New Leaked Report Describes How FTC Staff Wanted To Sue Google

A report acquired by the Wall Street Journal reveals that the Federal Trade Commission found, back in 2012, that Google had been skewing search results in such a way that harmed rival companies and Internet users.

At Last, This Revenge Porn Kingpin Has Been Stopped

Remember Craig Brittain? Hopefully not. The wannabe unibrow won attention a few years ago for running a truly evil revenge porn racket called Is Anybody Down. Now his revenge porn days are finally over.

How Your Connected Devices Could Get You Fired Or Ruin Your Credit

There’s probably something you do right now you wouldn’t really want everyone to know about. Maybe you’re letting a Fitbit gather dust while you eat Doritos and watch The Good Wife (understandable). Maybe you’re in the habit of driving around at 3am when you can’t sleep. Whatever you do, if you’re doing it while using “internet of things” devices, those private vices may not be so private.

FCC Fines Marriott $US600,000 For Blocking Guests' Wi-Fi

The FCC wants the Marriott hotel chain to pay up for its slimy practice of blocking and disabling conference guests’ personal Wi-Fi connections. Marriott is accused of jamming personal connections at its Gaylord Opryland location in Nashville, Tennessee.

FTC: Amazon Billed Parents Millions For Kids' Unauthorised App Buys

The Federal Trade Commission in the US has filed a lawsuit against Amazon, demanding refunds for parents billed for millions of dollars in app purchases. The FTC alleges that Amazon profited from charging parents for unauthorised in-app purchases their children made.

Who Should Really Decide Net Neutrality's Fate?

Tim Wu, the guy who coined the phrase “net neutrality”, went nose-to-nose with the House Judiciary subcommittee on Friday morning to fight for the future of the internet. Congress wants to know if somebody other than the FCC should decide the fate of net neutrality. Wu, for one, thinks that’s a pretty silly idea.

US Authorities (Finally) Going After Patent Trolls

Well, look who finally showed up to the patent party! The US Federal Trade Commission announced on Friday that it has opened an inquiry into “patent assertion entities”, a.k.a. patent trolls. Start popping some popcorn, folks. This could get good.

Google Pulls Out Of Its Motorola Patent Push

Patent wars are still raging in plenty of parts of the tech world, but today there’s something of a ceasefire between Google and Microsoft. Google has just filed with the ITC to stop attempts to prevent Microsoft from using certain compression techniques with the Xbox 360.

How The FTC Screwed Up The Google Investigation

The US Federal Trade Commission’s reported closing of its Google search bias investigation, with no real enforceable settlement mechanism and a special new self-enforcement antitrust precedent apparently only available to Google, raises serious questions about the integrity of the FTC’s law enforcement process and whether the FTC accords Google with special treatment not available to other companies.