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This Giant Spinning Windmill Of Fireworks Gives A Spectacular Exploding Light Show

Video: The maniac inventor Colin Furze cooked up a truly spectacular thing this time around: he made a giant firework wheel. As in, fireworks are attached to a wheel (not unlike a windmill) which is attached to a truck which is then all lit at once which is then spun around in circles which then explodes beautifully, shooting fireworks in every direction. This spinning firework wheel is so awesome that it proves that there needs to be more advancements in firework technology.

A Minigun Made With Roman Candles Looks Like An Alien Space Weapon

Video: Here’s how to win the war with the aliens, for when they come (and they will come). Strap every human with these Roman candle firework miniguns and then start lighting up the entire sky with these fiery bright rockets at the same damn time. It won’t hurt a single one of them but the hope is that it will be intimidating enough to scare them off. I mean, look at it go. It looks like a space age weapon!

Totally Awesome Drone Footage Shows Fireworks Exploding All Over The City

Video: A good way to kick off the new year is with champagne. And your friends and family. And a party. And like, nice clothes. Or even with just silence. Like, pajamas and hot chocolate and quiet time. Or like, just sleep. Any way to celebrate New Years is a good way but the best way is probably with fireworks. Here is fireworks popping off all over Lima, Peru as New Years hit and it’s truly spectacular. Jeff Cremer used a drone to document the celebration and the entire city sparkles.

Lighting 10,000 Sparklers At Once Was The Best Way To Ring In The New Year

Today in “amazing ideas the internet had” we bring you an experiment that is without a doubt the best way to celebrate the end of 2015 and an even better way to usher in 2016. One sparkler is fun, but 10,000 igniting at the same time? That’s a science experiment you have to see.

Here's The US Government's Horrifying Fireworks Safety Demonstration

Do you love watching fireworks? What about watching fireworks that blow the hell out of poor, unsuspecting mannequins? Well, have we got a treat for you.

This Dual Cannon Machine Gun That Shoots Fireworks Is So Much Badass Fun

You probably thought you had a nice weekend. Maybe you got out of the house for a bit, maybe you sunk your toes into some sand, maybe you had a drink with an umbrella in it. But no, your weekend was not that fun. Because when you see this crazy guy shoot Roman Candle fireworks with dual machine guns, nothing can be as fun as that.

The Explosive Firework Sculptures Of An Artist Who Draws With Gunpowder

If you use the internet today, you’ll probably see a trending video of a fireworks display, showing a huge ladder of explosions climbing impossibly high into the sky. It’s not photoshop or a hoax — it’s the work of one of the most celebrated and divisive contemporary artists working today.

Spectacular Lightning Strike Hits While Fireworks Explode

Video: Mother Nature threw down a rather impressive lightning strike to light up the sky and remind everyone who’s boss. Matthew Pennington took slow-motion footage of the fireworks show in Brandon, Florida and you can see the electric spike of lightning spread all across the sky. Pretty cool.

Watch 300 Rockets Get Fired Off All At The Same Time

Video: If you ever dared to wonder what it looks like when 300 rockets fire off all at once, don’t worry, mad genius Colin Furze has brought that ridiculous imagination to real life. This is what every child’s dreams are made of.

Incredible Aerial View Of Chinese New Year's Fireworks Over Beijing

Apparently, our New Year’s Eve ain’t got nothing on Chinese New Year in Beijing. This video was recorded on an aeroplane that was landing in Beijing at midnight of Chinese New Year and it shows all the fireworks going off at once across the city. It looks like every corner is firing off explosions at the same time.

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