Badass Fireworks Machine Gun Fires 900 Shots In One Minute

YouTube user iZHarms made this awesome fireworks machine-gun using with five AK-180 — a type of repeating roman candle — for a total of 900 shots. If this is not the best project you can do this summer, I don’t know what is.

This Video Makes You Feel Like You Are Flying Through Fireworks

Video: This video — shot from a drone over West Palm Beach, Florida — takes you into the heart of a fireworks display. It almost feels like you are flying between explosions surrounded by colours hundreds of feet above the ground. I thought fireworks couldn’t get any better and I was wrong. This is awesome!

Cross-Section Views Of Firecrackers Are As Cool As Their Explosions

As a kid, you couldn’t care less about what was inside the firecrackers that your parents wouldn’t let you play with. All you cared about was BOOM. But the chemical mixtures inside those colourful capsules are fascinating to look upon, as proven by the photographs of Andrew Waits.

The World's Largest Firework Fills The Sky With Hundreds Of Explosions

Video: It costs $US1500, measures in at about 1.22m in diameter and causes an explosion in the sky close to a kilometre long. It’s the infamous Yonshakudama firework from Japan.

This Is What Fireworks Do When You Fire Them Inside Your Living Room

Video: Dumt & Farligt (Stupid & Dangerous) is a Danish TV program that really lives up to its name: They do lots of dumb and hazardous things while filming using a Phantom camera in slow motion. Like firing big fireworks in a living room, burning all the furniture in the process.

Every Fireworks Show Should Have A Quadcopter Cameraman

Fireworks look awesome from the ground, but have you ever wished you could be inside them? Probably not because that’s verifiably insane, but this quadcopter footage shows off how great the view is from up there.

Watching 2500 Rockets Firing Up At The Same Time Is A Lot Of Fun

Pyro Boy fired 2500 rockets simultaneously at the 2014 Western Winter Blast in Arizona. It’s apparently a really challenging proposition, and it’s obviously a lot of goddamn fun too.

Watch -- And Smell! -- The World's First Multi-Sensory Fireworks Display

London was the place to be this past New Year’s Eve. While you had your ball in New York City and your party in Sydney, London was home to the world’s first multi-sensory fireworks display. You could literally taste the celebration.

Gorgeous Photos Capture Smoke Bombs And Pyrotechnics As They Explode

We all know how it feels. A flame hits the fuse, and sparks spray into the cool nighttime air. Your jaw goes slack, and your eyes widen when you hear the boom and smell the smoke. Well, this is how that feeling looks.

Video: The Biggest Fireworks In History Were Truly Insane Indeed

Dubai set the world record for the largest fireworks show in history on January 1, 2014. We saw a sample — taken at the Burj Khalifa — but that was nothing compared to this HD video, which shows the full scope of this titanic explosion chain from the air and different locations. The fireworks took over the entire country.