Listen To John Frusciante's Latest Album Right Now Via Satellite

With the traditional music industry floundering, some acts have embraced the rapidly changing musical landscape more than others. While the Wu-Tang Clan is hawking just a single copy of its upcoming double album, John Frusciante is letting anyone on Earth listen to his for free — at least for as long as the satellite it’s riding stays aloft.

Report: Rdio Will Have Free Streaming Radio Service This Year

The New York Times is reporting that Rdio is partnering with Cumulus Media — a company that owns, like, real radio station — to provide a free version of its audio streaming service.

Windows "Blue" Is Officially Called Windows 8.1 And Free

Microsoft announced on a call with shareholders overnight that the Windows Blue update will officially be called Windows 8.1, which will be a free update. It’ll be available for both Windows 8 and Windows RT.

Rdio Has Free Music Streaming Now

Despite the veritable glut of music streaming services now on offer in Australia, getting good music for free has always been difficult. You’ve either had to put up with adds, cough up a credit card or engage in some other mechanic to get the good stuff on the free and easy. Now, though, Rdio has you covered, by giving new customers access to six months worth of free streaming — no credit card required.

Lunchtime Deal: How To Score A Free Slurpee From 7-Eleven

We love celebratory Slurpee days from 7-Eleven, and to celebrate the seventh day of the eleventh month (geddit?!), you can nab yourself a free slurpee. Here’s how you do it.

7-Eleven BYO Cup Day Is Tomorrow: Prepare Your Enormous Vessels

Yes, the day is almost here. Nutritional concerns fly out the window and your deep inner craving for iced sugary drinks at a bargain price takes hold. Wednesday September 5 is BYO Cup Day at 7-Eleven. Slurpee frenzy!

These Countries Can Watch The Olympics On YouTube For Free

Each of the following 64 countries has free, unlimited access (broadband notwithstanding) to the greatest celebration of mankind’s athletic achievements the world has ever known, thanks to YouTube and the IOC. The bad news is that you probably don’t live in one of those countries.

Lunchtime Deal: Free Bacon At Subway

Get excited, lunchtime dealers: Subway is offering free bacon on all of its Subs between today and Friday.

The Greens Want To Trial A New Public Wi-Fi Network In Canberra

The Greens have pledged that if elected, they will push for a $100,000 plan to get the nation’s capital hooked up with a free city Wi-Fi trial set to span town centres, bus services and other public areas.

Monday Night Web Movie: 500 Full-Length Movies You Can Stream Completely Free

Anybody who’s anybody refuses to own a TV these days. So, for those people who rely on the internet for their movie fix, here’s a list of over 500 movies that you can view entirely for free.