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Rising Temperatures Are Driving Hundreds Of Species To The North And South Poles

As global temperatures rise, many animal species are edging toward the poles and even climbing mountains to stay within their preferred temperature ranges. The result is a slow but noticeable shift in the world’s ecosystems, both on land and at sea.

This 'Bubble Curtain' Will Protect San Francisco's Marine Life From The Bay Bridge Demolition

One of the largest remaining chunks of San Francisco’s Bay Bridge is coming down tomorrow, as engineers continue to dismantle the ageing piece of infrastructure. But how to protect the fish and other wildlife in the area as it gets taken down? By blowing bubbles.

Seahorse Mating Is A Risky Gender-Bending Water Ballet

Seahorses are famous for flipping the usual reproductive pattern on its head — a seahorse female impregnates the male by laying eggs in his pouch, and the male cares for the developing babies through an 18 day “pregnancy.” But you have to wonder: how does she get her eggs in there?

Back-Flipping Fish Look Before They Leap Across Land

Mummichogs are a type of oxygen-breathing fish that flourish in the small pools that form as the tide recedes. But sometimes that pool evaporates or becomes toxic for the fish. So mummichogs have figured out how to move short distances across land in search of the next shallow pool via a series of backward tail flips, propping themselves up between jumps to re-orient themselves.

People Think They Like Salmon Because Of A Fish Industry Lie

Hey, you, what’s your favourite fish? Oh, salmon, that’s cool. Except that “salmon” may not have been what you think it was at all. So what was it?

No, This Fish Didn't Come Back To Life As A Woman Was Eating It

Did you see that video of a fish “coming back to life” as a woman was eating it? It’s half-bullshit, much like half the viral videos on the internet.

Seeing A Giant Stingray Eat A Crab Is Like Seeing A UFO Abduct A Person

Video: And here I thought stingrays were jolly surfers of the ocean. Not to crabs! Watch as this giant stingray catch a spider crab and vacuum suck the poor crab right into the stingray’s mouth. It’s like one minute the crab is there, the next he’s been vaporised. Poor crab was too busy moulting to realise the UFO of the sea was about to abduct it.

Terrifying Great White Shark Attacking A Cage Is Like Real-Life Jaws

Oh. My. Holy. Bananas. This shark attack video from Hillary Rae shows a 3.5m shark biting and gnawing and trying to rip open an underwater cage with such fury and abandon and ferocity that it looks like the killer beast might actually break through. You get an up-close view of the razor sharp teeth and feel the enormity of the monster.

Fill This Tiny Toy Aquarium With Immortal Fish You Draw Yourself

If your attempts to own and care for a pet fish have resulted in a non-stop procession of toilet-side funerals, this new aquarium from Takara Tomy should help boost your success rate. It’s filled with colourful virtual fish you draw and colour yourself that will only die if your smartphone does.

A Floating Observation Dome Gives Fish A Glimpse Of The Outside World

Some people revel in being a big fish in a small pond. But real fish stuck in a real pond probably aren’t as happy about the situation. So to make the Koi swimming around in your backyard a little happier, consider upgrading their pond with this

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