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5 Totally Bizarre Ways To Put Out A Candle

Video: How do you put a candle? It’s simple, just blow it out. Easy enough, right? But so not interesting. The always inquisitive Physics Girl shows us five weird and wacky ways to kill the flame from a candle and each are more interesting than the next. You could use a copper coil or a rounded obstacle or an open glass cap or pouring CO2 onto it or even just freeze the flame with liquid nitrogen.

One Of The Oldest Forests On Earth Has Been Burning For Weeks In Tasmania

An ancient forest at the end of the world is facing an unprecedented threat. Since mid-January, bushfires sparked by lightning storms have raged across northwest Tasmania, home to relic forests representing a time when the island was part of Gondwana 180 million years ago.

Why Wildfires Are Actually Helpful For The Environment

Wildfires scorch and blacken the Earth but turns out they’re actually essential for the environment and even good for the trees themselves. That’s right, this animation explainer from Ted-Ed explains how burning trees can actually help trees grow in the future. It’s because when trees overgrow they will have too thick of a canopy that will block the sunlight that stops new trees from growing. Fires are like a checks and balance system on all that.

Skiing In The Dark With A Torch Attached To A Ski Is Wild Fun

Video: Night skiing and night boarding usually requires some sort of light. But what if that light was a torch attached to the ski or snowboard? Then you’d get this fiery visual of a man on fire shredding the slopes. The white of the snowy mountain gets replaced with this hellish red and it looks more like a crazy tour in the underworld than the pristine slopes of Switzerland.

Man Soaked In Water Slides Through A Huge Fire And Escapes Unharmed

Video: The folks at NRK Viten are up to their usual nutty antics in their latest experiment. The concept behind this video is that it takes a lot of heat to evaporate water so if a person soaked himself in water and then slid down through an extremely huge fire, the water would provide a sort of protective layer that would prevent said person from turning into human barbecue. Physicist Andreas Wahl tests out this idea… on himself.

The Western Australian Bushfire Was So Big It Caused Its Own Weather System

2015 was a record hot and fiery year, but it may not get to keep the title for long. While the American West is still reeling from a devastating wildfire season, Australia’s pyrotechnic woes are just getting started.

Spinning Burning Steel Wool Around Looks Like Being Inside Fireworks

Video: You know how there’s different levels to “Don’t try this at home”? One end of the spectrum is “absolutely not are you crazy you will die”, and the other is “eh, I think it’s safe enough to do”. Lighting steel wool on fire and then spinning it around on a rope to spread the sparks all over the place is closer to one you could kind of, maybe try at home. You know, if Australia wasn’t extremely flammable and in the middle of summer. It looks like you’re inside a firework.

Stunning Time Lapse Shows The Skyscraper In Dubai Engulfed In Fire

Video: On New Year’s Eve, the 63-storey Address hotel in Dubai caught on fire. It was a scary sight made worse as the back drop to the fire was the Burj Khalifa (and Dubai’s New Year celebration). The entire skyscraper seemed to be burning! But thankfully only 14 people suffered injuries. This time lapse by Kirill Neiezhmakov shows the skyscraper on fire in incredible detail. It’s such a jarring visual, the recognisable Dubai skyline engulfed in fire and dark smoke.

It's A Wild, Weird Time To Live On Planet Earth

Australia is in the midst of the worst heat wave on record, but that’s just the start. Around the world, 2015 saw exceptional droughts, deadly heat waves and massive wildfires. Add in earthquakes, landslides, and a brewing El Niño and we’re convinced our planet is trying to kill us.

Lighting 10,000 Sparklers At Once Was The Best Way To Ring In The New Year

Today in “amazing ideas the internet had” we bring you an experiment that is without a doubt the best way to celebrate the end of 2015 and an even better way to usher in 2016. One sparkler is fun, but 10,000 igniting at the same time? That’s a science experiment you have to see.

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