Rebuilding Foxtel: The 500-Person Army Fighting Netflix

Foxtel is slipping. Slipping in the minds of you and I: streaming users who aggressively pursue new technology. It’s slipping ever closer to the proverbial black hole of irrelevance by clinging onto its old-world set-top box products while also tacking on a few piecemeal streaming services on the side in the form of Go, Play and Presto. That’s the story you know. The story you don’t is far more interesting. “We haven’t so much turned the great ship Foxtel around,” Mike Ivanchenko, Director of Product, tells me over a coffee. “We built a brand new ship next to the old one.”

Foxtel iQ3: Australian Hands-On

The Foxtel iQ3 box is the company’s latest set-top box to enter the market, and it’s an eyebrow-raiser. Mainly because it’s surprisingly good.

Foxtel iQ3: Australian Pricing And Release Date

After more than a few delays and mounting speculation as to its features, the Foxtel iQ3 set top box is finally out there on the market for subscribers to buy. Here’s what you’ll pay for it, what it does, and when you can get one.

Foxtel iQ3: Here's The Release Date

Foxtel’s new box has been a loooong time coming. Now at least we know when we’ll be able to get our hands on the new iQ3 which has greater support for streaming media.

HBO's Standalone Streaming Service Won't Be Available In Australia

When HBO announced it would release a stand-alone streaming service a few weeks ago, we raised our collective hopes that it would come to Australia rather than just be a US-exclusive. Sadly, our hopes have been dashed: it’s only going to be available to customers in the US.

Foxtel Will Simulcast Game Of Thrones Season 5 In Australia

If you’re a Game Of Thrones fanatic, you should subscribe to Foxtel. If you want to watch it live, that is. As of the show’s fifth season, which kicks off on April 13 — 32 days to go, guys — the Aussie pay TV provider will simulcast the show live and in line with the US as part of an event stretching across 170 countries around the globe.

Streaming In Australia: There's No One Service To Rule Them All

Australians, all let us rejoice. For we are getting decent streaming services after an age of waiting. Netflix is coming, Presto is here, Stan is awesome. We’re being told that streaming will change our content consumption habits and our lives from 2015 onwards, and that’s probably true. But keep this one simple truth in mind: there is still no one service to rule them all.

More People Are Subscribing To Foxtel Now That It's Cheap

Looks like Foxtel’s cheap plan pricing is starting to pay dividends: it scored loads of new subscribers as a result.

Samsung TVs Pushing Ads Into Foxtel App Streams By Accident

As if yesterday wasn’t bad enough for Samsung Australia’s TV business, now it has a new problem to contend with. Aussie Samsung Smart TV users are reporting that their sets are forcing Pepsi ads into their Foxtel, Plex and other media streams whether they like it or not.

Here's How To Stream The 2015 Super Bowl In Australia

Want to stream the 2015 Superbowl live in Australia? Here’s how you do it.