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7 Foods And Beverages Made Using Ingredients From The Human Body

While eating human flesh may be the ultimate taboo, human microbes, saliva, and even hair have been integral to the making of certain food and beverages. From traditional brews to culinary concept art, here are seven edibles that started, in part, inside the human body.

Carving Milk On A Lathe Nearly Gives This Craftsman A Nervous Breakdown

No one thinks to use milk as a building material, but it’s possible. It’s also a huge pain in the arse. So much so that trying to carve the stuff nearly drove craftsman Peter Brown insane.

These Coffee-Infused Cocktails Are The Hair Of The Dog You've Been Looking For

Standard remedies for a hangover are generally limited to greasy food, a strong cup of coffee or more booze. Order those mozzarella sticks from bed, because we’ve got the other two covered. You can thank us later.

Is It Safe To Eat Snow?

Quick! Something white, cold, and flaky is falling from the sky. Should you start eating it, perhaps by the spoonful? Maybe — but, more likely, maybe not.

Hungry Scientists Will Soon Eat A Vegetable Grown In Martian Soil

For two years, researchers have been farming a series of crops in Martian and lunar soils. Now, a vegetable from the garden is finally about to get its first taste test. It will be a radish.

'Seven Nation Army' Is Vastly Improved By Mayo Farts

Video: Jack White is divisive musician. Mayo is a divisive condiment. For some people it’s the only thing that ties a sandwich together, while for others it’s a boring, expensive quest to achieve some dated form of rock-and-roll authenticity that totally overshadows its musical talent. …Yup!

Fried Chicken Was Very, Very Different In The 1700s

Fried chicken is pure comfort food, and you can reasonably expect that it will be prepared using similar methods wherever you go. Unless of course you were planning on time travelling to the 18th century.

The Problem With The New Chocolate Substitute Is The Problem With All Food Substitutes

There’s a new form of chocolate out there that wants to replace chocolate as we know it. The reason it’s not going to is the same reason all substitute foods keep failing to deliver on their promises: Accurately replicating food is almost impossible.

Artist Draws Eminem Out Of Spaghetti, Because Memes Never Die

Video: Despite critical and commercial success and a storied career, the two words that have followed Eminem the longest are “mum’s spaghetti,” from his Academy Award-winning song “Lose Yourself.” Bait-and-switch text memes were built around it.

New Trick Helps Winemakers Figure Out Which Microbes Make Good Wine

Winemaking is always an exercise in uncertainty. You don’t really know just what the wine will taste like until the very end of the process, which is sometimes decades long. A new technique, however, could help predict what wine will taste like before it’s even made.

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