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Toyota Made Over 5600 Of Its Fuel Cell Patents Available Royalty-Free

In an effort to help spread the adoption and further the development of the hydrogen fuel cell technology the company developed for its FCV concept vehicle — now known as the Mirai — Toyota has announced that it’s making approximately 5680 fuel cell patents available for royalty-free use.

Your Smartphone Could One Day Be Powered By Jet Fuel

Battery life on modern gadgets sucks — so why not power your mobile devices with something a little more potent like, err, jet fuel? That’s the idea of researchers from the University of Utah, who think that fuel cells could efficiently be made to run using the same fuel as fighter jets.

A Spoonful Of This New Material Can Suck Up A Whole Roomful Of Oxygen

A team of scientists in Denmark have invented a crystalline material that can absorb oxygen with astounding efficiency. How astounding? Well, a single spoonful of the stuff can suck all of the oxygen out of a room. The best part is that it can release it again with just a little bit of heat. Say goodbye to bulky oxygen tanks.

Water Vapour Will Be The Only Emission From Toyota's New Fuel Cell Car

Electric-only cars might be envogue right now, but Toyota is pursuing another eco-friendly alternative to gasoline engines with its FCV concept. The company is now claiming the vehicle will be available sometime in 2015.

Microsoft Wants To Power Its Data Centres With Fuel Cells

Data centres are some of the most power-hungry pieces of infrastructure that exist today. But Microsoft has plans to make them a little greener — by powering its racks with built-in fuel cells.

Soon, Your Smartphone Will Be Powered By Pee

Plugging your phone into the main is for suckers. What you really need is one of a new breed of microbial fuel cells to drive your phone — so you can power it with pee.

Monster Machines: The Fuel Cell That Runs On Corn Husks And Old Bullets

The Iowa Army Ammunition Plant (IAAAP) in Middletown, Iowa, has an overabundance of two things: corn waste and excess energetics — leftover explosives, propellants, pyrotechnics and such. But using a new ethanol-based fuel cell developed by nanoMaterials Discovery Corp (nMDC) will transform these waste materials into clean, cheap, electricity. Two birds, one catalytic reaction.

Water-Powered RC Rover: Batteries Not Included (Or Required)

Fuel-cell-powered vehicles are still a long ways off. But fuel cell-powered toys? That’s an awesome reality that’s about to get even better with Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies new H-Rover, which includes a wireless camera streaming live video to your smartphone/remote.

Nectar Fuel Cell Charger Confirms The Sad Truth: Batteries Are Still Cheaper

One day, fuel cells may very well be a cheap source of power for all of our electronics. But that day isn’t here yet, and from the looks of things, isn’t arriving anytime soon. A company called Lilliputian Systems has hooked up with Brookstone to create another fuel cell charger called the Nectar that promises to fully top off a smartphone from 10 to 14 times with a single recyclable cartridge, but at a premium.

This Fuel Cell Keeps Running Even When It's Out Of Fuel

Fuel cells are amazing things, but just like any portable energy source, they occasionally need topping up with juice. This one, however, can keep on going even when it runs out of fuel. What kind of sorcery is this?

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