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What Happens When You Push The Button (Again)?

As a follow up to the most epic stunt we’ve ever seen, random people who push a mysterious button in the middle of a street find themselves entangled in a ridiculously intense prank complete with assassinations, flying money, a kidnapping, guns and naked people. This awesome stunt has it all.

How 28 Flash Mobbers Rob A 7-Eleven In Under A Minute

Usually, people showing at flash mobs do some kind of artsy fartsy performance in a public place, summoned by viral tweets or Facebook status. These people did the same thing and robbed a 7-Eleven in the US in under a minute.

The Game Followers Flash Mob Police Phone Lines

Either someone’s playing a practical joke or the Game has serious internet powers. It seems that American rapper, the Game, tweeted containing the number for the Compton sheriff’s office yesterday. That resulted in hundred of calls to the department that apparently overwhelmed their emergency service.

iNowpronounceyoumanandwife: An Apple Store Wedding

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The celebrant wore a black turtleneck and read vows from an iPod. The ring was brought in on a first-generation iPhone. And the bride and groom both said iDo. What more could you hope for from an Apple store wedding?

Hula Dancers Mob San Francisco Apple Store

Not Hulu…Hula! As in the Nā Lei Hulu I Ka Wēkiu dancers. A crew of 40 started a hit-and-run Hula in San Francisco on Saturday, made their way downtown, and made a fun visit to the Apple Store:

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