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2016 Ford Mustang: Australian Hands On

The Mustang is an iconic car. In Australia, we’ve rarely seen it outside of films like Bullitt, Gone In 60 Seconds and the new Need For Speed — the last locally delivered model was the relatively unpopular 2001 4.6-litre, and companies like Performax charge upwards of $100,000 for right-hand-drive conversions of US-delivered variants. Now, in 2016, the first made-for-Australia version of the Ford Mustang is here — it’s launching this week, starting at under $46,000.

Everything You Need To Know About Obama's Autonomous Car Plan

In his final State of the Union, President Obama hinted about building a “21st century transportation system.” Now we know he was actually sitting on a plan to dramatically change the way Americans get around.

Ford Testing Autonomous Cars In The Snow (And That's Pretty Damn Tough)

Adverse weather conditions have long been considered one of the biggest barriers in the development of self-driving vehicles. Now, Ford has announced that it’s been testing its autonomous cars in the snow.

How Connected Cars Will Transform Our Lives At Home

Let me put this bluntly: Smart homes are pretty dumb. Or at least historically, connected devices for the everyman’s house have seemed gimmicky at best. This week at CES, however we saw some new technology that stands to reform our very conception of how homes work.

Ford's Autonomous Research Vehicle Is Actually Really Impressive

I’m not what you would call a “car guy”, but upon strolling up to Ford’s flashy new autonomous research vehicle yesterday, I found myself nodding my head with great satisfaction like, “huh, this shit’s really gonna work!”

Ford, Amazon, And DJI Want To Make Self-Driving Cars That Talk To Your House, Drone

Ford was rumoured to announce a partnership with Google today at CES in Vegas, but the 115-year-old auto manufacturer has other tricks up its sleeve: Namely, curious new partnerships with Amazon and Chinese drone-maker DJI.

Ford Brings Android Auto And Apple Carplay To In-Car Systems

Ford is — finally — adding Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to a lineup of apps for the SYNC connectivity system.

Ford Wants To Turn Your Car's Back Wheel Into A Batpod

A patent filed by Ford a few weeks ago reveals a rather unorthodox alternative to throwing a bicycle in your boot. Like the Batpod that ejected from the Batmobile in The Dark Knight, the back wheel of your car could quickly transform into a self-balancing electric unicycle.

Ford Is Using Gorilla Glass On Its New GT

The new Ford GT is a very high-tech vehicle. It eschews the previous GTs’ fuel-sucking, supercharged V8s for a far more efficient twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6, for one. It’s made almost entirely from hand-laid carbon fibre, rather than comparatively heavy aluminium and steel. Since the GT is destined for Le Mans endurance racing, it has to be light. One of the most interesting weight-saving measures is windows made out of Gorilla Glass, the same toughened material covering your smartphone’s display.

Ford's New Ranger Is The Smartest Truck Australia's Ever Seen

Ford makes tough work trucks, but tradies deserve creature comforts, too. And if you’re towing a boat, you want to know that your load is secure, right? Ford’s new Ranger is a big, powerful truck, but it’s also doing good in keeping its occupants — and everyone else on the road — safe at the same time.

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