This Is What Astronauts Actually See On Reentry

Ever wondered what astronauts see when they return from the International Space Station at the end of their mission, tucked tightly into a Soyuz space capsule? Well, it’s this.

Design And Detonate A Simulated Fireworks Show With No Risk Of Injury

If you ask someone what their favourite toy was growing up they will probably say something like Lego. But deep down it was really the illegal fireworks their friend’s cousin’s uncle got from his neighbour. Nothing can quite match the thrill of something going boom, and now amateur pyrotechnics enthusiasts can safely scratch that itch with software that lets you simulate a full-on fireworks extravaganza.

Fireworks Launch Malfunction Causes Massive Explosion

Video: A failure in the launching mechanism made all the fireworks from this firework display go off at once. As you can hear in the video, the noise is deafening and the explosions are so massive they would make Michael Bay proud.

Sydney's 10 Best Airbnb Rentals For Watching Fireworks On New Year's Eve 2014

New Year’s Eve is a spectacular night in Sydney — we go all out when it comes to the fireworks and light shows across the Sydney Harbour, Opera House and the rest of the city. There’s one issue — if you want something a little more exciting than sitting in front of a TV, it can be a little hard to find a good view.

Lining up at the Botanical Gardens, crowding around Circular Quay or any other public vantage point around the harbour is an absolute guessing game, though. If you’re going to throw a party anyway, why not pool a bit of cash with your friends and hire out an Airbnb rental?

Watch The Biggest Firework Ever Explode Into An 800m Ball Of Fire

You are looking at the biggest firework ever fired, weighing a total 460kg — a new world record. According to NHK, it exploded over the city of Konosu — in the island of Honshu, Japan — into a breathtaking rosette about 800m in diameter.

Every Aeroplane Should Fly Shooting Fireworks Just Like This One

If I were the Federal Aviation Administration, I would order every single plane to fly shooting fireworks like Gene Soucy and his acrobatic aeroplane over the skies of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Security be damned in the name of beauty.

Camera Mounted Inside Fireworks Captures Head-Spinning Video

Matt Roach thought it would be a great idea to mount a camera inside a girandola — a spinning fireworks wheel — launched at the 2014 Pyrotechnics Guild International Convention in Mason City, Iowa, and sent us the video. And a great idea it is, indeed.

Forget Hot Air, Disney Parade Floats Could Soon Fly Under Drone Power

The Disney theme park empire is always working to stay on the cutting edge of spectacle tech, and judging by some recent patent applications, The Mouse has his eye on the skies: Disney’s R&D teams want to use drones for their theme park parade floats and aerial displays.

Mad Genius Invents Steel Safe Suit To Stand Inside A Fireworks Display

Video: Mad genius Colin Furze is back again with a new invention. This time he built himself a steel safe suit with the sole purpose of standing inside a fireworks display and enjoy the views. The suit shape looks hilarious, a terrifying mix between the tin man and the scarecrow, but it works perfectly.

Badass Fireworks Machine Gun Fires 900 Shots In One Minute

YouTube user iZHarms made this awesome fireworks machine-gun using with five AK-180 — a type of repeating roman candle — for a total of 900 shots. If this is not the best project you can do this summer, I don’t know what is.