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Whoa, Google Glass Just Got Way Better Looking (Plus Prescriptions)

One of the biggest criticisms Google Glass has incurred since day one is that it’s, well, ugly and/or weird-looking. Believe it or not, Google may have actually just solved the problem.

Every Second In Star Wars IV Arranged By How Bright It Is

You’re looking at every single second in Star Wars IV: A New Hope arranged according to their luminosity by Jason Salavon. It reminds me of a really cool book that I got a couple weeks ago.

Don't Toss That Tattered Old T-Shirt, Immortalise It In This Frame

You loved wearing it out in public all those years, but deep down you new your favourite t-shirt — with its ironic catchphrase/humorous illustration/retro faded corporate logo — would not last forever. Instead of demoting it to rag duty, you can immortalise it forever in this t-shirt-shaped T-Frame.

Frames: Create Wonderful Time-Lapse Videos

There’s something moody and wonderful about time-lapses we can’t get enough of. They’re simple, beautiful and transfixing. Now there’s an app that allows you to easily create both time-lapses and stop-motion videos without the chore of stringing together images in iMovie. You pick the content, it deals with the rest.

Parrot's DIA Is The First Digital Photo Frame Worth Buying

Digital photo frames are a dime a dozen. Big brands battle with small Chinese companies to try and capture a market that is generally more trouble than it’s worth. But the DIA from Parrot, designed with Jean-Louis Frechin from nodesign, is easily the most visually stunning and attractive digital photo frame ever built.

Image.jpg Could Be The First Analogue Digital Photo Frame

Save those precious moments for posterity with the image.jpg photo frame. Digital and analogue worlds collide with a silk-screened, wooden representation of a Mac image window that will contain a picture you probably took with a digital camera.

Bellings Media Chef Meets Imaginary Demand For Digital Recipes

The Bellings Media Chef digitally displays recipe videos while you cook. Now, I’m not saying you could do this with your laptop and save money, but I am totally saying you could do this with your laptop and save money.

Kodak Quick Touch Digital Photo Frames Are Ticklish on the Side

Kodak’s Quick Touch photo frames don’t quite go all the way on being touchscreen, though they’re spinning that as a plus, since you don’t leave grimy fingerprints on your screen. Instead, the border itself is a touchpad, so you can scroll through pics with swipes of your finger.

GSM Picture Frame, For Spies and Voyeurs

Here’s a scary simple way to bug a room for $280. The GSM Bug Frame is an innocent looking accessory that features a microphone and built-in GSM phone. With batteries lasting two weeks on standby, you can call its number any time to eavesdrop for your surely innocent intentions. While a completely silent, one-way call may be stealthy-delicious to you right now, trust us, that missing built in speaker will only make your silent shouts all the more painful as you hear confirmation of why your mailman always gets a hand-knit sweater for Christmas. [product via bbg]

Mustek PF-E700: a Digital Photo Frame With Extra Clock Screen

Mustek’s PF-E700 is yet another LCD photo frame, but with added alarm clock and indoor temperature gauge functions on a second small LCD screen at its base. The standard alarm snooze also gets an extra feature as a moody room light: you can set it so that each time you hit the snooze button you keep the frame’s backlight on. The display is a 7-inch TFT LCD with 480 x 234 pixels, it plays MP3s, AVIs and MPEGs and takes SD, SDHC, MMC, Memory Stick Pro Duo, and Compact Flash memory cards. Available in April for US$150. [Electronista]

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