The Amazon Fire Phone's Headphones Are What All Cheap Earbuds Should Be

Have you ever met a pair of pack-in headphones you liked? Me neither. That is until I got the ones that came with the Fire Phone. They look a lot like Apple’s (bad) EarPods, but are better in almost every way you would want. All cheap headphones should be at least this great.

Poop-Powered Flamethrower Can Shoot Out Gigantic 30-Foot Flames

This poop-powered flamethrower is like the old high school trick of using farts to light fireballs, only on a much more epic scale. The key to creating 30-foot flames from poop, apparently, is grinding the poop into a super fine powder with a blender.

Inside San Franciso's Fire Department, Where Ladders Are Made By Hand

San Francisco’s Fire Department is one of the few left in the United States that still uses wooden ladders. Each is made by hand at a dedicated workshop. Some have been in rotation for nearly a century. We’ll get to the why and how, but hang on: Wouldn’t a wooden ladder burn? Yes. They go up in flames.

Watch A Researcher Zip Line Over The Door To Hell For Science

The more biologists look, the stranger the places they find life. Whether it’s in the boiling mud ponds of Yellowstone or in radioactive seams miles beneath the surface of the Earth, microbes seem capable of surviving just about anywhere. That’s why one team is heading to the deep desert of Turkmenistan to see if life can even thrive at the Door to Hell.

How To Build A Perfect Fire, Without Burning Down The House

There’s nothing quite like logs roaring in the hearth, but nobody wants to turn a winter warmer into a house fire. Here’s how to properly and responsibly start up a fire log without resorting to Firelighters (because really, that’s just cheating.)

Magic Fabric Doesn't Catch Fire After Being Doused With Molten Aluminium

The molten aluminium being poured out onto the thin black fabric is bubbling at a scorching 816C. That’s hot. And yet for all the heat and fire and flame power, the magic fabric easily withstands the burning liquid metal. The fabric doesn’t catch fire, it doesn’t get burnt through, and there’s not a single hole in it. What is this sorcery?

A Candle-Powered Speaker Keeps Playing Even When The Power's Out

Using a scientific phenomenon known as the Peltier-Seebeck or thermoelectric effect, where a voltage is produced via a device with contrasting temperatures, this Bluetooth speaker called the Pelty can run on nothing but burning candles. So the next time you lose power during a brownout, you’ll have both light and entertainment to pass the time.

Amazon Fire Phone: An All-Seeing 3D Prime Contender

We’ve been hearing the rumours for weeks (months? years?), and the day has finally come. Amazon’s phone is here. It’s called the Fire Phone, and it’s got some fancy new tricks.

People Play Soccer Barefoot With A Ball That's On Fire

Getting excited for the World Cup? The whole world is! So much so that they’re doing ridiculous things like playing soccer with flaming coconuts that basically shoot out flames whenever they kick it around. Oh, and they’re doing all that barefooted.

Woman's Hair Burns During Selfie, Shows Why We Should Stop Being Idiots

This girl burned her hair rushing to jump into frame for a selfie. Who’s to blame? Her? Or maybe it’s the uncouth cameraman taking a vertical video. We should toss some blame towards the open flame candle at a small table too. But perhaps it’s all of us in the wrong. As in all of humanity.