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This Super Unique View Of Travelling Looks Like An Awesome Video Game

Video: Imagine a game like Grand Theft Auto but instead of committing crime, stealing cars and robbing people you’re having harmless fun and partying and seeing Colombia. This short, There and Back: Colombia by Spencer Creigh & Michael Barth, is basically that. You get to experience a person’s travel through a country from a completely unique perspective that makes it feel more like a video game than real life. It’s like you’re playing him as a character.

Seeing A Drone Zoom Down The Burj Khalifa Feels Like Free Falling

Video: Flying a drone over Dubai? It’s been done. Flying as a jetman all across the most famous buildings of Dubai? That too, has been done. It speaks to how nutty and batshit stunts have become (and how accessible it is for us to watch such nutty stunts) that normal nutty and batshit stunts can’t be done anymore because well, they have been done. Here’s something new though: Team Blacksheep flew a FPV Racer drone straight down the skyscrapers of Dubai. It feels like you’re falling down to the ground (as opposed to just seeing majestic aerial views).

These Stunt Tricks On A Moped Are Totally Wild

Video: I don’t know what sort of negotiations this person made with gravity, the magnets of Earth and the ground, because he came away with a freaking steal. The balance it takes to pull off all these crazy tricks on a moped and the creativity it takes to imagine them are just from another world. I mean, how does a person even realise that they could do this? Who sees a scooter and thinks “hey, can I stand on the handlebar while popping a wheelie? Or better yet, I’ll just ride the handlebar as I spin around?”

A Movie Scene Without Any Music Is So Awkwardly Hilarious

Video: A movie needs its soundtrack. Especially when that movie is 8 Mile and the whole lead up to the movie is a rap battle and the entire payoff is Eminem doing Eminem things. And yet this musicless version of an 8 Mile scene almost plays better than the entire movie because of how utterly awkward it is. You just end up watching Marshall be a try hard goofball in front of a bathroom mirror. It’s fantastic.

How Star Wars: The Force Awakens Really Should Have Ended

Video: Everyone had a good time watching the new Star Wars so let’s not get angry and accuse each other of not enjoying the very idea of fun. But still, as with every other movie, there were a few problems and mid-sized logic gaps that were ignored in the name of entertainment. HISHE fixes all those problems with the obvious solutions and even amends the ending that would be more fitting for the characters we love.

Watch A Robot Golfer Sink A Hole-in-One Just Like Tiger Woods

A robot just pulled off the best possible move in the game of golf.

This 8-Bit Guess-the-Correlation Game Is Way More Fun Than It Should Be

Guess the Correlation is a very simple game indeed: Look at a scatter plot, guess the correlation coefficient, win or lose. Are you mathematically minded enough to take on the challenge?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Summarised In A Hilariously Crude 60-Second Animation

Video: If you haven’t seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens yet, why bother? Just troll the entire world by saying you were too busy or that Star Wars is just OK or that you’re totally fine with missing out on whatever silly pop culture thing takes over the world for a few minutes every year. Just watch this hilarious speedrun drawing of the movie by 1A4 Studio instead. It’s basically all you need. Who needs the special effects?

The Breathtaking Beauty Of Paragliding Through The Aurora Borealis 

Video: Watch as Horacio Llorens paraglides against the backdrop of the Aurora Borealis. It’s especially nice because the paraglider cycles through different coloured lights against the glimmering green of the aurora. His movements are almost poetic, a perfect blend of mixing an extreme sport with the grace of nature.

Lego's First Minifigure In A Wheelchair Is Embarrassingly Overdue

Bowing to public pressure, Lego has finally released its first minifig in a wheelchair. The latest Lego figurine was one of several recently showcased at the Nuremberg Toy Fair.

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