Buy KFC, Get A Free Month Of Foxtel's Presto

Feeling peckish? Nothing good on TV? Oh my God all your prayers have been answered at once — for the next two weeks you’ll get a free month’s access to Presto, Foxtel’s movie streaming service, when you buy a $24.95 KFC Family Burger Box.

Here's How Foxtel Wants To Punish You For Being A Pirate

Foxtel hates that you pirate stuff. According to the pay TV provider, it’s costing jobs and hurting the company’s bottom line. In its submission to the Government’s copyright consultation process, Foxtel offers a pretty clear idea of how it would like to see you suffer for pirating content illegally.

Malcolm Turnbull's Anti-Piracy Forum Live: The News As It Happened

Australia’s battle over piracy came to a head as Communication Minister Malcolm Turnbull chaired a discussion between industry heavyweights on how the Government should best regulate the issue. Get in here and follow it as it happened live!

New Foxtel Pricing: Subscription TV Finally Gets Cheaper, Better For Binge Watching

You can’t compete with free when it comes to content. Aussies have already shown that they’re prepared to steal it before they’ll pay too much for it. In a bid to shift the tide, Foxtel is finally making its pay TV packages cheaper.

Foxtel's Triple Play Could Start With Price Cuts

The most common complaint about Foxtel is that it charges Australians way too much for access to its exclusive content. Reports indicate that the company is mulling price drops as it readies its broadband and telephony offerings.

20 Per Cent Of Foxtel Presto Movies Are Watched Via Google Chromecast

One criticism often made of Foxtel is that it doesn’t keep up with the latest in technology. Whether or not that is true for Foxtel Play and Go, it’s not the case for the company’s Presto movie streaming service. More than a fifth of all Presto movies watched since launch have been viewed via Google’s $50 Chromecast dongle.

Why Presto's Price Cut Won't Stop Aussies Using Netflix

Foxtel’s Presto Movie Streaming Service Is Now Cheaper Than Netflix“. That was the headline from Gizmodo’s own Campbell Simpson in the wee hours of this morning. Foxtel is finally taking the fight to Netflix on price, but it still won’t get online content lovers away from Netflix and onto the Presto service. Here’s why.

Foxtel's Presto Movie Streaming Is Now Cheaper Than Netflix

Foxtel’s all-you-can-eat movie streaming service has just slashed its monthly fee in half. As of this Sunday, Presto will only cost you $9.99 per month, making it cheaper than paying for Netflix. Already pay for Presto? Great — you get a month for free, just because.

James May's Cars Of The People Is On Foxtel Tonight

Are you feeling the effects of the Top Gear drought? There’s a few other shows that should catch your attention. One of those is Cars Of The People, TG host James May’s look at cars that changed the world, built for the people by the people (or sometimes by power-hungry dictators).

Malcolm Turnbull Says Cost, Availability Are Big Factors In Australia's Piracy Problem

Malcolm Turnbull has turned his attention to the ongoing skirmish between Australia’s copyright infringing public and the corporations that hold the rights to that copyrighted content. In a post on his personal website, he postulates on the “lively debate” around copyright and spruiks the government’s Online Copyright Infringement Discussion Paper.

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