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We Won At Robot Soccer By Imitating Nature

“In football everything is complicated by the presence of the opposite team.” This observation by the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre has been cited in multiple contexts, ranging from tactical planning in team sports, to game-theoretic modelling of microeconomics, to full-blown robotic warfare.

The common thread in all these studies is conflict: adversarial interactions bring about a disorganisation that can disrupt the most prepared of schemes.

The NFL Will Start Playing With Chip-Equipped Footballs

The NFL will soon start experimenting with chip-equipped footballs. But the league has a very specific goal for the new technology. According to The Toronto Sun, the NFL will be using the futuristic footballs during the 2016 preseason to test how narrowing the goal posts could change the game.

Why Hordes Of Moths Crashed The Euro 2016 Final

As Portugal and France snoozed their way through the final match yesterday at Euro 2016, thousands of Silver Y moths crashed the party — including one that fluttered onto Ronaldo’s anguished face as he sat injured on the pitch. They’re calling it the moth ball final. So what brought all these moths to the Stade de France?

San Francisco Is Pretty Pissed About The Super Bowl Coming To Town

San Francisco is under siege from the NFL, and the people who live there don’t like this one bit. Behold the devastation that Super Bowl 50 hath wrought upon a little city named Frisco.

A Football With A Flattened End Lets You Play Catch With Yourself

If you’re an aspiring NFL player who’s determined to perfect their skills, finding someone to practice with for hours on end can be a challenge – especially in Australia. But with the PassBack training football, which features a flattened end on one side, all you need is a wall to play catch with yourself.

Watching Robots Get Tackled Is So Very Satisfying

Over the past few decades robots have taken over factory jobs, replaced our pets, and even made presidential impersonators obsolete at Disneyland. Humans have good reason to be frustrated, and that’s probably why watching robotic tackle dummies get creamed is so endlessly satisfying.

6 Ways That Magnets Are About To Change Our Lives

Magnets. You already know what they are and everything about them. Or do you? Magnets are crucial to many more emerging technologies than you might expect. The tried-and-true magnet is about to change everything — from how we drive and treat cancer to how we play sports.

NFL Replays Are Going To Be Packed With Juicy Player Data This Year

This season, every NFL player will wear a motion tracking chip — and we’re now getting a look at how the data these chips collect will be shown to fans in instant replays. This is the beginning of something beautiful.

Meanwhile In The Future: Football Has Been Banned

This week on Meanwhile in the Future we step onto the field and talk about contact sports. What would it take to create a future in which the most dangerous sports die out? What are those sports to begin with? What does a world without football look like?

This Death Star Soccer Ball Is Now The Ultimate Power On The Playground

Briefly: Who cares about playing with a regulation or FIFA-approved ball when you can now play soccer with a tiny version of the Death Star? It can’t destroy planets (a minor trade-off) but this Star Wars Celebration-exclusive collectible could be yours if you’re heading to the festivities in California next week. Just remember that it’s as vulnerable to proton torpedo attacks as the real Death Star was, and also oncoming traffic if you accidentally kick it into the street.

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