So Many Fires Are Burning In Alaska And Canada There's Smoke Over Texas

The drought hitting the West is not just striking the continental US. That same weather pattern that’s sucking the life out of California is also making life hot, dry, and dangerous for the top third of North America: Alaska and Canada have seen little rainfall, soaring spring temperatures, and now a record-breaking wildfire season.

Hobby Drones Derailed Firefighters' Attempt To Put Out A Wildfire

Drought-stricken California has seen a wildfire rage on this week, but when planes carrying flame retardant attempted to contain the fire Wednesday, someone’s hobby drone hovering over the scene got in the way.

A Fire Has Raged Beneath London For 24 Hours Straight

The most complex and important parts of our city are below our feet. If things go right, we never even notice the thick layer cake of cables, pipes, insulation, and refuse that are packed right under the pavement. But in London yesterday and today, the city got a smokey reminder.

This Glorified Speaker Blows Out Fires With BassĀ 

Engineers have experimented with using sonic waves to douse flames for years — but it took a pair of students to turn the concept into an affordable, hand-held device.

Shoelaces That Include Everything You Need To Start An Emergency Fire

Unless you’re trying to prove yourself on some ill-conceived reality survival show, it’s always a good idea to bring some way to easily start a fire when you head off into the wilderness. But if things go awry, this simple set of shoelaces can be used to start a fire in the event of an emergency.

This Origami Cardboard Shelf Makes Starting Campfires A Little Easier

Unless you’re on some reality show trying to prove your chops at wilderness survival, it’s not a crime to bring along tools that make camping a little easier. Like this simple fold-up cardboard shelf that makes it easy to get a campfire started if you’re too tired to scrounge for kindling.

The Decrepit, Unreliable Fire Hydrant Just Got A Brilliant Upgrade

These days, fires are rare enough that most of us rarely think about the state of our fire hydrants. But unfortunately that also means we’re ignoring a dangerously decayed piece of urban infrastructure. Except for a retired NYC firefighter and inventor named George Sigelakis, that is. Meet the fire hydrant of the future.

Sparking Titanium Golf Clubs Might Be Causing California Wildfires

Researchers at UC Irvine have determined that golfers who can’t keep their shots out of the rough might actually be responsible for wildfires in California in recent years. Specifically, certain clubs made from a titanium alloy have been found to produce sparks up to 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit — more than hot enough to ignite dry foliage — when they make contact with rocks and stones in the rough.

A Scary Wildfire Is Burning Outside Los Angeles

Just two weeks after state officials declared 2013 the driest year in California history, a fast-moving wildfire has burned 1700 acres northeast of Los Angeles, according to the Los Angeles Times. In winter. When it’s usually raining.

Leftover Christmas Candy Meets Its Fiery Doom

Chemical fires are usually bad, but when they’re intentional, controlled and consuming weird Christmas/Santa ring pops they’re easy to endorse.