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Ford Everest Titanium: Australian Review

I grew up out bush, where if you drove a four-wheel drive it was because you went four-wheel driving. You, know, where you actually need one. Given my background, I’ll admit to having judged those drivers; extra large latte in hand, barely visible behind the bulk of their giant steering wheel squeezing through peak hour traffic, Timmy and five friends in the back beneath a mountain of sports equipment.

Ford's Everest Gets A Sync3 Upgrade Later This Year

Sync 3 is Ford’s new in-vehicle communications and entertainment platform that features Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, faster performance, more conversational voice recognition, an intuitive smartphone-like touchscreen and an improved graphic user interface.

It aims to combine the best features of the current system with new technologies, and will become standard on Ford’s Everest Titanium and Everest Trend SUVs.

Ferrari And Ford Corner World's Best Engines For 2016

The twin-turbocharged 3.9-litre V8 that powers Ferrari’s 488 GTB, 488 Spider and the California T grand tourer has won the International Engine of the Year at this year’s awards in Stuttgart, held at the Engine Expo 2016 — yep, that’s a thing. Ford’s tiny 1.0-litre turbocharged EcoBoost continues to get plaudits for its placement in the Fiesta S and EcoSport, too, handily winning the sub-litre category.

Counterfeit Car Parts Are Making Repaired Australian Cars Dangerously Unsafe

Australia’s Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries is concerned about a growing influx of counterfeit car parts entering the country from Asia, including safety-critical parts like wheels, airbags and brake pads. The peak body’s Genuine Is Best website showcases a shocking range of poor quality counterfeits that might be putting your cheaply repaired car at risk.

Thousands Of Hopeful Ford GT Customers Are Being Rejected

The long-awaited Ford GT hypercar from the blue oval is proving to be a collector’s car even before it lands in the hands of its lucky owners.

Reports from the American company say that over 10,000 people from around the world formally applied to buy the car with 6506 of those interested parties completing the application process. Not that it will matter for most of them though as there will only be 500 examples of the 2017 Ford GT built over the next two years.

Australia Makes The New Ford GT's Carbon Fibre Wheels

The new Ford GT — y’know, the one that 6,000 people ordered despite only 500 being built in 2017/18 — is a beautiful and innovative supercar, with its sleek lines and highly-turbocharged EcoBoost V6. But the future car’s 20-inch carbon fibre shoes will be built in Geelong.

Ford Mustang: Australian Review

Ford’s new Mustang is finally reaching Australian shores. But what’s it actually like?

Hertz Australia Is Adding The Ford Mustang To Its Rental Fleet

Want to get yourself into a new Ford Mustang, but don’t want to wait in the thousands-long Aussie production queue? As part of the 2000 extra Mustangs brought over this year, Ford has delivered a small number into the hands of Hertz, and the cars will be making their way into the company’s Adrenaline Collection.

Ford Now Tests Its Autonomous Cars In The Dark

If you don’t enjoy driving in the dark, Ford’s latest autonomous car tests will cheer you up. The company’s announced that it’s been successfully testing its cars at nighttime, a scenario that brings its own set of fairly obvious challenges for self-driving vehicles.

Ford Has An Extra 2000 Mustangs For Australia This Year

Australia really likes the new Mustang. Cars are starting to appear on Aussie roads, but demand remains strong and there’s a backlog of months for new orders. Ford Australia has secured an extra 2000 cars for local buyers, and will have them on our shores before the end of this year.

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