This Is What Happens When You Launch A Rocket Under A Frozen Lake

Video: I love my Swedes, especially when they get crazy. I’m not so sure about launching fireworks rockets under the ice of a frozen lake. That’s just dumb. Fun, but dumb. Go home and leave the fish alone, Swedes. You are drunk.

Guy Straps Fireworks To His Ankles For Insane Breakdance Performance

Video: Lil Amok — a professional dancer based in Berlin, Germany — strapped fireworks to his ankles, lit them up and performed this insane breakdance show.

Here's What Happens When A Fireworks Factory Explodes 

Video: That is one hell of a boom, which makes sense since it’s an explosion of a factory of things that go boom. The explosion occurred in Colombia and injured two people. The initial blast knocked the cameraman over and the ensuing fireworks kept shooting out for a solid minute after that. It’s pretty nuts.

An Epic Supercut Of Explosions In Movies

Nothing rings in the new years like explosions and fireworks and countdowns and mind sacrificing hangovers earned during silly festivities. This supercut video by Screen Junkies has most of that from movies like Star Wars and Tropic Thunder and more. You can save the hangover for tomorrow.

How To Watch The Sydney New Year Fireworks Online

By now, all the best harbour spots to watch the midnight fireworks in Sydney will be gone, gone, gone. Here’s how to watch without having to elbow somebody in the face to get a good view.

How To Take Photos Of Fireworks With Your Phone

It just wouldn’t be New Year’s without the climactic boom of fireworks. If you want to keep that memory all year — or at least share it with all of your friends on Instagram — these tips will help you get lovely photos with your phone, even if you’re not a pro.

Watch A Drone Fly Through Christmas Fireworks

Fireworks make every holiday better. And drone footage makes every fireworks display better. So when you combine all three , the results are the best.

This Is What Astronauts Actually See On Reentry

Ever wondered what astronauts see when they return from the International Space Station at the end of their mission, tucked tightly into a Soyuz space capsule? Well, it’s this.

Design And Detonate A Simulated Fireworks Show With No Risk Of Injury

If you ask someone what their favourite toy was growing up they will probably say something like Lego. But deep down it was really the illegal fireworks their friend’s cousin’s uncle got from his neighbour. Nothing can quite match the thrill of something going boom, and now amateur pyrotechnics enthusiasts can safely scratch that itch with software that lets you simulate a full-on fireworks extravaganza.

Fireworks Launch Malfunction Causes Massive Explosion

Video: A failure in the launching mechanism made all the fireworks from this firework display go off at once. As you can hear in the video, the noise is deafening and the explosions are so massive they would make Michael Bay proud.

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