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Chandler Riggs talks about his future on The Walking Dead. A character from the Star Wars prequels appears in new footage from Rogue One. Vin Diesel has hopes for a Rocket and Groot team-up movie. Plus, Alan Tudyk talks Frozen 2, a new clip from the latest episode of Agents of SHIELD, and your first tiny glimpse of Game of Thrones season seven. Spoilers get!


The CW's four-part DC crossover event is over, as the combined forces of Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow defeated the alien Dominators. But saving the Earth wasn't their only achievement — they also managed to turn Barry Allen into a hero again, fixing the DC/CW universe's worst problem, while still provided the most fun superhero TV of the year.


Yesterday marked the beginning of the CW's epic four-episode crossover event, "Heroes v Aliens" (sigh)... or so we were told. As the latest episode of Supergirl revealed, however, that's a bit of a lie. Turns out we're in for a three-episode event, plus maybe a couple of minutes.


Doug Liman teases the Edge of Tomorrow sequel. Ron Howard wants Willow to become a TV series. Barry Allen may have screwed up the timeline for good on The Flash. A new picture teases a costume update for Thor in Ragnarok. Plus, Stephen Amell teases the DC/CW universe crossover, and a new clip from Agents of SHIELD. Spoilers!


A familiar villain is coming back to The Flash, but with a twist. Kevin Fiege talks about Dan Harmon's involvement in Doctor Strange. 12 Monkeys goes back to the future with some major new casting. Plus,new looks at Resident Evil: The Final Chapter and The Walking Dead, and new Power Rangers posters. Behold, Spoilers!