Why You've Never Heard Of This Typeface That Defined The 1980s

Apple, Trapper Keeper and Reebok: Three of the most well-known brands of the 1980s, and three companies that used the same futuristic-looking typeface to do it. So why isn’t the typeface a classic like other period pieces *cough*Helvetica*cough*? Fate is a funny thing.

Where The Dollar Sign Comes From

This symbol first showed up in the 1770s, appearing in documents of English-Americans who had business dealings with Spanish-Americans. However, it wasn’t until the very early 1800s that it became popularised, around the same time as the first official US dollars were being minted. Previous to this, the symbol had already been in use as an abbreviation for names of Spanish currency, namely as an abbreviation for the Spanish peso “p”.

Typographic Building Blocks Teach Your Kids The Dangers Of Papyrus

Many parents dream of their children growing up to be successful doctors, lucrative athletes, or award-winning performers. But if graphic designer or InDesign-savant are goals you’ve set for your kids, these beautiful font-themed Typeblocks will put them on the right path.

Here's What All Those New Emoji Actually Look Like

On Monday, the internet was all kinds of excited over the fact that hundreds of new emoji were soon to arrive. Now, the Unicode Consortium has published a chart that shows us what they will actually look like.

Nine Crazy 3D Typefaces Made From Everyday Objects

Whether we realise it or not, the fonts we interact with on a daily basis can be wildly impactful in some pretty surprising ways. But these everyday fonts blend in so seamlessly with the world around us that we hardly even notice them. So what would happen if we tried blending our world into the fonts themselves?

Bic Is Trying To Make A Font Based On All Of The World's Handwriting

In yet another crushing blow to Comic Sans, pen-maker Bic is currently soliciting handwriting samples from anyone on Earth who wants to participate in its Universal Typeface Experiment. The goal is to create a universal font that will presumably supplant Comic Sans as the go-to typeface for amateur designers making birthday cards, lunch room signage or business cards for toddlers.

Screw Helvetica, Times New Roman Is The World's Most Famous Typeface

All day long on the internet we hear how Helvetica was used for this or how Helvetica improved that. Helvetica Helvetica Helvetica! Well, here are a handful of designers who’d like to say a few words about another classic font; let’s get to know Times New Roman, shall we?

An Intricate Typeface Made Out Of History's Greatest Inventions

When she was a design student, Khyati Trehan embarked on an ambitious project to highlight history’s 26 most influential inventors with a unique alphabet. Remarkably, each letter of the special typeface is drawn with a world-changing invention while also name-checking the inventor. The letter “E,” for instance, is represented by the phonograph invented by Edison.

This International Typeface Morphs Flags Into Fonts

This typeface is truly international. The 106-character font is based on national flags from around the world, abstracting their symbols and shapes to create an incredibly inclusive set of characters.

The Man Who Designed Verdana And Georgia Describes A Life Making Fonts

Read a magazine, book or website and you’ll see the product of Matthew Carter’s labors all over it — because he’s the guy who designed hundreds of fonts, including Verdana and Georgia. In this video, he describes the interaction between technology and design in the creation of typefaces.