Dendy Prepares On-Demand Movie And TV Service

Dendy Cinemas, which currently runs 27 screens across Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane, will soon be launching a subscription-free movie & TV service for both home media setups and mobile.

Game Of Thrones Piracy: By The Numbers Around The World

Pirates downloading Game Of Thrones In Australia is bad, and the story is the same around the world. Everyone from Sydney to London is pirating HBO’s flagship show. The pirate’s justification is that the show simply costs too damn much. Here’s how much you pay for Game Of Thrones around the world on legal channels.

Foxtel Is Upset That You Pirated 'Game Of Thrones', Writes Open Letter To Pirates

Foxtel had to know this was coming, right? Right? When Foxtel signed the papers with HBO to shut out iTunes and Google Play from carrying Game Of Thrones, they had to know that people would pirate the show by the shipload. Despite what should have been an obvious wave of incoming pirates, Foxtel is still upset that you did it, and now it’s shouting about it in a new open letter.

Game Of Thrones To Air Within Two Hours In Australia

Australia’s national day of piracy is on again: it’s Game Of Thrones season premiere day! Thankfully, Foxtel is going to air the first episode of season four in Australia within two hours of it ending in the US.

Chart The Quality Of Your Favourite TV Show With GraphTV

Not convinced whether it’s worth sticking with The Wire, Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead? Kevin Wu’s Graph TV tool lets you see whether you’ve picked a winner. The site compiles a chart of users’ ratings of TV show episodes on IMDb, plotting the rise and fall of ratings over each season.

Australian Pay TV Wants To Be Able To Broadcast Big Sporting Events

Australia’s peak subscription TV lobby group is taking a proposal to the government that would let it buy the rights to the biggest sporting events in the country. If the plan comes to fruition, you’ll be able to watch the FIFA World Cup, AFL and NRL grand finals, the Olympics and the Melbourne Cup on Foxtel as well as free-to-air.

Foxtel Will Let You Stream Entire Seasons Of Game Of Thrones

If you’re already subscribed to Foxtel Go, Foxtel Play or Foxtel’s good ol’-fashioned cable TV service, you’re in for a treat. Full seasons of some of the best TV in recent years are sticking around online for the long run; you’ll soon be able to stream a complete archival season of Game Of Thrones, or Veep, or any of almost a dozen other series, via Foxtel.

Foxtel To Sort Of Fast-Track Mike Judge's 'Silicon Valley' HBO Show

Hey look! Something else cool to watch on Foxtel! That’s right: the Comedy Channel will sort of fast-track Mike Judge’s HBO show, Silicon Valley, to Australian screens 48 hours after it airs in the US.

Foxtel Presto Review: Like Netflix, But Actually Meant For Australia

In a bid to keep movie streaming dollars inside Australia and inside is coffers, Foxtel decided to take its vault of movie content and throw it at a new subscription service that you actually might want to buy. We’ve been testing Foxtel Presto, and here’s the verdict so far.

Foxtel's New Presto Movie Service Launching On March 13

After a couple of months of delays, Foxtel’s Presto movie service finally has a launch date: March 13. In just over a fortnight, you’ll be able to sign up for a $19.99 monthly deal that gives you unlimited access to an archive from Foxtel Movies — both the existing live channels and on demand.