Finally, A Stadium Shaped Like A Crocodile

I’m as baffled as you are that it’s taken so long, but it seems someday we still might get the stadium we’ve all known architecture really needs: Turkey’s Burasapor soccer team, nicknamed the “Green Crocodiles,” could soon be getting an architectural masterpiece, a structure that will rival the greatest palaces of the last 200 years, even outdoing the timeless proportions of the Acropolis. It is a coiling green crocodile with blazing spotlights in its eyes.

Nike's Aggressive New Cleats Help Gridiron Players Turn On A Dime

The use of 3D printers has allowed Nike’s designers to prototype and test new footwear designs with a remarkably quick turnaround. And the latest shoe born from that new process is the Vapor HyperAgility cleat featuring re-engineered studs that Nike claims will give football players the necessary grip to explode off the line, but also stop and turn on a dime to evade an opponent.

Engineers Are Tracking Football Helmet Data To Study Head Injuries

The prevalence of head injuries is the dark side of football. Now a University of Michigan engineering lab is installing sensors inside helmets which can help measure impact and spot potential brain injuries that might go undetected.

What Time Is The Zero-Gravity Super Bowl On?

Football and jetpacks have a long history together. But what if you actually strapped the jetpacks on the players? That was the idea in this illustration from a 1981 kids’ book that promised “zero-gravity” football played in space colonies of the future.

Cute Animation Explains NFL Football

I get it. To people who know American football as some other thing or don’t care to know it as anything, the sport doesn’t seem to make any damn sense. It’s OK. It’s as silly as America itself.

A Mind-Controlled Exoskeleton Will Kick Off The 2014 World Cup

It won’t be a superstar football player who takes the first kick of 2014′s Football World Cup in Brazil. Nope, instead, it will be a teenager, paralysed from the waist down, who will use the world’s most advanced mind-controlled exoskeleton to get things underway.

Monster Machines: How One Stadium Keeps Its Grass Green In The Dead Of Winter

During the long, bitterly cold winters in the US state of Wisconsin, the only things that grow are snow banks. So to keep Lambeau Field’s turf in game shape for Sunday, the Packers roll out these massive Friday night lights.

Where NFL Quarterbacks Throw, Visualised

We’ve seen plenty of analysis of NBA games from Kirk Goldsberry, but now he’s turned his attention to football. In particular, he’s taken a look at passes relative to the line of scrimmage in the NFL — and the results are really interesting.

The Future Of Aussie Sports Broadcasting: Tech To Watch

From the stadiums of the future to the cutting-edge cameras and graphics technology used behind the scenes and on your screens, it’s a great time to be a sports fan.

The Cutting-Edge Tech Behind American Sports TV (And What's Next)

Competition breeds innovation, especially in sports broadcasting. Think about Australian Cricket in the 1980s. Or today’s multi-billion dollar battle for sports rights and viewer experience bragging-rights between networks owned by ESPN, Fox, ABC and NBC. American sports take on-screen stats and graphics to an obsessive level. Here we look at some of our favourite tech.