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Viewsonic's Tablet Combines Windows 7 And Android

But will it be a marriage made in heaven, or a marriage of inconvenience? Viewsonic’s previous tablets haven’t been the best; can the ViewPad 10pro redeem it?

Telstra Finally Rolls Out Gingerbread For Atrix

It’s been a long wait from the launch of the Atrix locally to actually getting an upgrade from Froyo to Gingerbread. At first, it was promised for September, but that date came and went. Now, it’s finally available.

Archos Unveils Pair Of Housebound Androids

The Android OS is so commonly found in mobile phones and tablets that it’s easy to forget its other uses. Archos’ 35 Home Connect and Smart Home Phone serve as reminders of the OS’s adaptability.

Froyo Is Still Leading The Android Race, But Gingerbread's Gaining

Hey, look at that – Gingerbread is gaining in popularity after more phones are either shipping with it, or receiving the OTA update. From 3 per cent last month to 8.1 per cent now, a Cupcake is weeping somewhere. [Google]

LG Bringing Optimus Black to All Carriers This Month

LG’s hero handset for 2011, the Optimus Black, was meant to hit store shelves in May, but although it missed that window, the good news is that it’s landing across all three carriers, starting this month.

BeBook Live Tablet Launching With Froyo For No Good Reason

The BeBook Live is set to be filed away as yet another Android tablet you probably won’t use. It’s handsome enough, but its middling specs and dated OS make it a downright throwaway.

Every Phone Should Have A Dedicated Info Key Like The INQ Cloud Touch

The INQ Cloud Touch is a phone targeted at the Facebook generation, but it does have one feature that could easily make its home on any and every smartphone on the market – a dedicated “Info” hardware button that offers an immediate shortcut to some of the most important data on your phone.

Telstra Updates HTC Wildfire With Froyo

Telstra Wildfire owners received some good news today, with the Telco rolling out the Froyo update for the Android smartphone.

Kogan Finally Releases Its Android Tablet

It was way back in March last year when Ruslan Kogan took me aside to show me his Android tablet prototype. Today, his company released the official version, a 7-incher running Froyo and a significantly more stylish body.

Android Gets That Flash 10.2 Goodness

As of today, Android users can now take advantage of Flash 10.2 beta on their Froyo, Gingerbread and Honeycomb devices. Honeycomb users are getting a beta release, though, so full hardware acceleration is turned off until more development is done. But for all of you who went out and got the Xoom, you can watch clips inside and outside the browser in 480p right now. Support for 720p is still on the way. [Engadget]

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