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TSA In The US Is So Bad That Delta Installed Its Own Ultra-Efficient Checkpoints

To help alleviate long lines at Atlanta’s airport, Delta spent more than a million dollars to install a pair of new high-tech security lanes that can handle more passengers simultaneously. When even the airlines, who are happy to charge passengers extra to sit next to their family members, thinks the United States’ TSA is doing a bad job, you know there’s a problem.

Man In Wingsuit Flies Straight Through A Ring Of Fire

Video: Flying in a wingsuit? That’s just not enough anymore. Anyone could do that (I would never do that). You have to make it more extreme, like by hitting a target while you’re cutting through the air at crazy speeds. Or by making that target a small ring that you have to somehow fly through. Or by lighting that ring on fire. Or by… actually, that should be extreme enough for now.

Why The Hell Is Delta Spending $50 Million On Bag-Tracking Technology?

The US’ busiest airline just spent $US50 ($65) million on tech that promises to more efficiently route your checked luggage to its destination. By the end of the year, all Delta Airlines flights will be tracking bags using RFID, or radio frequency identification. But can RFID really solve one of the most annoying things about air travel?

Watch How Dead Silently An Owl Flies Compared To Other Birds

Video: When a pigeon flies, you can hear it sloppily slap its wings as it makes its way through the air. When a peregrine falcon flies, the flight is powerful and beautiful but you can still hear the movement. When a barn owl flies? Complete silence. It’s amazing to see. BBC Earth set up microphones along the flight path of the birds to let us hear the difference.

This Is How An Aeroplane Picks Up A Banner While Flying In The Air

Video: Ever wonder how those advertising aeroplanes get their flying banners attached to the aeroplane? Me neither. I thought the planes just had those banners attached when they took off. Not the case! Apparently, the planes have to first be flying before they hook onto a specific target in order to launch the banner. They’re picking up the ad as they fly by!

Interesting Animation Explains How Aeroplanes Are Able To Fly

Video: Drag. Thrust. Lift. Jet engines. Propellers. Wings. This animation breaks down just exactly how an aeroplane flies and it’s pretty damn interesting. Each design element of the plane basically solves a law of physics and is part of the reason how an aeroplane can fly.

A Massive Alaskan Volcano Eruption Could Throw The US Into Travel Chaos

A very active volcano erupted in Alaska yesterday afternoon, sending a giant ash cloud up 11,300m in the air. Although the eruption is diverting some flights in the area, it will likely only serve as the subject of some beautiful photos — unless a bunch of ash gets sucked into the jet stream.

Man In Wingsuit Flies Through A Narrow Opening Between Two Antennas

Video: And the kick is good! I always think of a field goal in football whenever something splits the uprights of two standing posts. Only in this instance, it’s not a football and a goalpost but a human being in a wingsuit flying through the narrow opening of two antennas.

Spotting This Flying Goth Musician Overhead Would Be Even Creepier At Night

Weighing in at just four-and-a-half pounds, Otto Dieffenbach’s latest flying creation is a remarkably lifelike replica of Bjørn Alexander Brem, the lead singer of an Osl0-based band called Gothminister. The easiest way to tell the two apart is to remember that the real Bjørn can’t fly.

Flying Underwater Looks Like So Much Fun

Video: Obviously, you can’t actually fly underwater because people can’t fly, and it wouldn’t even be called flying since you’re underwater. But by using this subwing attached to a boat, you can completely submerge yourself underwater and make it feel like you’re gliding through the air (though you’re really cutting through the ocean). God, it must be so fun to do in clear water.

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