Presto Is Bringing The Fight To Netflix And Stan

Presto is now a formal, official joint venture between Foxtel and Seven West Media — two of Australia’s largest media companies. Each of the partners has a 50 per cent stake in the service, and they’re planning to use their considerable marketing might and the depth of their war chests to make a huge play. They want Presto to be the best streaming video on demand service in Australia, and they’re not afraid to spend a bit of money to get there.

Quickflix Will Offer Direct Access To Foxtel's Presto Movies And TV

When Quickflix entered a trading halt on the Australian Stock Exchange yesterday, we expected to write the story that the service was finally going bust in the wake of Netflix and Stan in the Australian market. Instead, it has today announced a new deal that could see it rise again: Quickflix is going to be a reseller of Foxtel’s Presto service.

I Tried To Pay Foxtel For Game Of Thrones, But They Wouldn't Let Me

“There is no longer any excuse to pirate Game of Thrones.” That’s what the self-satisfied think-pieces were telling me. That’s what the smug folk on Twitter are saying. It seems every time I refreshed I was regaled with the all-too loud declarations of those who wanted everyone to know they would be paying to watch Game of Thrones. Bully for you.

The lady doth protest too much. I’d wager a small fortune that every single one of them have a torrent client installed on their computer alongside a conveniently placed ThePirateBay shortcut on their browser of choice.

Foxtel Grabs The Walking Dead For Presto

After Game Of Thrones, we’d say The Walking Dead is fairly high on the list of shows viewers would like to be able to watch on legal streaming services. Foxtel just announced that it will be presenting the zombie favourite on Presto — but how long will you have to wait?

Foxtel Says 200,000 iQ3 Boxes Need Fixing

So much for the shining hope of the Australia’s pay TV broadcaster: Foxtel has admitted that 200,000 of the brand, spanking new Foxtel iQ3 boxes need new software to fix a battery of issues.

The Walking Dead Spinoff Finally Has A Name

Fear The Walking Dead. For years, we’ve been wondering how the zombie apocalypse represented in Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead graphic novels actually started, and it’s looking more and more certain that we’ll find out very soon. There’s a new spin-off series from Kirkman, it’s called Fear The Walking Dead, and it’s about the start of the outbreak.

New Telstra Plans: Massive New Data Inclusions, Free Foxtel Presto

Looks like Telstra is gearing up for the mobile streaming revolution! The telco might not be unmetering Netflix on mobile, but it is throwing in loads of bonus data and Presto subscriptions for customers on all sorts of plans.

Rebuilding Foxtel: The 500-Person Army Fighting Netflix

Foxtel is slipping. Slipping in the minds of you and I: streaming users who aggressively pursue new technology. It’s slipping ever closer to the proverbial black hole of irrelevance by clinging onto its old-world set-top box products while also tacking on a few piecemeal streaming services on the side in the form of Go, Play and Presto. That’s the story you know. The story you don’t is far more interesting. “We haven’t so much turned the great ship Foxtel around,” Mike Ivanchenko, Director of Product, tells me over a coffee. “We built a brand new ship next to the old one.”

Foxtel iQ3: Australian Hands-On

The Foxtel iQ3 box is the company’s latest set-top box to enter the market, and it’s an eyebrow-raiser. Mainly because it’s surprisingly good.

Foxtel iQ3: Australian Pricing And Release Date

After more than a few delays and mounting speculation as to its features, the Foxtel iQ3 set top box is finally out there on the market for subscribers to buy. Here’s what you’ll pay for it, what it does, and when you can get one.