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Watching Cigarettes Burn Up Close Is So Much Cooler Than Smoking

Don’t smoke. It might look a teensy bit cool, but it’s a dumb thing to start, a filthy habit to quit, and terrible for you and everything around you. You know what’s way cooler to do with cigarettes than smoking? Lighting them up and seeing them burn on their own in macro.

Watch Chemical Elements Burn And Transform Into Awesome-Looking Compounds

Video: When elements combust, they create wild and different-looking compounds. After watching this video, you’re going to want to torch the entire periodic table.

Real-Life Human Torch Holds Three World Records For Being Set On Fire

Video: Austrian stuntman Josef Toedtling holds three Guinness World Records that few people would even dare think about challenging. His specialty is being set on fire, and his most impressive record-setting feat saw his entire body engulfed in flames for a full five minutes and 41 seconds.

Siberia Has Been Burning All Summer 

As enormous wildfires in Canada and the United States make headlines on the daily, Siberia has been burning ferociously all summer, and nobody seems to be noticing.

The World's First Smart Candle Can Be Lit And Extinguished From Your Smartphone

Like it or not, every single product you use on a daily basis is slowly getting smart. First it was your mobile phone, then it was your TV, then your lights, thermostat, appliances and now even the mood-enhancing candles around your home — wait, there’s a smart candle now too?!

This Bushfire In California Is Getting Awfully Close To A Rocket Launchpad

A 10,000-acre bushfire that began just off a Californian Air Force base continues to spread. And it’s heading closer and closer to the base’s rocket launchpads.

The Process Of Making Matches Is Surprisingly Goopy

Video: Making matches at a factory involves some staggering numbers: two million splints an hour get fed into a perforated steel plate so that they can be ready to get dipped in the red lighter material, 500 boxes of matches get made per minute to house the matches, and 200 matches are processed per second. It’s a doozy. And surprisingly goopy.

This Fire And Tornado Combination Is What Nightmares Are Made Of 

As if tornadoes aren’t destructive and terrifying enough, there’s a ‘firenado’ which scorched five acres this weekend in Oregon.

Scientists Discovered A New Type Of Fire

When they appear in the wild they can be devastating, but in a controlled environment fire tornadoes are not only mesmerising to watch, it turns out that a new iteration might also provide a more eco-friendly way to deal with man-made disasters like oil spills.

A Malfunctioning, Flaming Wind Turbine Is Actually Quite Beautiful

Video: It’s unfortunate when a wind turbine, which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to build and install, malfunctions and breaks down. But sometimes the results can be quite beautiful, particularly when there’s fire involved and those massive blades keep spinning.

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