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How To Print A Super-Thin Touchscreen Display On Just About Anything

We’ve kept a close eye on the 27th ACM Symposium on INTER Software and Technology, going on in Honolulu this week, given that it’s already produced dozens of fascinating prototypes — but this award-winning paper is perhaps the coolest we’ve seen.

Watch The First Graphene-Based Flexible Display Get Bent Out Of Shape

Graphene is one of those material science breakthroughs that’s so frequently described as a harbinger of technological revolution, it almost feels hackneyed. Almost, until an update like this rolls around: Scientists at Cambridge today demonstrated the first graphene-based flexible display.

This New Technology Will Finally Bring Flexible Displays To Market

Flexible touchscreens have been “just round the corner” for some time now. Heck, Samsung showed off a flexible screen at CES in January 2013. Sadly, it was just a prototype. The truth is that flexible displays just haven’t been durable enough for mass production. Until now.

LG's 18-Inch Flexible Display In Action Is What The Future Looks Like

We only recently learned about LG’s new 18-inch flexible display that can roll up like a magazine. It sounds crazy, but seeing it bend and twist in on video makes my heart palpitate.

Bloomberg: Samsung's Planning A Three-Sided Wraparound Display Phone

If your phone is lacking one thing, it’s a display that covers multiple sides of its boring little rectangular frame. At least, that’s according to Samsung, because Bloomberg is reporting that the company has plans to produce a phone with a curved OLED screen which wraps around three of its sides.

Awesome Flexible Display Wraps Around The Edges Of Your Phone

As if we needed any further convincing of the wonderful potential of flexible displays, a Japanese company called SEL has developed a high-resolution screen that can be rolled to a tight 4mm radius, allowing it to wrap around the edge of a smartphone while still working.

Flexible Displays Don't Mean Flexible Phones

LG unveiled the “world’s first flexible OLED panel for smartphones” on Monday morningand bragged about how products with “enhanced performance and differentiated designs” would follow next year. A fully flexible smartphone is probably not going to be among those exciting new things, however.

Samsung Set For Foldable Touchscreen Device Next Year?

Hmm, rumour has it that Samsung are set to release some kind of foldable touchscreen device (perhaps related to the bendy screens above?) at some point next year that will tout a 5.3″ Super AMOLED HD Dual display, and of course, will be Android powered. Sounds rather interesting, and well, pretty nifty to be honest.

HP's Future Computing Vision: Flexible Displays And Super-Fast Storage Circuitry

HP has a long history of spending money on research and development, but as with most companies the curtain is rarely drawn back on what’s imminent from such research. In Shanghai, HP gave Gizmodo a sneak peek at its flexible display and circuit plans.

HP's Building Flexible Displays For Soldiers' Wrists And Ever-Changing Price Tags

Some mad flexi-OLED prototypes have been shown off by other companies before, but HP’s getting in on the act with screens that could be used for a multitude of purposes, and hopefully as soon as 2013.

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