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Jessica Alba's Honest Company Makes Cancelling Almost Impossible, Consumers Allege

If you subscribe to a service online you should be able to cancel that service online, right? Well, according to consumer complaints filed with the US Federal Trade Commission, Jessica Alba’s Honest Company not only makes it virtually impossible to cancel subscriptions, the company sometimes signs you up for recurring payments without even telling you.

Average Internet Celebrities Make $100,000 Per Instagram Ad And $40,000 Per Paid Tweet

Agencies like the US Federal Trade Commission have started to crack down on celebrity endorsements on networks like Instagram and YouTube. But have you ever wondered how much your average celebrity gets paid for a post? Not Kim Kardashian West or Kanye West. We know they make millions. But just your average, run-of-the-mill celeb or internet-famous “influencer” with a few million followers? They still make tens of thousands of dollars.

Trump Hotel Turns Into Disgusting Cesspool After Workers Go On Strike

If you book a hotel through an online travel site, do they have an obligation to tell you if the workers at that hotel are on strike? You’d think so. But apparently Expedia doesn’t.

Influencers Beware: The Feds Are Cracking Down On Paid Social Media Posts

Sponsored posts from celebrities — or worse yet, “influencers” — are bad when it’s not clear they’re actually ads. That’s why, according to a report from Bloomberg, the Federal Trade Commission wants to crack down on these fuzzily-labelled posts.

Dog Talent Agency Helps 'Dogfluencers' Advertise Products On Instagram

Do you love cute dog photos on Instagram? Well, much like everything in our world, there’s a good chance that those precocious pups are trying to sell you something. And it’s largely thanks to The Dog Agency, the first talent agency catering exclusively to Instagram-famous canines.

Kickstarter Scammer Settles With FTC But Won't Owe A Cent To Anyone

For the first time, the FTC has laid the smackdown on the proprietor of a Kickstarter that failed to deliver on its promises. It’s about goddamn time — but it’s not exactly good news for the backers who, three years later, are still out some cash.

22 Official Complaints From People Who Got Royally Screwed On Airbnb

If you ever try to book a rental on Airbnb and the owner asks you to pay via wire transfer, don’t do it. Don’t even think about it. It’s a scam. It’s always a scam.

New Leaked Report Describes How FTC Staff Wanted To Sue Google

A report acquired by the Wall Street Journal reveals that the Federal Trade Commission found, back in 2012, that Google had been skewing search results in such a way that harmed rival companies and Internet users.

At Last, This Revenge Porn Kingpin Has Been Stopped

Remember Craig Brittain? Hopefully not. The wannabe unibrow won attention a few years ago for running a truly evil revenge porn racket called Is Anybody Down. Now his revenge porn days are finally over.

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