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This Is The Best Thing Foxtel Has Ever Done

Guys. Guys. Get onto the Foxtel website now, and get yourself a subscription. From the morning of Friday July 8th, until the early hours of Monday July 11th, Foxtel has a pop-up channel — on cable TV, online on Foxtel Play, and on mobile on Foxtel Go — playing nothing but back-to-back Fast & Furious films.

Gizmodo Movie Night: The Best Video Game Movies, And Movies That Should Have Video Games

It’s almost the weekend, and that means you should book in another Gizmodo movie night. This week, boot up your PC, scroll through your Steam library and pick your favourites — these are the best (and worst) video game movies, and movies that gamers will like, streaming online right now.

Foxtel Subscribers Now Get Hayu For Free

Hayu is a streaming service just for reality TV. We’re talking Kardashians by the limo-load and houses full of Real Housewives. And now, if you’re the kind of person that already binges on Foxtel cable, you’ll be able to stream Hayu for free.

Amazon Outage Brings Down Foxtel, Stan, Domino's Over The Weekend

If you had trouble streaming video or ordering a pizza online over the weekend, there was a very good reason why. During Sydney’s wild weather on Saturday and Sunday, a power issue caused an outage at cloud provider Amazon Web Services, bringing several big websites and streaming services — along with their associated apps — screeching to a halt.

What's New On Netflix, Stan And Foxtel Anytime For June

From Orange Is The New Black, to Daria (yes!), to The X Files — here’s just a taste of what Netflix, Stan and Foxtel Anytime are streaming for the month of June.

Australia's 'Three-Strikes' Piracy Plan Is On Hold

Remember when copyright holders were planning a “three-strikes” scheme in Australia? You know, the one where Internet Service providers would have to send a letter each time you er, “acquired” the latest episode of Game of Thrones without paying for it? And if you got three in a year you’d be taken to court?

It was supposed to begin in September this year, but has been put on hold until April next year after the ISPs and copyright holders couldn’t reach an agreement on who would be responsible for the costs involved in administrating such a huge undertaking — which includes the letters themselves, contacting offenders and answering the anticipated influx of angry phone calls.

How Optus Stole The English Premier League From Foxtel

The news many football fans feared was confirmed yesterday: you will have to sign up to Optus to watch the English Premier League from next season.

It’ll cost $15 a month for Optus postpaid mobile and broadband customers, or free for subscribers who spend more than $85 a month on a plan.

What's New On Netflix, Stan And Foxtel Anytime For May

From Game of Thrones, to original series Wolf Creek, to Ant-Man — here’s just a taste of what Netflix, Stan and Foxtel Anytime are streaming for the month of May.

Australians Aren't Afraid Of The Copyright Police, Game Of Thrones Piracy Boom Shows

Local pirates clearly aren’t trying too hard to cover their tracks, with a hefty slice of Game of Thrones season premiere downloads traced back to Australia.

Once again Game of Thrones has smashed records in Australia, with this week’s Season 6 premiere attracting 727,000 viewers on Foxtel to become the most-watched show in Australian subscription television history. That’s a 30 per cent jump on last year, before you even count Foxtel Play streaming viewers, but not everyone wanting to learn the fate of Jon Snow decided to do the right thing.

I Refuse To Feel Guilty For Torrenting Game Of Thrones

One year ago my brother in-law and I made a decision. We wanted to do the right thing. We wanted to try and pay to watch Game of Thrones season 5.

Analyse that sentence for a second. I’ll add some italics for emphasis.

We wanted to try and pay to watch Game of Thrones.

We couldn’t just pay. We had to try to pay.

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