Massive Forest Fires Could Be Cooling The Earth

Wait, what? A forest fire may not sound like a great way to cool off, but Earth’s climate is a complicated beast. It turns out that some of the world’s fiercest blazes are actually lowering our planet’s temperatures.

When Fire Hose Water Freezes On A Smouldering Building

Briefly: Yesterday’s giant fire in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, left a paper records warehouse in tatters. While the building is still smouldering away, the New York Fire Department has been showering it with water from all sides. The cold winter air combined with a cascade of fire hose water makes for an icy freeze that is certainly a sight to behold.

Neat Video Turns Juggler Into Human Black Hole

Video: This woman totally seems like she has harnessed the power of a black hole and can suck up all the light and everything around her. But it’s just a nice little camera trick showing swinging burning steel wool in reverse. The light flies to her as she twists and turn but in reality, it’s just being flung away. Still nice though!

What Happens When You Step In Lava

Don’t try this at home (if your home somehow has lava?). But this video shows what happens when you step in lava that’s burning anywhere from 700C to 1200C. You don’t exactly sink in and become engulfed in the molten burning red liquid, you sink a little bit and then catch fire.

Terrifying Images Of Massive Fire In Downtown Los Angeles

“A massive fire in downtown Los Angeles early today engulfed an apartment tower that was under construction, damaged two other buildings and left freeways and roads closed,” reports the LA Times. This image by Gautam Trivedi is confronting, almost like the aftermath of a nuclear mushroom.

Wine Bottle Fire Extinguishers Hide In Plain Sight On Your Counter

A fire extinguisher is only as useful as you’re able to easily find it in an emergency. And being stashed under the kitchen sink means there’s the risk it’s not only hard to access, but might need recharging as well. So Greg Mockett created a camouflaged fire extinguisher shaped like a bottle that can be left on your kitchen counters so it’s never out of sight or out of mind.

This Device Lets You Shoot Fireballs From Your Hands

The technological complexity of most amateur magic tricks often doesn’t develop past the “plastic-bag-inside-a-newspaper” level and that’s because beyond this point, both cost and difficulty quickly become limiting factors. If you’re happy to embrace the challenges, however, you can get some pretty neat stuff like, uh, plastic-coated playing cards. Only kidding — for less than $US200, you can launch fireballs from your hands.

4 Hilariously Insane Ways To Remove Your Moustache That Aren't Shaving

Is shaving the best way to remove hair? Mehdi Sadaghdar emphatically answers yes after performing stunts for this video. He hilariously tries crazy alternative hair removal methods — burning it off and electrocuting it off, for example — and decides that shaving is so much easier than any other way.

Painting With Fire Creates Some Really Beautiful Art

Sure, you’re not supposed to play with fire but what about painting with fire? That’s what artist Steve Spazuk does. He uses flames and smoke to create beautiful artwork with images that are literally burned in. Spazuk employs other tools like feather brushes and x-acto knives but his artwork begins with fire. Pretty neat.

Badass Aeroplane Pilot Extinguishes Truck Fire With One Water Drop

Aerial firefighters are some of the most badass pilots out there, flying through smoke, extreme heat and turbulences, in often battered aeroplanes to drop water with amazing skills and courage. Sometimes, however, they get to do fun stuff like this: put out a semi truck fire on a road in the middle of nowhere.

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