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Apple TV (2015): Australian Review

After years and years of rumours about the future of Apple TV, we finally have a new one. It’s real, it’s beautiful, and it’s going to change the way you use your living room.

Giant Zombie Hand To Emerge From Under Sydney Opera House This Weekend

To celebrate the premiere of Season 6 of the Walking Dead, and as part of the 2015 Graphic Festival, the Aussie icon is getting zombieified. For fans of the series, it’s a not to be missed photo op with a hoard of gruesome Walkers roaming the area.

Here's A New Trailer For The Sixth Season Of The Walking Dead

There’s a new trailer for the new season of The Walking Dead, showing every horrible thing that has happened so far to the bloodied, battered survivors of the apocalypse. Here it is.

Foxtel CEO Says Netflix Is Like 'The Digital Video Store'

Shots fired: Foxtel’s CEO Richard Freudenstein has said in a speech today that multi-billion dollar streaming giant Netflix and its associated competitors are no better than the crappy Blockbuster video store down at the local shops, while also outlining just how much it would cost for consumers to access to content that the pay TV provider maintains a monopoly over.

Foxtel's Bundle Of Pain Could Come Sooner Than It Thinks

Most media businesses offer a bundled set of products. When you buy the newspaper, or watch free-to-air TV, this is obvious. You pay a fee to buy a newspaper, or the offerings of a channel, some of which you want and some you don’t want, but it all comes together in a package. You can pick and choose some content by switching TV channels or subscribing to more than one newspaper, but your choice is quite limited.

GoT Pirates Take Heed: Foxtel Lines Up As The Executioner Of The Pirate Bay

Australia’s site blocking laws are live, and ever since the government handed the executioner’s axe to the rights holders, we’ve been wondering who would swing it on The Pirate Bay first? A new report points to Foxtel acting as The Pirate Bay’s executioner.

Can Telstra TV Kill Content Piracy?

What we used to call television is changing before our eyes. Last week, Telstra announced it will shortly introduce a new streaming video set top box. For a number of reasons, this is a very smart move.

Presto Is Finally Testing High-Definition Streaming

Presto has a library full of quality content, but the image quality isn’t as good as it should be. At last the service says it will bring HD streaming into its catalogue.

Netflix Has 10 Times More Aussie Subscribers Than Foxtel, Stan Or Quickflix

Research firm Roy Morgan has just published new data on the number of Netflix customers in Australia, and the international streaming giant is absolutely killing it compared to its rivals down under.

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