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This Beautiful Spinning Chocolate Cake Hides Hilarious Animations

Oh, this is great. Alexandre Dubosc made this wonderful zoetrope that uses chocolate and popcorn to animate itself. As the multi-layer cake spins around, different things begin to appear as if they’re moving and it’s all perfectly matched with the sound. Corn kernels pop, popcorn gets catapulted and chocolate mouths get fed.

Pepsi Will Release Limited Edition Back To The Future Bottle, Pepsi Perfect

People who grew up watching Back to the Future: Part II are still waiting on hoverboards, flying cars, and those self-lacing shoes. But there is one product that fans of the film will soon be able to buy: Pepsi Perfect.

I Want To Buy Keurig's New Soda-Dispensing Machine (Unfortunately)

Keurig, the company that stole all your money with its annoyingly convenient coffee machines, has just announced a machine that might do the same thing for soda.

A Chart That Shows Where Every Country In The World Gets Its Food

Our plates are quite well-travelled these days, with foods from our backyards mingling with foods grown easily halfway around the world. Just how connected the food world has become is much clearer in these charts showing where every place in the world is getting (and sending) their food.

Mysterious Culprit That Killed 7 Million Pigs Finally Revealed: It Was Tote Bags

Yes, reusable tote bags may be good for making us feel smug in the grocery store check-out. But the USDA just traced a deadly virus that has killed millions of pigs to an unlikely culprit: tote bags. Not feeling so good about that tote bag now, are you?

Japan's Ultra-Poisonous Pufferfish Holds The Key To The Pain Killers Of The Future

Fugu, the Japanese pufferfish that’s a luxe delicacy but also courses with neurotoxins more poisonous than cyanide, might help scientists gin up pain-killing drugs in the future. For killer pain, a killer fish might be the solution.

A Peanut Butter And Jelly Burger Is Totally Weird But I'd Still Eat It

Peanut butter and jelly is as perfect a combination as there can be in sandwich form. A hamburger is the most delicious thing you can have between two buns. Is it possible that combining two perfectly delicious food things can actually backfire and be awful? I want to find out by eating this PB & J Burger from Cook With Meat.

Deep Frying Every Type Of Random Food Imaginable Is All Kinds Of Fun

The wild minds of ChefSteps got 8 vats of oil and then deep fried the hell out of basically every food under the Sun. Cupcakes? Yep. Cauliflower? Peaches? Avocados? Why not. Steak and Potatoes? Mmhmm. A Sausage Egg McMuffin from McDonald’s? Absolutely. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Of course. There is so much crispy oily goodness in the video that you’ll probably cry tears of grease and want to try them all.

7 Things You Had No Idea The World Is Running Out Of

Hardly a day goes by that we’re not told about the unsustainable pressure we’re putting on our natural resources. And while it prompts visions of oil, fresh water and coal, you’d be surprised at how many of our creature comfort commodities are dwindling just as quickly.

How Hormones Make You Feel Hungry And Full

The need to find fuel to generate energy is a profound drive within the biology of all living organisms: we all need food to survive. So it’s not surprising that our bodies have such a complex system to control food intake, driven by hormones.

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