Scientists Have Worked Out Why Swiss Cheese Has Holes

The holes in Swiss cheese lend it a very distinctive appearance. But new analysis reveals that they’re not a result of gas produced bacteria in the cheese, or cheeky nibbling by mice — but something else entirely.

Why You Crave Tomato Juice On An Aeroplane

I’m writing this seated on a plane heading to San Francisco. We’ve been in the air for under an hour, and the drink cart is just starting to make its way down the aisle. As the cart rolls nearer I’m forced to decide what drink I’ll be having. Since the cups are minuscule, and the liquid is largely displaced by ice cubes if one’s not quick enough to add “no ice, please” to the order, the decision is critical.

This Map Shows The Most Popular Unique Foods In Each US State

Foursquare tracked people’s tastes across America to come up with a very interesting way to determine the uniqueness of taste: they mined their user data to figure out which food or drink was disproportionately popular in each state. So this map doesn’t show what’s the most popular item in each state, but what item is most uniquely popular in each state (in relation to other places).

A GoPro Strapped To Chopsticks Shows How Fun It Is To Eat Exotic Foods

I don’t believe that Chinese food should always be eaten with chopsticks but it sure makes it fun. Or at least, strapping a GoPro onto a pair of chopsticks makes it look fun, especially when you delve into some of the funkier looking dishes. Anne-Sophie Bazard filmed her and her friends touring Beijing and eating with the GoPro chopsticks and came away with this footage.

Watching This Frozen Apple Get Smashed To Bits Is Oddly Satisfying

Video: You don’t have to tell me you were wondering what happens when you dunk an apple in liquid nitrogen and smash it with an 37kg weight. So were we.

12 Delicious And Absolutely Gorgeous Ways To Cook An Egg

Video: Add an egg to anything and your life instantly gets better. You can eat it on its own after its cooked however which way, you can add it to pasta to make a carbonara, you could make dessert with it and heck, even make drinks with it. It’s the perfect food. Here are 12 things you can do with an egg, it’s filmed in such a beautiful away that you’ll start craving the whole dozen.

Of Course Restaurants Are Designing Meals Just To Look Good On Instagram

It was only a matter of time. Though it’s not unusual for eateries to place plenty of importance on presentation (“we eat with our eyes first”, and all that), the rise of amateur food photographers means that one US restaurant chain has now admitted that it actively designs dishes based on how good they will look on Instagram.

This French Fry Bun Cheeseburger Flips My Stomach Inside Out

Dayshot: The end is here. The pinnacle has been reached. Gimmicky hamburger buns no longer need to exist. Stop creating. Because nothing will ever top The Vulgar Chef’s French Fry Burger Bomb because it makes a bun out of French fries, the hamburger’s natural mouth slush and womb co-inhabitant.

This Is A Real Photo Of Different Types Of Food Cut Into Identical Cubes

My eyes mislead me. Even though this photo looks so perfect that it must be CGI or digitally manipulated, it’s completely real. Artists Lernert and Sander took raw food — you can see meat and seafood and fruits and vegetables — and cut them into perfectly identical cubes and laid them out to form a perfect grid. Perfect!

Video: Making Mozzarella Is Surprisingly Quite Beautiful

There’s something really gorgeous (seriously, not a joke) about making mozzarella. The sheen of the cheese, the perfect shape of the mozz balls, the milky water, the look of the texture, the imagination of it when it’s done. It’s a really beautiful cheese. Here’s how artisanal mozzarella is made in Italy.