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Setting A Supermarket Fireworks Display On Fire Is A Spectacularly Stupid Thing To Do

Video: Not treating fireworks — AKA explosives — with the respect they deserve is one of the most dangerous thing you can do. So after a couple of pranksters in Phoenix, Arizona, thought it would be funny to start a chain reaction on a shelf full of fireworks in a Walmart, humanity has reached a new low.

Mad Pyromaniac Builds An Explosive Death Star Using 5000 Fireworks

Video: To help celebrate his three-millionth subscriber, YouTuber Colin Furze, the creator of the thermite cannon and questionably-safe hoverbike, has successfully topped all of his inventions to date by building his own miniature Death Star covered in 58 boxes of fireworks all wired together for one magnificent 20 second spectacle.

How To Create A Rainbow-Coloured Pyrotechnics Show

Video: Winter is coming, and what goes perfect with dropping temperatures? That’s right, fire. This rainbow pyrotechnics show was put together with materials you can probably find at the hardware store.

Insane Startup Wants To Create A Man-Made Meteor Shower For The 2020 Olympics

In today’s “I can’t believe they have been funded” news, a startup called Star-ALE wants to create a man-made meteor shower over the city of Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics opening ceremonies. But unlike fireworks, this pyrotechnics show will be visible from an area 200km across Japan.

Put On A Tiny Fireworks Show By Blowing Up Electrical Components

Video: You don’t need dangerous explosives to put on an impressive fireworks show. Just grab a magnifying glass; a bunch of tiny resistors, capacitors and transistors; and then blast them with more electricity than they were designed to handle. The results won’t disappoint, as long as you aren’t hoping for a New Year’s extravaganza.

The Most Beautiful Fireworks Show In China Is Literally A Blacksmith Throwing Molten Metal Around

Video: Fireworks, which were invented in China, are obviously a big deal in China. But no fireworks show in any part of the country and very probably the world can match the sheer spectacle and beautiful audacity of this fireworks show in Nuanquan, China. That’s because it’s more of a molten metal show. A blacksmith, wearing only a big hat and a sheepskin vest for protection, just starts throwing and scoop tossing molten metal against the wall of the city to let it sparkle and rain fire. It’s crazy! It’s so dangerous! It’s so awesome.

This Home-Made Fireworks Rocket Launcher Will Literally Blow Your Socks Off

Dangerous. Absurd. Utterly mental. These words perfectly describe YouTube mechanic Colin Furze and his latest piece of gadgetry — a home-made rocket launcher designed for fireworks. Sure, accuracy and distance prove a bit of a problem, but otherwise, it does what it’s meant to.

This Giant Spinning Windmill Of Fireworks Gives A Spectacular Exploding Light Show

Video: The maniac inventor Colin Furze cooked up a truly spectacular thing this time around: he made a giant firework wheel. As in, fireworks are attached to a wheel (not unlike a windmill) which is attached to a truck which is then all lit at once which is then spun around in circles which then explodes beautifully, shooting fireworks in every direction. This spinning firework wheel is so awesome that it proves that there needs to be more advancements in firework technology.

A Minigun Made With Roman Candles Looks Like An Alien Space Weapon

Video: Here’s how to win the war with the aliens, for when they come (and they will come). Strap every human with these Roman candle firework miniguns and then start lighting up the entire sky with these fiery bright rockets at the same damn time. It won’t hurt a single one of them but the hope is that it will be intimidating enough to scare them off. I mean, look at it go. It looks like a space age weapon!

Totally Awesome Drone Footage Shows Fireworks Exploding All Over The City

Video: A good way to kick off the new year is with champagne. And your friends and family. And a party. And like, nice clothes. Or even with just silence. Like, pajamas and hot chocolate and quiet time. Or like, just sleep. Any way to celebrate New Years is a good way but the best way is probably with fireworks. Here is fireworks popping off all over Lima, Peru as New Years hit and it’s truly spectacular. Jeff Cremer used a drone to document the celebration and the entire city sparkles.

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