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Spectacular Lightning Strike Hits While Fireworks Explode

Video: Mother Nature threw down a rather impressive lightning strike to light up the sky and remind everyone who’s boss. Matthew Pennington took slow-motion footage of the fireworks show in Brandon, Florida and you can see the electric spike of lightning spread all across the sky. Pretty cool.

Watch 300 Rockets Get Fired Off All At The Same Time

Video: If you ever dared to wonder what it looks like when 300 rockets fire off all at once, don’t worry, mad genius Colin Furze has brought that ridiculous imagination to real life. This is what every child’s dreams are made of.

Incredible Aerial View Of Chinese New Year's Fireworks Over Beijing

Apparently, our New Year’s Eve ain’t got nothing on Chinese New Year in Beijing. This video was recorded on an aeroplane that was landing in Beijing at midnight of Chinese New Year and it shows all the fireworks going off at once across the city. It looks like every corner is firing off explosions at the same time.

Watch Molten Iron Transform Into Spectacular Fireworks Display

Video: Dashuhua is a 500-year-old Chinese tradition practised in Nuanquan town, in Hebei province, during the Lantern festival. It consists of throwing molten iron scraps to the cold bricks of the city gate to produce a spectacular shower of sparks that burst into the air creating a similar effect to a fireworks display.

Chinese Police Destroy 3083 Sets Of Fireworks, Creates Huge Explosion

Briefly: Last Sunday, Chinese police destroyed 3083 sets of fireworks creating a huge explosion in a controlled area of the province of Shenyang. As Shanghaiist reports those fireworks were “posing hazards to workers during the process of manufacturing, managing, transporting and storing.”

Watch A Rotten Orange Full Of Fireworks Explode At 62,000 FPS

Every wonder what it would look like if you exploded an orange and filmed the carnage at 62,000 frames per second? Turns out, it looks a lot like the end of a very small world.

Watch A Drone Shoot Fireworks At People From The Drone's Point Of View

Video: Some guys essentially weaponised a drone by strapping Roman Candles onto the flying machine and making it fly around and shoot fireworks at people (themselves). The video, made by PIEROGRAM, is totally crude, but it’s also a preview of how the world will end. Death by laser shooting drones and human stupidity.

This Is What Happens When You Launch A Rocket Under A Frozen Lake

Video: I love my Swedes, especially when they get crazy. I’m not so sure about launching fireworks rockets under the ice of a frozen lake. That’s just dumb. Fun, but dumb. Go home and leave the fish alone, Swedes. You are drunk.

Guy Straps Fireworks To His Ankles For Insane Breakdance Performance

Video: Lil Amok — a professional dancer based in Berlin, Germany — strapped fireworks to his ankles, lit them up and performed this insane breakdance show.

Here's What Happens When A Fireworks Factory Explodes 

Video: That is one hell of a boom, which makes sense since it’s an explosion of a factory of things that go boom. The explosion occurred in Colombia and injured two people. The initial blast knocked the cameraman over and the ensuing fireworks kept shooting out for a solid minute after that. It’s pretty nuts.

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