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Humans Have Definitely Made The California Drought Worse

The California drought is by all measures “exceptional.” But humans have made it even more so. A new scientific study offers definitive evidence that anthropogenic climate change has amplified the drought out West, making it 15 to 20 per cent worse than it would have been otherwise.

A Bomb Of Matchstick Heads Exploding In Slow Motion Is Like Fire Rain

What happens when you light 6000 matchstick heads (that is only the tip of the match)? Basically a huge fire bomb explosion that looks like it’s raining fire. The match heads all ignite and burst a super tall flame in the air and then the match heads start flying everywhere and when it falls to the ground, it looks like individual flames are burning down. So cool.

How To Roast A Whole Pig Over An Open Fire

This weekend, we roasted an entire pig at my house for a BBQ. Not only was it fun and visually-impressive to cook, but it was darn tasty too. You should try it! This is our method.

Carving Candles To Expose Hidden Designs Is Absolutely Beautiful

Carving decorative candles is such an exquisite art because not only does the end result look great but the whole process requires a lot of planning to get the right mix of colours and demands a lot from the artist, because there’s a time limit as the candle hardens throughout the carving process. Here’s a few videos showing how it’s done.

How To Coexist With Fire

The dry, hot weather of our warming planet doesn’t just mean drought — it also means the fire season is getting longer. Almost six million acres have burned in the US this year, with 45 active large fires currently burning right now. You’d think this would inspire humans to take a look at making our habitats more fire-resistant. A new study says probably not.

This Flamethrowing Helicopter Is Helping Fight California's Wildfires

Water-bombing aircraft are pretty standard wildfire-fighting equipment. Helicopters that spew fire onto the forest? Not so much.

First-Person View Of A Firefighter Fighting Fire Is So Intense

There are few job descriptions (hell, the job description is in the job title) as terrifying as being a firefighter. When things are burning, you run there. When something catches on fire, it’s your job to put it out. When fire is thrown at you, you have to stare it down. It’s just crazy. And though it’s not like the old days anymore, it’s not always rescuing cats from trees. Just check out this first person view of firefighters from Victorville, California responding to a structure fire.

A Sword Made Of Fire Is The Coolest Thing

There are swords that are on fire, swords made in fire and now, swords that are made of fire. The Backyard Scientist created this “fire sabre” which is basically a seltzer bottle that spits out a stream of butane which lights on fire with a lighter. The look of the fire stream resembles a light sabre, hence the fire sabre.

Surfing While You're On Fire Looks So Crazy But Actually Makes Sense

My first, unwrinkled brain reaction: OMG, that man is on fire. Like, flames are coming out of his body on fire. And he’s surfing! And doing things that aren’t get these flames that are coming out of my body off my body. I don’t know about you but if I see myself on fire, I want it off of me and that would be the only thing I could do. But then it hit me, what better place to be on fire than in the ocean? Surf on, brother.

Firefighters Can't Save People Burning In Cars Because Of A Stupid Drone

A giant wildfire currently spreading through Southern California’s Cajon Pass is burning cars on a freeway in what the San Bernardino County Fire Department is calling a “mass casualty incident.” But the firefighters also issued a report that due to a drone seen flying in the area, they couldn’t get their helicopters to the scene right away.

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