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Three Reasons Why DC's TV Universe Is Better Than Marvel's

Look. Arrow may be in a bit of a slump, The Flash may have made a few questionable decisions and maybe Legends of Tomorrow was a little goofy for your taste. But it’s worth taking a moment to remember that these DC superhero shows — along with Supergirl — are giving us some of TV’s most absurdly awesome moments. Case in point!

On The Set Of Justice League, the Movie That Wants To Save The DC Cinematic Universe

Last Friday, we were among a group of journalists invited to the London set of Justice League. There director Zack Snyder, star/executive producer Ben Affleck and everyone involved all had one, simple message for us: We know. And we’re trying.

The Defenders May Team Up To Battle One Of Marvel's Most Powerful Villains

A new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 synopsis hints at former rumours. God is dead, and The Emoji Movie has a new title. Gotham adds a Vale — but not the one you’d expect. The Flash season three is definitely putting its own spin on a major comic book storyline. Plus, more Dark Tower teases and Grimm‘s return. Spoilers get!

Could A Former Power Ranger Be Joining A Comic Book Movie?

Tyler Hoechlin talks about what he hopes to bring to playing Superman in Supergirl. Melissa McCarthy is up for doing more Ghostbusters. Marc Guggenheim teases how Legends of Tomorrow‘s villains will be a slow burn in comparison to Vandal Savage. Plus, find out when all the DC/CW TV shows are returning. Spoilers now!

More Teases For Sharon Stone's Mysterious Marvel Movie Role

Wild speculation about who could be tipped to play Superman on Supergirl. The Flash is casting a secretive new rival for Barry Allen. Shane Black reveals where the next Predator movie settles into the timeline. Plus, goofy new info from Ghostbusters and Independence Day, while Gotham casts another comic book character. Spoilers now!

Justice League Confirms A Returning Villain

Jessica Lange is done with American Horror Story. What could DC have planned for the Legion of Superheroes in live action? The cast of The Flash break down what the season two finale means for the show’s future. Plus, new pictures from Valerian and Star Trek Beyond, and Noah Hawley on Legion. Spoilers get!

Could More Members Of Suicide Squad Be Getting Their Own Movies?

Chris Evans wants in on Spider-Man: Homecoming. A Flash star hints that the season finale has a big connection to the future of Legends of Tomorrow. EA wants to make a Mirror’s Edge TV show happen. Plus, new footage from X-Men: Apocalypse and new pictures from Game of Thrones. To me, my spoilers!

Intriguing New Details About Batman's Role In Suicide Squad

A Black Panther casting call alleges a veritable who’s who of comic book characters will be in the film. The screenwriters of Infinity War tease even more characters being in the film. Plus, an update on Shazam and new teases for the season finales of Arrow and Flash. Spoilers get!

Stephen King Has Some Major Hints About The Dark Tower Movie

It’s DC/CW blowout as Marc Guggenheim teases the future of Legends of Tomorrow, Grant Gustin discusses Barry Allen’s journey on The Flash and there’s new pictures from Arrow‘s season finale. Jennifer Lawrence talks about her future with the X-Men franchise. Plus, a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 clip. Behold, spoilers!

The Supergirl/Arrow/Flash/Legends Of Tomorrow TV Mega-Crossover Is Already In The Works

To the surprise of absolutely no one (now that Supergirl has found a new home there), the CW is already hyping up a crossover between its four DC television shows later this year. ICE CREAM FOR EVERYBODY!

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