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A Ton Of New Details About The Ghostbusters Reboot

The team behind Deadpool 2 talk about Cable’s role in the film. Joe Russo teases Stan Lee’s cameo in Civil War. Gotham teases the return of Fish Mooney. Plus, a new clip from X-Men Apocalypse, a ton of new Civil War stills and new details on Lego’s next Star Wars series. To me, my spoilers!

X-Men: Apocalypse's Wolverine Cameo Could Be Hugely Important To Future X-Movies

Chris Evans ponders his future as Captain America. Disney plans dates for its stable of fairytale adaptations. Sophie Turner talks Sansa’s journey on Game of Thrones. Plus, new pictures from Alien Covenant and A Series of Unfortunate Events and more Blade Runner 2 casting. Spoilers get!

There's A Wild New Rumour About The Mutant We're Meeting In Wolverine 3

Maisie Williams responds to those New Mutant rumours. Joe Russo discusses Scarlet Witch’s evolution in Civil War. Game of Thrones‘ producer promises the new season isn’t as dark. Plus, Simon Pegg on Star Trek Beyond, Greg Berlanti addresses Flash criticisms and Neil Gaiman teases American Gods. Spoilers get!

Here's How James Cameron Plans To Film All Four Avatar Sequels At The Same Time

The next X-Men movie could tackle a huge storyline from the comics. Tim Miller wants an R-Rated X-Force. Plus, a ton of new footage from Civil War, Game of Thrones, Agents of SHIELD and The Flash; and Iron Fist casts a few more key characters. Spoilers now!

We Might Already Know When The New Star Trek TV Show Is Set

Spider-Man: Homecoming could already have a villain. The next Wolverine film might be set in the future. Arrow‘s producers tease Felicity’s return to the fold. Zoo casts a Warehouse 13 alum. Plus, major Ready Player One casting, new pictures from Legends of Tomorrow and a new Game of Thrones clip. To me, my spoilers!

Spider-Man's Role In Civil War Is Way Bigger Than We Expected

What four major female roles is Black Panther looking to cast? Gal Gadot discusses the dark tone of Wonder Woman. Bryan Singer talks Jean Grey and Scott Summers in X-Men Apocalypse. BBC America’s Dirk Gently show casts its female lead. Plus, new pictures from Arrow and Flash, and a new Agents of SHIELD clip. Spoilers get!

The Next Version Of Micrsoft's Edge Browser Will Stop Flash In Crappy Content

Good news for those who hate Flash: the next version of Microsoft’s Edge browser will automatically stop the software running when it’s not essential to the page.

Another Star Wars Hero Is Definitely Coming Back For Episode VIII

An Arrow star is heading to The Flash, with a twist. Zack Snyder discusses Ben Affleck’s reticent involvement in the standalone Batman movie. Get a whole new look at the Doctor Who spinoff’s cast. Plus, an update on the Last of Us movie, and new clips from Agents of SHIELD and iZombie. Spoilers get!

The Flash Movie Could Co-Star Another DC Movie Superhero 

Fox denies those recent New Mutants rumours. Peter Capaldi drops hints about the new Doctor Who companion. Game of Thrones will return to a tragically familiar locale. Plus, new teasers for Warcraft and Preacher, and a Sabrina the Teenage Witch reboot could be on the cards. To me, my spoilers!

Could Thor: Ragnarok Really Be Tom Hiddleston's Last Appearance As Loki?

James Gunn might not come back for a third Guardians movie. Simon Kinberg offers an update on the New Mutants film. Carice Van Houten discusses Melisandre’s crisis of faith on Game of Thrones. Plus, Andrew Lincoln hypes up Negan’s Walking Dead debut, and new pictures from Flash, Supergirl and Gotham. Spoilers get!

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