A (Mostly) Scientific Guide To Pot And The Munchies

Everybody knows it: Weed makes you hungry. Smoking a bowl sends you searching for snacks. Hitting a spliff leaves you craving all kinds of candy. Ripping a bong gives you the munchies. We don’t know why. Science is getting close though, especially after this week.

A Yellow Submarine Butter Spreader Is The Best Thing To Happen To Corn

When you’re a kid, corn on the cob is one of the best meals imaginable, because it’s really just an excuse to eat pure melted butter. But wrangling a chunk of that golden goodness onto a hot piece of corn fresh off the grill is a tricky task that’s made a lot easier with this butter spreader that also happens to make your cob look like The Beatle’s famed yellow submarine.

Fukushima Is Teaching Us How Radioactivity Spreads

After the nuclear meltdown at Fukushima, scientists began a massive effort to monitor radioactive contamination of food grown nearby. And one good thing did come out of it — we learned how radioactivity moves through the ecosystem.

This Video Will Help You Make Up Your Mind About Foie Gras

Video: Munchies made this really interesting short documentary where chef and food writer Dave Arnold travels the world interviewing animal-rights activists, scientists, producers and politicians to shed some light on what is really going on with foie gras.

This Guy Can Chop Onions So Fast It's Almost Unreal

Video: His technique may not be orthodox but it’s definitely efficient. I timed it and he chops an onion in, roughly, 10 seconds, which is less than what it takes to do it with a domestic food processor — considering that you have to cut the onion first, put it in the machine, close the lid, chop it and take it out again.

My Taste Buds Melted After Watching This Dessert Get Made

Video: I don’t especially love pistachio. I don’t go crazy over tiramisu. Heck, I don’t always have the sweet tooth hankering normal humans have for dessert and yet after watching this pistachio tiramisu get made, I can’t help but feel as if my taste buds have all banded together demanding that I eat this right now. It looks so good.

You Can Roll These Kitchen Towels Into Delicious-Looking Inedible Sushi

Having to wash and dry dishes by hand is a terrible chore, but it would be made even worse with a set of these patterned dish towels that will have you craving maki sushi, even right after eating dinner.

Paddle Salt And Pepper Shakers Bring Air Hockey To The Dinner Table

If you find it hard enough to keep order when all of your kids are gathered in the dining room for dinner, this set of air hockey salt and pepper shakers is just about the last thing you’d want to bring to the table. Because thanks to felt pads on the underside they’re just as functional as air hockey paddles as they are at seasoning a bland dish.

Chef Magically Cuts A Carrot Into An Elaborate Net

On good days, my knife skills could be considered rudimentary. On most other days though, I’m probably a danger to myself. So never in my wildest dreams would I ever think that I could pull this sorcery off: turn a regular carrot into a perfectly webbed net by strategically cutting it with a knife. The chef is a magician.

'Natural' Flavourings Are Bulls**t 

In one of those naked PR moves, Nestlé announced yesterday it would only use natural flavourings and colours in its candy. Which means it’s a good time to remember that is “natural” does not mean better. The natural stuff is just as processed, and comes from places like beaver butts and insects.