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Scientists Explain The Physics Of The Perfect Pancakes

Have you ever wondered why your pancakes sometimes have ugly craters, or a weird ring around their edges? A new analysis of pancake recipes could help you exploit physics to make the perfect pancake — and possibly one day save your sight.

Seeing The Most Decadent Chocolate Cake Get Made Is Just Unfair

Video: Had dinner? Have plans for it? I say stop eating and cancel all plans and purge yourself from any food that you’ve eaten so you can bake this chocolate cake and eat the whole damn thing. It’s the only natural way to react after watching Chef Steps put together what they call the ultimate chocolate cake.

These Wackily Colourful Rainbow Bagels Are Breaking My Eyeballs

Video: The rainbow bagel looks like a Willy Wonka creation crossed with used Play-Doh set in a reality that I’m not quite prepared to live in. It exists at The Bagel Store in Brooklyn, New York and is topped with a smear cream cheese and sprinkles, made with cake mix and is something you can eat. Sure, it’s visually impressive and by all accounts, edible, but it goes against all of nature’s generous warning signs for poisonous food and is just too damn cheerful to be a breakfast item. And yet it is.

The Cost Of Chipotle's E. Coli Outbreak, Measured In Burritos

Although the cause still remains a mystery, Chipotle’s E. coli outbreak has been declared officially over by the CDC. But just what does an unexplained, months- long food-poisoning outbreak do to the line of customers waiting at your counter?

El Niño Is Fuelling One Of The Scariest Droughts In Recent History

Imagine if crop yields across Australia dropped more than 50 per cent in a single year. It’s difficult to fathom just how catastrophic this would be — but that’s exactly what’s happening in Ethiopia right now, thanks to a deadly, El Niño-fuelled drought.

This Biotech Startup Promises Lab-Grown Pork Within Five Years

The future of lab-grown meat is coming. Or at least it feels that way, based on burgeoning interest in the biotech community. One by one, companies are staking out different animal tissues to grow in vitro for human consumption. First there was beef. Then there was chicken. Now there’s pork.

We're Growing Twice As Much Food (with Far Fewer Farms) Than We Used To

How do you grow more food? One answer that makes sense is with bigger farms and more farmers. But if you look at the last half century-or-so worth of data, that’s not at all what’s been happening.

How To Make Ratatouille Just Like The Pixar Movie

Video: Ratatouille has never looked better than it did in the Pixar movie. A perfect accordion of vegetables of different colours winding themselves in a pot glazed with visual deliciousness. Which makes sense because one of the best chefs in the world, Thomas Keller, imagined the recipe up for the animators at Pixar to make. But here it is in a real life form from the folks at ChefSteps.

For Some Reason I Want This Impossibly Complicated Cutting Board

Cutting boards don’t need to be complicated. They’re just big, preferably wooden things that you can chop on. Simple. But despite the flawless logic above, I still want this ludicrously expensive bells-and-whistles cutting station.

What Actually Happens When You Drink Too Much Soft Drink?

Video: Most reasonable people can generally agree on two things: the Earth is round and soft drink is bad for you. And though we know the first to be absolutely true, what’s so bad about soft drink? Asap Science explains as only they can in this hand drawn animation. Basically, it erodes enamel on our teeth, pumps too much sugar into our bodies, increases liver fat, makes us obese, brings on diabetes and ages the hell out of us.

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