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Major Rumours About Rogue One and Suicide Squad, Denied

Supergirl‘s producers promise Cat Grant is still around in the second season. The Combaticons are coming to Transformers: The Last Knight. Plus the Lights Out sequel is a go, a new look at the Van Helsing TV show and who Grant Gustin wants to direct The Flash next. Spoilers now!

Turns Out Ezra Miller's Flash Has Excellent Taste In TV

We already liked Ezra Miller’s Flash when he appeared in last night’s Justice League Comic-Con trailer, but now? We’re ready to be BFFs, because it turns out the (Movie’s) Fastest Man Alive is a big Rick & Morty fan.

More Details On Why The Vulture Is Spider-Man: Homecoming's Big Villain

Michael Fassbender promises scares for Alien: Covenant. Agent Coulson’s robo-hand is getting some upgrades on Agents of SHIELD. Echo Kellum says he’ll be suiting up in Arrow season five. Plus, more details on the plans for the CW’s big DC show crossover event, and new looks at Wonder Woman and MacGyver. Spoilers now!

Clark Gregg Hints At A Possible Agents Of SHIELD Crossover With Another Marvel Show

Lupita Nyong’o gives us our first story details for Black Panther. James Gunn confirms a certain Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 cameo. Meet the extended cast of Moana. Plus, a new look at the Joker in Suicide Squad, and behind-the-scenes on Legends of Tomorrow season two. Behold, spoilers!

Firefox Will Start Aggressively Blocking Pointless Flash

Flash is an lingering remnant of an older internet that’s basically been on life support for years now. It’s buggy, insecure, sucks the soul out of your battery and honestly you should have disabled Flash by now anyway. But Firefox will soon be pulling the plug for you.

Another Mysterious New Speedster Is Coming To The Flash

Plus more pictures of Kid Flash in action. Karen Fukuhara talks up Katana’s role in Suicide Squad. Spider-Man swings into action in new footage from the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Tyler Hoechlin talks about his approach to playing Supergirl‘s Man of Steel. Plus, the Flatliners remake gets a release date, and Arrow set pictures. Spoilers now!

The Flash TV Show Debuts Wally West As Kid Flash, And He's Not Bad At All

Ever since Keiynan Lonsdale debuted as Wally West in season two of The Flash, we knew he would eventually gain super-speed and help Barry Allen fight villains as the Fastest Teen Alive. Here’s the first look as Lonsdale in his superhero duds, which turns out are about as comics-accurate as a fan could want.

Even More Absurd Rumours About Peter Capaldi's Future On Doctor Who

More names enter the running for the Flash movie’s lead female role. A familiar foe is confirmed for the next season of Gotham. Get a close look at the cast of Suicide Squad. Plus, a ton of new footage from Ghostbusters and Jason Bourne, and a new clip from Pete’s Dragon. To me, my spoilers!

The DC CW Universe Has A Bad Case Of Barrowmania

Why? Because John Barrowman now has a deal that makes him a series regular across all of the CW’s DC shows including Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

More Luke Skywalker Clues In New Star Wars Episode VIII Set Footage

John Bradley talks about those Sam Tarly/Citadel theories on Game of Thrones. A sequel to cult classic Goonies is looking even less likely. Kevin Smith confirms his Flash return. Plus, a new clip from The Killing Joke, and when to expect the return of American Horror Story. Behold, spoilers!

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