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Unprecedented Number Of Tree Deaths In California Points To A Catastrophic Fire Season

One more horrific prediction has come to pass for California’s drought-ravaged forests. According to the US Forest Service, trees are dying at an even more astonishing rate than they were last summer (Australia’s winter), creating fuel for what will almost certainly be the worst wildfire season in memory.

NASA Just Lit A Fire In Space

On the list of things you’re not advised to do in closed quarters with a limited oxygen supply, lighting a fire definitely ranks high. But this week, NASA did exactly that: The agency intentionally ignited a “large scale fire” aboard a spacecraft.

A Big LA Fire Isn't Worse Because People Are Finally Preparing For The Worst

It had all the elements of a catastrophe: A truck hit an electrical pole in the bone-dry canyons outside LA, exploding a transformer. Winds were brisk with temperatures above 32C. Despite that, the 500-acre blaze that looked particularly scary has only damaged three structures, reportedly because local residents had take the right precautions to protect themselves from bushfire.

The World's Largest Solar Plant Just Torched Itself

Misaligned mirrors are being blamed for a fire that broke out yesterday at the world’s largest solar power plant, leaving the high-tech facility crippled for the time being. It sounds like the plant’s workers suffered through a real hellscape, too.

Satellite Images Reveal The Horrific Scope Of Alberta's Bushfires

Bushfires continue to ravage the Canadian province of Alberta, and experts say they could double in size and take months to extinguish. Here are the latest space-based images of this unprecedented natural disaster.

Another Day, Another Burning Skyscraper In Dubai

Until today, it had been almost three months since the last burning skyscraper in the United Arab Emirates. That all changed when a building went up in flames just outside of Dubai earlier today.

How Long Before Dubai's New Observation Tower Is Engulfed In Flames?

A new observation tower will be built in Dubai, and it’s already being billed as an “architectural wonder that will be as great as Burj Khalifa and Eiffel Tower”. That’s great, but what I really want to know is this: Will it catch on fire?

Here's One Drone That Could Actually Help In A Fire

If drones aren’t chasing firefighters away from a fire, then they’re probably close enough that the delicate plastic and sensitive sensors are slowly melting. Fire and drones are basically a terrible combination in every way, unless they’re a tool being used by firefighters to map out a burning building.

When Will Dubai Fix Its Burning Skyscraper Problem?

Watching a 63-storey Dubai hotel explode into flames on New Year’s Eve and smolder well into New Year’s Day, you might’ve been wondering the same thing I was: Why do so many of Dubai’s skyscrapers catch fire? And how terrifying is it that this city can’t seem to stop this from happening?

How Bad Data Caused The Fires That Leveled The Bronx In The 1970s

“The Bronx is burning.” Throughout the 1970s, hundreds of buildings went up in flames in New York City’s poorest neighbourhoods. But nowhere were the fires more prevalent than The Bronx, where on a single night in July 1977, 400 blazes were raging. And flawed urban planning data was to blame.

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