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Watch A Candle Burn Underwater

Here’s a fun little thing that you think shouldn’t be able to happen but totally understand why it happens after you see it happen. If you stick a candle in a bowl of water and let it burn, the flame will actually be able to be under the water level for a good amount of time. It’s underwater fire!

Why Fighting Wildfires Makes Wildfires Even Crazier And Harder To Fight

Here’s an interesting argument from MinuteEarth saying that we should stop fighting wildfires so vigilantly because we’re actually making wildfires even worse and harder to stop. Why? Because by stopping fires it allows trees to grow closer to each other which makes the forest denser and more flammable and the next fire hotter, faster, and bigger.

The Northern Hemisphere Just Survived The Hottest Summer In Recorded History

Four months ago in New Delhi, the streets melted and the power grid flickered as temperatures soared well beyond 43 degrees Celcius. India was in the midst of the fifth deadliest heat wave in its history, and summer hadn’t even begun.

Fire Breathing In Bullet Time Looks So Completely Bad Arse

It’s a universal rule that even after all these years, everything looks cooler in bullet time. Time stops! Perspectives get reversed! And when this dude is breathing fire in bullet time, it looks like a maniacal orange fiery beast is being excised from the guy’s body. It’s a really bad arse look.

Watch Flowing Lava Scorch The Earth

Here’s beautiful footage of lava flowing from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano. The hot red burning orange lava oozes its way across the ground and basically swallows everything in its path in a fiery inevitability. It’s quite mesmerising to see from up close.

US Telephone History Museum Destroyed In Recent California Wildfire

The JKL Museum of Telephony, dedicated to preserving the history of phones, was destroyed last week as one of the worst wildfires of the summer raged across the central valley of California.

Amazon's $50 Fire Tablet Is The Impulse Buy That Never Ends

Every product Amazon makes is designed to sell you something else. It’s an open secret. That’s why the company could lose money on the Kindle Fire — yet still reap a profit. Now, Amazon is introducing the most irresistable moneysuck yet: a $US50 tablet.

Driving Through A Fire Looks Like Going Through Hell

This is crazy. A fire broke out in Lake County, California and devastated nearly 240 square kilometres. One elderly woman was killed, 13,000 people have been displaced and hundreds of home are now gone. It’s a total tragedy. Here is footage from inside the fire where it’s burning so hot it’s really unbelievable to see.

Early Warning Fire Alarm Detects The Telltale Gases That Precede Smoke

A well-maintained smoke detector is a must for every home, but often, smoke isn’t the first byproduct of a smouldering fire. So researchers have developed a new kind of fire alarm that detects carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide instead, to identify fires at an earlier stage.

Crazy Man Drives A Car Over A Fiery Ramp That Jumps Straight Into A Lake

I don’t know if a car stunt can get any crazier than this. Car on fire? Check. Man jumping out of car on fire? Check? Car plunging into a lake while man jumping out of car on fire? Check. It is totally spectacular and also just plain nuts. Also, it has to be so fun to be the guy doing this.

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