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Foxtel's iQ2 Now Lets You Record Up To 20 Minutes After A Show's Finished

We’ve all been there – you’ve set the DVR to record your favourite program via the EPG. The next day you sit down to watch it and about 5 minutes from the end, right at the moment of climax, the recording ends, because the networks couldn’t care less about you and run their programs over time. Well, now the Foxtel iQ2 (but not the iQ) will let you extend the recording time up to 20 minutes after each program.

First Kindle 2 Firmware Update Available Now

In case you’re curious, Kindle 2 firmware version 2.0.2 is being rolled out to users over the air. Apparently it doesn’t really do much, except let publishers disable text-to-speech, but it’s the FIRRRRRRRRRSSST. [Engadget]

How To Get The New Android 1.1 Update On Your G1 Right Now

Sitting there twiddling your thumbs still waiting for T-Mobile to push out the latest Android update to your G1? No need-here’s how to upgrade your phone manually right now.

iPhone 2.2.1 Update Available Now, Fixes Bugs

The iPhone 2.2.1 update just hit, and it promises to fix various Safari, Mail and Camera bugs.

BlackBerry Storm Update Leaked

Another week brings yet another BlackBerry Storm OS leak. This time the version is for the 9530 and 9500—a version CrackBerry claims is “a step in the right direction.”

iRiver Spinn PMP Gets Memo App, Bigger Album Art and More in 2.0 Firmware Update

iRiver’s Spinn is certainly beautiful on the outside, but inside its software left a little lacking. A version 2.0 software update is available now which addresses a few of our gripes.

Seagate Firmware Fix Turned Barracudas into Paperweights

Seagate’s SD1A firmware update, meant to fix problems with its Barracuda 7200.11 models, only managed to make things worse—bricking the drives of those who bothered to install it. They’ve pulled the update pending validation.

PlayStation 3 Firmware Update 2.60 Will Bring New Photo Gallery App, More DivX Support Tomorrow

Perhaps taking a cue from iPhoto’s whiz-bang smart organisation features, PS3 firmware 2.60’s biggest add is a new Photo Gallery app that looks like it can sort photos in some interesting ways.

PSP Gets 5.03 Update

The Sony PSP just got the 5.03 firmware update, which improves stability somewhere, somehow. Enjoy the photo of Jessica Chobot licking a PSP, because it’s 1AM here. [PSP Blog via Kotaku]

T-Mobile G1 Getting 'Cupcake' OS Update, May Be Targeted For Late January

Rumours about when/if the “cupcake” OS update might be heading for the G1 got a little more confirmation today as Google and Blog discovered after speaking with a G1 PDA Specialist.

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