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Sony's Firmware Update For A7 And A7r Promises Faster AF, Startup Time

Sony’s full-frame mirrorless duo, the A7 and A7r, are about to become just a bit more capable with the latest firmware released today. Improvements include faster autofocus, improved startup time, and a vaguely stated ‘improved image quality.’

Samsung NX Firmware Upgrade Brings i-Function Lens Support To NX10

Last year when Samsung launched its NX100 camera, they also announced that there would be a firmware update coming that would bring support for the innovative i-Function lenses to the NX10 model. That firmware update has just arrived.

Vodafone HTC Magic Owners, Download Froyo Now

A nice little Christmas treat for Vodafone owners of HTC’s rather aged Magic Android smartphone – you can now download an update to Froyo, giving you an almost new phone again.

Did Last Night's Xbox Update Give You Access To Foxtel On Xbox?

Last night Microsoft rolled out their annual update to the Xbox UI, and on top of including things like download-to-own Zune movies, some readers are reporting that they’ve got access to the new Foxtel on Xbox service. Have you got it?

NX10 To Get Firmware Update To Support i-Function Lenses

Samsung announced the NX100 today, and while the new style (which is apparently designed to mimic a drop of dew forming on a leaf or something), may be what sell units, the much more impressive side of the camera is the i-Function lenses, which bring full manual control to the lens of the camera. The good news is that Samsung plan on bringing support for i-Function lenses to the NX10 as well.

75% Of The PS3's Functionality Has Been Added Since Launch

Last night during the Australian media launch for the PlayStation Move, Aussie PlayStation boss man Michael Ephraim made a throwaway comment that 75 per cent of the current functionality of the PS3 has been added since launch through firmware updates. Kind of makes you wonder how they could charge a grand for it at launch.

MacBook Pro Firmware Update Fixes Fan Speed Under Heavy Loads

Another MacBook Pro firmware update to adjust the behaviour of the system’s fans when it’s under a heavy workload. Normally, this would be too minor to warrant a post, but given the MacBook Pro’s rocky history with graphics cards and heat issues, it’s worth noting Apple’s still churning out fan-related fixes.

Canon 5D Mark II Update Gives You Manual Exposure Control While Shooting HD Video

Canon said today that it would give a free firmware update to users of the hallowed EOS 5D Mark II camera, allowing them to shoot in full HD using manual exposure controls including ISO, aperture and shutter speed.

PS3 Firmware Update v2.76 Is Available Now

According to the Sony Playstation blog, this update is just a minor one that will improve “the playback quality of some PS3 format software.” [PS3Daily]

PS3 v2.70 Firmware Available Now, Brings In-Game Chat, External Video Storage

Another PS3 Firmware update, another modest set of new features. In 2.70, there are only two you’ll notice: system-wide text chat and portability for your PlayStation Store video purchases.

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