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13 Different Ways To Make Crazy Tasty Sandwiches

Sandwiches are the reason why happiness is possible. Why being optimistic pays off. Why lending a helping hand is worth it. Because if you’re a good person who does more good things than bad things, your faith in life is reaffirmed when you bite into a sandwich. Every sandwich is basically paying it forward. Here are 13 wild sandwiches from all over the world, I don’t even recognise some of these.

It Turns Out That The US' GMO Warning Labels Didn't Work

The US has seen widespread campaigns to warn them against the horrors of frankenfood by putting GMO labels on cans, but a new study shows that even when food has GMO labels, nobody cares.

This Duck Burger Topped With Duck Confit Must Be So Decadent

Duck is delicious. Fatty and rich and more flavorful and tongue punchy than chicken in every single way that I’m drooling over this duck burger topped with duck confit, pickled red cabbage, gruyere cheese and drizzled in hoisin sauce. It’s like if America and Asia and France teamed up to make a burger without beef.

Kids Will Happily Eat Anything Using A Pair Of T-rex ChopsticksĀ 

How could anyone, young or old, be picky about what they eat when they’re chowing down on dinner using a pair of easy hinged chopsticks with a chomping T-rex head on one end?

I Tried Some Aphrodisiacs, And Didn't Even Get A Stupid Placebo Effect

People have ascribed sexual powers to certain foods for centuries, but there’s absolutely no scientific evidence any of them will actually give you anything beyond calories and vitamins. But what the hell? Every so often, I’ll try some out and let you know what they’re like. As you read, imagine that I take a bite and wait for the waves of desire to wash over me.

Nibble Away A Sweet Haircut With This Adorable Cookie Cutter

Briefly: You don’t really need a clever trick to get kids to eat biscuits, but with this new biscuit cutter from Monkey Business, they at least won’t wolf them down in one bite. Every nibble they take gives Sam a unique hairdo, until all that’s left is his bald head and then nothing at all.

The World's First Waffle Cone Machine Is Still In Operation

There’s no better way to top off a meal than plunging your face into a big, dripping scoop of ice cream in a fresh, warm waffle cone. America knows this pleasure thanks to Abe Doumar who unveiled the first waffle cone machine at the 1904 World’s Fair. And thanks to Doumar’s family, you can still eat a cone from the original machine.

Cooking Food In A Pan Cut In Half Shows The Magic Of Induction Cooking

Induction cooking is sorcery masked as science through the power of magnets. That’s what I believe in my heart, at least. The heat is created from magnetic induction (as opposed to a gas stove flame or electric heating), which means without the right type of pan, you won’t be able to cook anything, even if the stove is on.

Deep-Fried Brain And Bone Marrow Is A Deliciously Killer Combo

Video: Hamburger and fries. Spaghetti and meatballs. And brain and bone marrow… I guess? Our friend Anna Péter, from the Hungarian food blog Malackaraj, shows us how she makes deep fried brain and bone marrow. And because the universal rule across all types of cooking is that deep frying things and adding bone marrow is always delicious, I’m going to believe that this tastes divine.

What Exactly Is A Calorie And Why Do We Care?

By now, in 2015, with gluten excommunicated from diets, paleo celebrated and superfood vegetables being discovered left and right, we all generally know what kind of food is good for you and what kind of food is bad for you. But do most of us really know what a calorie is other than a big number being worse than a little number? Probably not! Here’s a video from Ted Ed breaking down the unit of measurement that runs so many lives.

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