Painting With Fire Creates Some Really Beautiful Art

Sure, you’re not supposed to play with fire but what about painting with fire? That’s what artist Steve Spazuk does. He uses flames and smoke to create beautiful artwork with images that are literally burned in. Spazuk employs other tools like feather brushes and x-acto knives but his artwork begins with fire. Pretty neat.

Badass Aeroplane Pilot Extinguishes Truck Fire With One Water Drop

Aerial firefighters are some of the most badass pilots out there, flying through smoke, extreme heat and turbulences, in often battered aeroplanes to drop water with amazing skills and courage. Sometimes, however, they get to do fun stuff like this: put out a semi truck fire on a road in the middle of nowhere.

Burning Artificial Sweeteners Releases Some Bizarre Shooting Webs

Our favourite destroyer of objects, the red hot nickel ball, is back. This time it’s torching artificial sweeteners like Splenda, Sweet N’ Low and Truvia. Splenda and Sweet N’ Low put up honourable fights but essentially caramelizes. Truvia, however, starts shooting out these weird spider web looking things when burned.

Learn Just How Crazy Russian Smokejumpers Are

To be a smokejumper — the front-line firefighters who parachute into forest fires — in the US, you’ve already got to be a little unhinged. To do the same job in Russia, with antique equipment, for no pay, you must be certifiably insane.

New High-Res Public Satellite Uses Infrared To See Through Smoke

Much like donning a pair of magical X-ray spectacles, DigitalGlobe’s recently-launched high-res imaging satellite WorldView-3 can see straight through things like smoke — to identify what’s really happening on the surface of the Earth. While WorldView-3 will create images that are twice as detailed as Google Maps, it also has other tricks up its sleeve — like a shortwave infrared sensor which can see through clouds and smoke.

Watching This Piano Burn And Slowly Disintegrate Is Beautifully Sad

Video: Having Beethoven as the soundtrack obviously adds to the feels but there’s something strangely beautiful and yearningly sad about seeing this wood piano burn to ashes by two heat guns. Like it’s a memento of a simpler life disappearing via the hands of cold robots.

Berlin's Creepiest Abandoned Amusement Park Burnt Down By Suspected Arson

Sorry, fans of ruin porn, creators of would-be Saw-sequels and demented Walt Disney wannabes: The famous abandoned amusement park in Berlin named Spreepark was destroyed by two separate fires over the weekend. Arson is suspected.

Flying Tank Fires Its Cannon

A Russian T-90AM tank firing its 125mm cannon as it flies off a ramp. Even after the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia still has more tanks than any other country in the world: 15,500. China and the USA follow with 9150 and 8325 respectively. Russia is now conducting its annual world tank championship.

How This ISS Fireball Revealed A New Type Of Cool, Invisible Flame

Remember that flame burst recorded by an astronaut aboard the ISS? Well, it wasn’t just for the fireworks. In fact, that great ball of fire led to the discovery of a previously unknown type of cool-burning flame that isn’t even visible to the naked eye.

The Amazon Fire Phone's Headphones Are What All Cheap Earbuds Should Be

Have you ever met a pair of pack-in headphones you liked? Me neither. That is until I got the ones that came with the Fire Phone. They look a lot like Apple’s (bad) EarPods, but are better in almost every way you would want. All cheap headphones should be at least this great.

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