. And we’ve seen the normal animation sequence before the TV show so many times. Now here’s an old video of the intro being recreated with hand made cutouts. All the images were drawn and props were put together to re-make the original and it’s great fun.

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