Is Breakfast The Most Important Meal Of The Day?

Personally, I need breakfast. Almost every morning, I wake up early feeling hungry, and it’s only once I banish my morning hunger that I’m ready to fire. By mid-morning, I take a break and enjoy a snack.

I’ve used a personal anecdote because it’s likely that eating breakfast – or skipping it – may simply reflect a personal preference for timing food intake. Not everyone enjoys eating first thing in the morning. But your first choice of foods may contribute to an overall healthy diet.

Would You Try 3D-Printed Meat?

Free-range? Grass-fed? How about 3D-printed next to the Nespresso on your kitchen island? That could be the beef of the future, friends. And two German design students have ginned up the latest plans for a slick-looking machine that could make it.

You Can Turn A Lot Of Things Into Sushi. It's Not Always A Good Idea

What does the word ‘sushi’ mean to you? If your response is something along the lines of ‘food wrapped in rice and seaweed paper’, then you might appreciate Buzzfeed’s new “Can You Sushi It?” video, which highlights just how liberal that definition really is.

How Good Salt Is Made, The Old And Simple Way

Video: I’m really enjoying Zagat’s short doc series that focuses its camera on something and examines in detail how it is made. This time they take a look at salt to find out where good salt comes from. They visited J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works in West Virginia and Jacobsen Salt in Oregon to see how two small salt shops make their salt.

All The Unbelievable Food Porn In This Video Makes My Eyes Hungry

This video shows different types of food that people in the UK eat. Let’s give all glory to the food gods or something, because it is unbelievably gorgeous. And here I thought food in the UK was supposed to suck! The close-up shots, the quick cuts, the progression of how the food is prepared, it weaves together a storyline by just showing us food porn. Delicious!

How To Make Spaghetti And Meatball Tacos

Video: Spaghetti and meatballs are as natural a pairing as hamburger and fries and whiskey and more whiskey, so it’s natural to explore as many different variations of the noodles and meat dish that you can. After seeing a spaghetti bun and meatball burger, I thought the food gods would never bless us with anything more spectacular. I was wrong. Vulgar Chef brings us the spaghetti and meatball taco and shows you exactly how to make it.

Watch A Giant Excavator Precisely Put Together A Hot Dog

Video: Don’t ask me why there needs to be lettuce in a hot dog or what kind of dark red sauce they’re squirting (*gasp* if it’s ketchup), but it’s still cutely impressive to use a giant machine like an excavator to make something as silly as a hot dog. The dexterity of the giant claw puts our little human fingers to shame.

Sandwiches Deconstructed In A Neat Chart

I have spent many waking hours trying to rank the best sandwiches. But there are so many sandwiches! Here’s a good place for me to start: this poster shows all types of sandwiches deconstructed in delicious drawings. But there are still so many sammiches I haven’t eaten!

How To Make Delicious Singapore Chilli Crab

The hawker stands of Singapore are filled with so much delicious food that you want to eat everything your eyes smell and your nose sees. It overloads the sense and crosses some wires and the dish that might be responsible for doing most of that is Singapore Chilli Crab. The sauce is edible crack and despite the name (and the use of chillis), it’s not that spicy!

Pizza Hut's New Hot Dog Pizza Crust Pizza Is Here To Murder Food Forever

Hot dogs and pizza are an underrated combination so Pizza Hut decided to Frankenstein the two together with a new ridiculous pizza: a pizza with a crust made from 28 mini hot dogs. Like 28 pigs in a blanket surrounding a pizza. Like a hot dog moat around a pizza castle. Like two pizzas in a pretzel dog pod.

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