I Think I Can Eat 12 Of These Pintxo Burgers For Breakfast Right Now

The Basque Country in northern Spain is the culinary centre of the world. Not only for its many gastronomical temples — like Lasarte, Arzak, Zuberoa, or Azurmendi — but for the infinite amount of places where they prepare amazing plates — and pintxos. The Inglorious Basque-ard Burger is Pornburger’s homage to the latter.

Scented Duct Tape For Half-Arsed Repairs That At Least Smell Good

At one time duct tape only came in a single colour: silver. It made the material seem like some kind of NASA-engineered, space-age, super tool, but eventually mankind demanded more. Colours and patterns were introduced, but that still wasn’t enough to satiate humanity’s desire for choice. So Duck Brand is now introducing scented duct tape as well, making your hackney repairs smell downright delicious.

Switzerland Puts Secret Bacteria In Cheese To Catch Knockoffs

In parts of Europe, where cheese is taken seriously as a source of national pride, entire labs are devoted to spotting knockoff Emmental and Gruyere. Switzerland has what may be the most impressive strategy yet: secret cocktails of bacteria, sent only to licensed cheesemakers, that work as living biological tracers.

17 Of The World's Best Burgers To Help Celebrate #NationalBurgerDay

It’s #NationalBurgerDay! Celebrate with the most delicious-looking burgers on the planet right now.

Stop Refrigerating Your Butter

Do you keep your butter in the refrigerator? You do? Stop it. Stop it right this second. You’re ruining your butter experience and making your toast taste like failure. Let me tell you why.

Scientists Are Building A Tomato That Grows 24 Hours A Day

Scientists already know how to make a tasty tomato, but in the quest for mass production, there’s another barrier to overcome: how to make a tomato that grows 24 hours a day.

New Bacon-In-Everything Restaurant Looks Deadly Delicious

Brutus is a bacon’s lover dream come true. Located in Montreal, Canada, the restaurant will use bacon in all its dishes. It’s probably half a heart attack but I’m drooling just by looking at some of the food that will be served there.

The Simple Reason We Like Buying Food In Clear Packaging

Back in the olden days, most food packaging was thick and opaque — all the better to keep out elements like light and moisture, which could potentially spoil our Funyuns. Now we’re gravitating towards packaging that lets us actually see the food we’re buying. And it makes sense why this trend is gaining momentum now.

A Spirograph Pancake Machine Makes Breakfast Beautiful

Believe it or not, pancake art has become a trendy way to spice up breakfast, with talented chefs showing off their golden brown creations online. But none can match the intricacy of Nathan Shields’ batter-spewing spirograph machine known as the Pangraph. It’s a work of engineering art unto itself, but the pancakes it produces are truly impressive.

Science: It's Better To Cook A Frozen Steak Than A Thawed Steak

This goes against what most people believe about cooking, but America’s Test Kitchen is saying that it’s better to cook a steak that’s frozen than to cook a steak after it’s been thawed out. In side-by-side tests, the frozen steak was “hands down” better tasting than the thawed steak.

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