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Florida Is Even More Screwed Than We Thought

Florida, America’s lowest-lying state, faces dire predictions thanks to the accelerated melting of the world’s ice sheets. But a new study says this future is coming sooner and faster than previously predicted, prompting a major survey by the US Army Corps of Engineers to shore up the state’s most vulnerable regions.

New Jersey Residents Are Fighting A Seawall That Would Protect Their Homes From Total Devastation

In 2012 Hoboken, New Jersey suffered the brunt of Superstorm Sandy when most of the city was flooded. Now a piece of infrastructure has been designed to prevent this from ever happening again, but some people who live there don’t want it built. Because they think it will look ugly.

Putting Buildings On Hydraulic Legs Is The Ultimate Flood Protection

We are slowly hurtling towards a dystopian future where cities raise themselves on hydraulic legs to begin the long hunt for resources. Only, in this case, replace cities with greenhouses, and the only resource being hunted here is dry land.

Taiwan Is Demolishing An Old Mall And Turning Its Parking Lot Into A Magical Lagoon  

We’ve seen plenty of dead malls reborn as unusual things, from high schools to greenhouses. The Taiwanese city of Tainan is one-upping them all by tearing down an ageing mall to create a network of sandy, shady lagoons.

California's Death Valley Flooding Provides Yet Another Alarming El Niño Preview

A 1000-year flood that rearranged boulders and buckled roads in Death Valley is the latest chilling window into how poorly prepared California is for the now-inevitable El Niño storms.

Pruning The Mississippi River Could Protect New Orleans From The Next Katrina

When Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans a decade ago, its destructive power was unprecedented. But these days, extreme weather events are becoming eerily common. How to prevent the next big storm from walloping the Big Easy? We might need to let the mouth of the Mississippi die.

A Catastrophic Flood Faked With LED Trickery

How do you demonstrate why people should pay attention to flood infrastructure? Show them what a flood would really look like.

The Luxury Housing Of Our Flood-Plagued Future Will Float 

In our flood-plagued future, what kind of housing will the super-rich buy? In Dubai, we’re getting a sneak peek at what super-luxury real estate looks like in a world with unpredictable waters — and the main selling point is that it floats.

A New Simulation Shows How The Alcatraz Escapees Could Have Survived

In 1962, three inmates at Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary attempted one of the most daring and ingenious escapes of all time. They got out of Alcatraz, but where they ended up is still a mystery. The FBI concluded they most likely drowned. But the inmates did have a slim chance at survival, according to a few Dutch hydrologists who have reanalysed the tides that night.

How A Secret Squad Saved London From Flooding In The WWII Blitz

When bombs rained down on London during the Blitz, they fell on houses, on churches, and, less famously, on embankments along the River Thames. The damaged embankments could have sent devastating floods through London, but they didn’t — thanks to a group of engineers who worked secretly and at night.

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