Foxtel In Favour Of Government's Piracy Plan (Shock!)

Foxtel has responded to the government’s piracy discussion paper, and wouldn’t you know, it’s in favour of it!

Watch The Walking Dead Season Five Trailer Shown At Comic-Con

The Walking Dead may be airing in Australia within half an hour of the US thanks to Foxtel’s wheeling and dealing, but for some reason the new trailer for the fifth season released at Comic-Con isn’t officially available in Australia just yet. Here’s where you can watch it.

Dendy's Movie Streaming Service Will Probably Have Some Great Titles For Australia

Australia needs more movie streaming services, sure, but what it needs more is services that carry decent film titles. The worst case would be having a flagship service launch with no content! Thankfully, Dendy’s upcoming movie streaming service for Australia will have some great titles from major studio players.

How Netflix Is Doing In Australia: Two Stats That Should Scare Foxtel and Quickflix

Netflix is rumoured to enter Australia early next year, but that doesn’t stop a few enterprising Australians from accessing it now. Actually, it’s more than a few.

iiNet's Steve Dalby: 'Foxtel Is On Borrowed Time'

For the uninitiated, Steve Dalby is iiNet’s chief regulatory officer and enemy number one according to the content industry. He took to Reddit yesterday for a public Q&A, and lashed studios and distributors for their resistance towards online distribution.

Foxtel's Movie Streaming Service Lands On Chromecast

Foxtel is doing everything it can to make Presto, its movie streaming service, as attractive as possible. From today, it’s taking a big leap forward with the announcement that you can now beam your Foxtel flicks onto your big screen via the Google Chromecast dongle.

The Angriest Anti-Foxtel Rant You'll Ever Hear Is All About Piracy

Foxtel hasn’t exactly covered itself in glory with this whole Game Of Thrones exclusive thing. As a result, everyone who doesn’t want to part with wads of cash for a subscription just to watch their favourite show is more than a little miffed with the network, including this Aussie YouTube reviewer, who has compiled the sweariest anti-Foxtel rant you’ll ever hear.

Aussies Are Still Paying Over The Odds, And It's Time For ACCC Action

Yet another survey has found Australians are paying more than their American and British counterparts for the same entertainment goods and services.

Game Of Thrones Season Four Is Finally On Google Play

Last night’s Game Of Thrones finale was an epic watch. Now even non-Foxtel people can legally watch season four of the epic HBO drama thanks to Google Play.

Did You Pirate The 'Game Of Thrones' Finale?

It’s no secret: Australia has a piracy problem. You know it. The government knows it and the world’s content creators know it. You’ll see a lot of headlines today about how the season four finale of Game Of Thrones set new piracy records all over the world, with Australia being one of the biggest contributors. Again. So how did you watch it? Did you pirate, or did you pay?