Ford Introduces Cars That Can Recognise And Obey Speed Limit Signs

Before autonomous smart cars hit the roads, we’re going to be seeing regular cars upgraded with the smarter technologies that will eventually make self-driving vehicles possible. In the UK Ford is introducing what it calls Intelligent Speed Limiter technology on its new S-MAX that enhances the vehicle’s cruise control capabilities with cameras that are able to recognise posted speed limits.

Ford Territory MkII: Australian Review

Cars should get better every year, whether the improvements are gradual or revolutionary. When you have a 10-year-old nameplate, and an existing stable of other excellent vehicles to draw on technology from, you set yourself up with an easy recipe for those improvements. The new 2015 Ford Territory MkII centres around the much-improved SYNC2 interface on a 8-inch touchscreen for media and navigation, and remains a great and straightforward all-Australian SUV at the same time.

Ford Australia Sponsors Robotics Competition For Young People

Ford is spending a bunch of cash to inspire the next generation of robotics engineers that just might make its cars even safer one day. Called the For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology Competition (FRC), the program aims to ignite passion for technology in participants aged from 14-18.

Ford Mode Pro: Ford's Latest Concept Has Two Wheels

Ford announced a brand new concept vehicle at Mobile World Congress this week, but it will never do 0-100km/h, nor will it ever see a drop of fossil fuel. It’s a smart bicycle designed for the megacities of the future. Meet the Ford Mode:Pro.

The 2016 Ford Focus RS Looks Amazing In This Top Gear-Style Teaser

I love a hot hatch. Whenever we do one of our car challenges at Gizmodo Australia, I always walk away with a hot hatch or two. One of the best hot hatches of the last decade is about to get an incredible sounding sequel. This is a teaser for the new 2016 Ford Focus RS.

All The High-Tech Cars, Concepts And In-Car Gadgets From CES 2015 And The Detroit Motor Show

CES 2015 is over, the 2015 Detroit Motor Show is done and dusted, and we now know what the next year has in store for us in the world of motoring. There are some really cool things going on, and we’ve rounded them all up into one place. Here’s your scoop on 2015’s high-tech cars.

Ford GT Is Back As An EcoBoost-Powered Turbo V6 Supercar

The Ford GT is a special car. A special car from a special era of motoring. Now in 2015, Ford is hoping to rekindle the magic with the new Ford GT, which manages to push Ford’s EcoBoost technology to the limit.

Ford SYNC 3: Australian Hands-On

Ford’s SYNC2 in-car entertainment platform is still new, shiny and excellent, but that’s not stopping the car maker debuting an entirely new version of the SYNC platform at CES this year. We went behind the wheel with the new SYNC3 system to check it out, and it’s better than ever.

Ford Helps The LAPD Track Cop Cars In Real-Time

Pull up a chair, good citizen, because I’ve got a story about law enforcement and surveillance that you’re actually going to like. The Los Angeles Police Department is now using a new telematics system in 50 of its Ford Police Interceptors. In other words, the watchmen are being watched — in real-time.

Ford's Adding Another Self-Driving Feature To Its Cars Next Year

There’s a lot of debate over when — and whether — self-driving cars will hit the road. Elon Musk says six years. Volvo says three. However, some of the features of self-driving cars are already in action. And with Ford’s announcement that its sedans will sport pedestrian detection technology starting next year, there are about to be a lot more cars sporting autonomous tech.

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