Watch These Humans Launch A Lamb Chop To Space Because Why Not

Video: Why send this tandoori lamb chop to space when it can be in my belly? I don’t know, but Nikesh Shukla and Nick Hearne thought it was a good idea to put it in a weather balloon and film its flight to the stars — or at least 25,000km up there. I can imagine ISS astronauts looking at this video and weeping.

Watermelons Can Also Be Excellent Kegs

Still pumping your watermelons full of vodka? What is this, summer camp? You’re in the real world now. It’s time for an adult solution to your fruity adult beverage storage needs. Maybe one that even involves a tap/spigot.

Video: How To Make Those Delicious Looking Porn Burgers

Video: Nobody makes a burger look better than pornburger master Matthew Ramsey. Each of his burgers are stunning works of art that you can almost taste and feel the savoury meat juice just by looking at them. Here’s a video he made with National Geographic that reveals how he makes his creations look so damn good.

Three Beer-Based Recipes For The Boozy Chef

Shocking revelation: humans like beer! But if all you’re doing is drinking it, you’re missing out on some of life’s greatest beery pleasures. Don’t let wine have all the fun; try these delectable beer-based recipes that will bring your love affair with booze to mouth-watering new heights.

Watching This Kaiseki Chef Putting Food On Plates Gives Me Goosebumps

Food all goes down the same but there’s so much beauty in food and each ingredient that chefs like Niki Nakayam of Los Angeles Japanese Kaiseki restaurant n/naka turn the idea of putting plate of food into an art form. You’re no longer eating protein and vegetables, but edible art on a plate.

Spray-On Soy Sauce Ensures Your Sushi Isn't Soaked In Salt

Did you know there’s a proper way to eat sushi that doesn’t involve completely soaking the rice in soy sauce? You’re only supposed to dip the fish, which can be tricky if you’re not skilled with a set of chopsticks. So Fukuma, a Japanese soy sauce manufacturer, is now packaging the salty brown side in tiny spray bottles so you can perfectly spritz your sushi.

Tiny Hamster Eating Too Much Tiny Thanksgiving Food Is Just So Cute

I love Thanksgiving. Family and food and football and more food and Fall and friends and even more food. And though all of that makes me smile, nothing captures the essence of holiday better than this tiny hamster: it ate so much tiny Thanksgiving food that you can see the guilt and worry on its face.

Why Sugar Doesn't Spoil

Two foods are left out on the counter — fresh tomatoes and a bowl of sugar. Within a week or so, one will develop black spots and the other remains pristine, albeit perhaps a little clumpy depending on the humidity of the air. But why?

Watching Delicious Food Explode In Slow Motion Makes Me So Hungry

Video: The intention of this ad might be to sell a new intelligent fridge that helps you keep a healthy diet. But I can help but to get hungry watching these delicious food blowing up in beautiful slow motion.

This Guy Recreated One Of The Craziest Restaurants In The World At Home

If you don’t know the restaurant Alinea, know this: it’s one of the best restaurants in the world and it’s as much a mad science lab and art museum as it is a place to eat dinner. It’s crazy, I mean they serve things like edible helium balloons. Somehow, this normal guy recreated all of that magic at home.

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